One Hand Clapping: all achievements

Story achievements

Silent City

Complete the entire Silent City area (City of Silence)

Duet Desert

Complete the entire Duet Desert area. (Desert of Duets)

Maestro Mountain

Complete the entire Maestro Mountain area. (Mount Maestro)

Fugue Forest

Complete the entire Fugue Forest area. (Fugue Forest)

These achievements are not yet available due to early access, but it's not hard to guess
Tail Cave

Complete the entire Coda Cave area.

Just be

Complete the entire Solo Sea area

Silent City: Reprise

Complete the entire Silent City area: Reprise

Location signs

Each location has its own secret place / riddle that will show you a sign, for which you can get the corresponding achievement

Silent City Glyph

To manifest this sign, you must sing in the corner of the clock location (The camera at this moment comes closer)

Duet Desert Glyph

Unfortunately, so far I have not been able to find this sign, despite, what 10 once ransacked everything in and out, the only clue at the moment, in the corner of the last zone, the camera is also approaching, as in the case of the city of silence, only nothing happens. (I am still actively trying to find anything unusual and suspicious.)
But if someone could find this sign, you are welcome, tell us exactly how you did it in the comments 🙂

Maestro Mountain Glyph

In the case of this achievement, you will need to get into the house:

To do this, you will need to sing to the flowers that are just below:

Then, hitting the house, sing there too:

Fugue Forest Glyph

To obtain this achievement, you will first need to find the schema, hidden behind a bush (but since you are reading the manual, You do not need)

And after that, a little bit later, sing the necessary notes in a clearly incomprehensible place

Signs associated with locations inaccessible due to early access
Coda Cave Glyph

Solo Sea Glyph

Silent City: Reprise Glyph

Sing it, until it works, well, or until the blood comes from the ears

Section with achievements that you need to zadrot, namely, those that, according to the conditions, must be met with high accuracy or without errors. Complicated, but at least it's clear, What do we have to do.

Universal Music

I don’t know, whether it is necessary to complete the entire area with bells in its entirety or is it enough just the final test, but this is the easiest of this section since you just need to know the correct sequence
Trial 1: We press only bell number 2 and jump further

Trial 2: It will take a sequence of bells 2 1 3

Trial 3: Last thing, and already longer than 2 preceding, but blessing we know for sure, what to press:
1 2
1 2 3 4
3 2 4 3
2 1 2 3
4 3 4 2 3
2 3 1 2 4(4 sing out in a voice)


Sing “Weefox” with high precision


Sing “Nest” with high precision


Pass the “Temple of Rhythm” no mistakes (hit all the beats on the ring)


Complete all “Ritma village” no mistakes.
Here we mean the same bit rings, like in the temple. There are all such in the village 3 and all of them must be passed without errors for 1 time, if you missed at least 1 stick – restart from closest checkpoint

Fugue Forest – Enriched by the Villain

All achievements listed below are buggy. (Apparently because the Forest is a fairly fresh location at the moment) And you can get the listed achievements at random (Sang perfect? Can you get an achievement, or maybe not). Passed the whole forest 3 fold perfect(from checkpoints for each test), but from the triggered achievements only the sign of the forest. I will let you know when I find out more about it..


Sing “Peace Tree Trunk” with high precision


Sing “Crown of the World Tree” with high precision


Sing “Lullaby” with high precision


End zone “Bad Apples” no mistakes

Other achievements

All secrets and achievements not included in 3 section above


Activate the stone at the left edge of the village


Don't skip animation anymore during hug animation with Melody Hermit 15 seconds (just don't touch the keyboard 🙂 )


As with Stop, when the animation of watching a mountain view with your big friend will play – wait about 15 seconds to get the achievement


To do this, you need to find the Weefox animal under / behind the waterfall


To do this, you need to activate a hidden cave in the zone “Drum Time” (Locations “Mount Maestro”)
Unfortunately, I also cannot find this cave anywhere, as with the Duet Desert sign – I climbed everything and found nothing. I continue to search, but I also ask for help in the comments of people who have this achievement

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