Crypt of the NecroDancer: Guide for beginners

Just downloaded the game? You do not understand what is happening and what algorithms work these or those things? Then this guide is for you.!



This manual includes mechanics from dls, not just the original game. Facts are described here that are not clear at first glance at objects or are not normally explained in their description. Enjoy reading)


So let's start our classification:
the fire
Some enemies leave these cells after being present on them, you cannot stand on one such cell for more than one time step, that is, if, for example, you miss the next one after the one on which you jumped, or spend it on attacking the enemy, then you will receive damage since it costs more than one tick.

As well as the fire appears mainly from the enemies, but it can also appear if you use a scroll or a freeze spell on water (about her below). After you jump onto such a cell, regardless of whether you squeeze the next bar or not, you will move to the arrow that you pressed to jump onto the ice. If there is an object in the direction of this arrow, devil or rock it “auto tact” will not work and you have to press it as usual.

May randomly appear at the level, from an enemy or as a result of the presence of an ice enemy on the cage of fire or fiery on the cage of ice (that is, fusion of fire and ice cells). Freezes and turns into ice. Not only our game character can get into it, but also enemies. After hitting this square, the enemy or character must spend one clock cycle during which he will not be able to perform any actions (attacks including), on the second bar, the character drains the water and can perform any action as usual.

Shrinking platforms
Appears only after attacking one of the mobs (specifically only from giants with 4 zones) our character if during the attack the mob's health is maximum. When standing on this cell, you cannot attack mobs, dig walls, move boxes (at the expense of the altars, I don’t know yet there has never been a situation for a giant to approach them).

Has the properties of water, but it does not disappear after leaving her. Mud monsters often spawn on such cells., if they get out of the mud, they make the cells through which they pass mud.

On these cells, the character gains the ability to deal damage to several targets at once, but only if the next target is not at a distance of one square or more, damage done to creatures from the second and further is always equal to one. These cells are broken by all creatures that can put other cells on them..


In order not to go far from the topic of sexes, I want to talk about traps. For there are a couple of factors to be aware of. By the way, all traps are destroyed by a bomb, so I did not list it in each paragraph..
Damage trap
This individual does damage not only to our character, he also kills small enemies that cannot fly. On it you can open boxes or damage a vase. (while the trap will break).

Door trap
Standing on this trap, you move to the next level.. Unlike a standard ladder, when you fall into this trap, you immediately lose the same multiplier. Also, if you fall into this trap before killing the miniboss, then at the next level you will have to fight with him and three more monsters in a narrow space(about 6 on 6 cells) which can be broken with a bomb or a pumped-up shovel, this wall will disappear after defeating the miniboss inside it. Also, small monsters that cannot fly and various boxes with vases fall into the trap, if they get there, then it is already impossible to return them.

Bomb trap
If you stand on this cell, an ordinary bomb will appear, activated only by character.

Travel trap
If you stand on this trap, then you jump onto the cell further in the direction indicated on the trap. The most harmless trap.

Scatter trap
If you stand on this trap, then your things will be scattered around it..

The trap of changing directions
Works for the character and monsters including. Arrows work opposite to each other. Enemies actually cannot adapt to this, unlike the character. Temporary.

Teleportation Trap
Works for the character and monsters. Teleports to a random point on the map.

Tempo trap
If the direction of the trap is to the left, then you get a slowdown, if in the right acceleration. Works only from our Persian. The trap is temporary, but if you blow it up while it is active (and acceleration or deceleration work), then they will last until the end of the level.

Fire trap
Emits a fire effect (about him further) the next measure, after which he will see the character, on the horizontal to the side in which the head of the trap is turned. Does not react if the character is more than five cells horizontally from her. Also after the attack is in a dormant state (does not react to the character) 5 beats. To destroy you need to dig up or blow up the wall on which the trap is located.

This includes active and passive actions that both the player and other characters can perform., but not abilities in a single instance (like attacks of some enemies or ability of items).
the fire(act)
Upon activation, a fire line appears causing damage (strength depends on the strength of the spell). With its help, boxes are also opened. (the vase opens with one poke at any amount of hp!) and you can damage the merchant. If there are objects in the line of fire, they disappear. Also, if there is an ice cage in the line of fire, it turns into a water cage..
A bomb(act)
The bomb inflicts 2 units of damage to adjacent squares diagonally and vertically three ticks after activation. Opens drawers, inflicts 1 vase damage, you can also use it to damage the merchant. Is the main method for destroying traps and walls 3 and higher strength. All objects in its area are destroyed after the explosion.
Freezes an enemy or character and for a certain time (duration depends on the power of the spell) takes away the ability to move. Can transform water cells in range into ice cells.
During its action, the character is invulnerable.
When attacking, if there is an enemy within a radius of one cell from your target, he will take one unit of damage and repeat the first action.


Here I will describe in more detail about the properties of objects that were not clear to me from the very beginning..
Leap forward (bravery)
When killing or digging up the ground, you in the same clock move to the cell where the enemy or the ground was.

Items with this property are destroyed when they hit your character, and a base item of the same purpose with an unusual skin appears on the cell with the character, but only if the game is impossible without it (example: weapon or shovel).

Range of sight
Initially, you have a certain space that the character illuminates around him, range of vision increases this space, in this way, you can see what is behind the doors and whether it is worth going into them at all, because if the monsters do not see you, they will not make attempts to attack. The range of view is the same as the size of the area that is recorded on your map.

Only one object has this property., but also, instead of objects, sometimes harmful hearts come across (ordinary too). Bad hearts get hit by the very last, but their container is also lost, that is, if you lose such a heart, then you will not be able to restore it with food. Also, in addition to loss, harmful hearts can be turned into ordinary ones.: if at the moment when you eat food you have such bad hearts and for example to restore 3 ordinary hearts, you will eat a ham that can restore 4, then one of your bad hearts will become common. Likewise, if the remainder with full hearts is, for example, 1.5 hearts, then half will turn a full bad heart into an ordinary one (that is, you will transform everything 2).

Piercing Damage (ghost attack)
Damage that bypasses all enemy defenses. For example, skeleton shields, dude parry 4 zone, skeletons sitting on horses, etc.. Anything that prevents you from inflicting direct damage to the unit will be ignored.

Reduces damage taken by the specified amount, but even if the damage of the creature is equal to or lower than your defense, then you will receive 0.5 damage.

Transforms items on all adjacent squares into other random ones.

If you have items with this effect, then you ignore all the traps. (except for doors).

Secrets and environment

You probably dug up chests more than once, but do not understand how to find them quickly without losing a bunch of bars? It's actually very simple. Secrets inside are empty, and if your lighting area can reach the block where the secret is located, then the side of the height will be visible on it, so to speak, in the picture below it is more clear what I am talking about.

This side means the presence of a secret or some other room with monsters. (they can also be seen if they spawn very close). Sometimes, opening such secrets, you may come across empty rooms., sometimes it’s true and you’re just out of luck, but most likely if you try to go around the whole room, you will find a chest that is hidden from prying eyes. Also, in sekretki periodically come across huge gatherings of monsters, so you need to be careful with them too.

Boxes, barrels and vases
In these three types of objects, monsters and objects can be hidden in the same way as in secrets., plus bombs or money is worth adding to this list. All objects are broken when interacting if your strength is 4, but if it is lower then: the barrel will roll in a straight line to the nearest enemy wall or the same object; and the box or vase will move one square forward in the direction in which they were attacked. In addition to opening with attacks, they can be opened with fire and bomb effects, also with the help of a trap that deals damage. Vase, unlike boxes and barrels, needs to be dealt three times damage with bombs or traps., the effect of fire is still the same. By the way, money cannot fall out of vases, monsters or bombs.

Come in different colors: purple(contain spells, rings and scrolls), black(contain weapons and a couple of items for damage), orange (contain everything else from torches to shovels) and blue(contain any item, but they open with a key buried on the map). Sometimes sold in a store. There is nothing more to say about them..

In order not to go far from the topic of vases and chests, I will tell you about facial expressions. In addition to boxes and chests, facial expressions can also hide in passive objects, which give you no money, no enemies, and nothing in principle, unless they charge your multiplier. Mimic chests can only give you items, while passive mimics and mimics boxes can give more bombs and money. The white chest does not come across in its usual form, but only in the form of facial expressions, such a chest is very difficult to catch due to its movement pattern, but if you succeed then you will have a good reward. It is also worth mentioning that there are wall mimics that are essentially monsters and you will not get anything from them except money., mimicry can be caught either in the golden wall of the store, either in the standard at the level.

The shops

Stores are divided into two types:secret and ordinary.
The secret ones are in the cracked walls, after excavating such a wall, a portal appears on her cell leading to the store. Each wall strength level has its own portal pool, and for example against the wall 3 the durability level cannot be obtained from the pool 1 strength level.
Secret shops

  • Green shop(glass)
    Only glass items are sold here. Currency – coins. Spawns in cracked walls 2 strength level.
  • Red shop(bloody)
    Here you can buy items with hearts. Glass armor (which allows you to ignore one damage dealt) or the shield spell won't help you, since your hearts are filmed here, not damage is done. Also, if you buy an item with a cost equal to more than the amount of your health, you will die. Spawns only on the first two levels of the first zone. Spawns in walls with cracks of the second strength level.
  • Blue shop(curative)
    New containers or hearts can be purchased here, as well as food for coins. Spawns in walls of the third level of durability.
  • Transformer
    Upgrades your existing items first for 25 coins, after upgrading one of the items, the price doubles. Found in Level 2 Walls.
  • Saint(xs how to translate)
    Offers you for 50 coins 3 altar to choose, after choosing one of the two others disappear. If you try to destroy one or more altars, then three dragons will appear in the store (blue, red and green), and the portal will close until the moment you defeat them (minibosses won't give gold!). The items that drop out after the destruction of the altars are, by the way, available immediately during the battle and can greatly help you in the battle. Spawns in walls of the first tier of durability.
  • Scammer (monkey)
    Here you can sell items for half the price of their value in the store. Basic items cannot be sold. Spawns in walls 3 strength level.
  • Blue shop
    You can get a random item here. starting price 40 rubles, doubles after every purchase. Spawns in a moaning 1 strength level.
  • Black (not) shop
    When moving to this cell, you will be given a choice to take one of three strong items, after which you will need to fight with two minibosses and two regular. The exit will be closed until the victory is over.. Spawns in walls of the first tier of durability.
  • Add. shop
    Can spawn in any other secret store, you can get into it if you install a bomb at the top of the usual secret store. One item spawns in this store that uses the currency of a regular store, and its master is invulnerable to attacks (about the murder of merchants below).

Regular shops

  • Standard store
    The most popular store, sells any things chests and bombs. You can get through an ordinary door.
  • Closed shop
    Looks like standard but can only be entered with a bomb or glass shovel (the only shovel that breaks the walls 4 level(really only once)). Only high quality items appear in such a store. (do not ask myself I do not know how exactly they are separated).
  • Angry shop
    Very rare shop. His owner, when he sees a player, immediately seeks to attack. After winning, all items in the store become free.. Killing an evil merchant is not associated with a regular merchant, his shop after killing the evil one will still function.

Additional chips:
Murder of a merchant
Each merchant has his own loot. You can learn how to kill merchants by completing challenges in the lobby..
When a wall in a merchant's shop explodes, each will give you 10 gold. The most advantageous position to blow up walls is a corner.

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