Aragami 2: How to climb a stinking tower for a scroll

put your hands on the keyboard…I'll explain everything to you right now


Everything on the shelves
1. We approach this tower
(I want to say that the tower is made in Shoin style… but our Kremlin is better!!!расия вперод!1!!)
2. Turn left
3. Parkour on smelly rocks
4. Here we also cosplay Ezio Auditore and get to the place that I circled with a red felt-tip pen. There must be a grave and a concrete lantern.
5. We climb this lantern and stand to its edge (only from it you can jump, because. we need the maximum height to jump)
I said, let's get up to the brink >:from
well done
6. Do a double jump towards the tower and make a shadow move towards the end.
IMPORTANT!!! You may not be able to double jump, it means you stood on this lantern incorrectly.
7. This door is closed and there is no way to open it.. Therefore, we go around it from the back side and press against the wall, to pick up our scroll with a bug (or whatever I am xs, I picked it up by chance and did not understand)
8. We approach from behind and crawl along the wall until it is highlighted “Press E to pick up”

And that's it… ready. Now you are a real baguser.

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