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Bosses are big, aggressive and agile monsters, which are a significant problem for players. Warning messages appear every time, when the boss appears or is summoned by the player. Defeating the boss will be accompanied by a message in the chat and a drop from the boss of some things. Most bosses can go through blocks, except for the King of Slugs and the Golem.


Slug king

The slug king is a big blue slug, who has 2000 lives. The slug king rarely spawns on his own., it can also be summoned with a crown of slugs. If you hold a water candle, then you can increase the likelihood of the appearance of the King of Slugs (if you stand with a water candle all day or night, i.e. roughly 50% chance of a Slug King appearing). You can also use battle potion, to increase the likelihood of its occurrence. The slug king is a good challenge for a beginner player, and can be easily defeated with proper use of terrain.

After defeating the Slug King, falls off him 1 gold coin, and one piece of ninja clothing.

Eye of Cthulhu

The eye of Cthulhu may appear: if the player has more 10 hearts (200 units. health), not less 10 units. protection and three NPCs, and he has not yet defeated the Eye of Cthulhu. It can also be summoned with a suspicious-looking eye at night. (if you try to call the boss during the day, then nothing will happen).

Since this boss can appear without intentional actions on the part of the player, he is often the first boss, the player is facing. Also, he is one of the simple bosses, on a par with the Eater of Worlds. The Eye of Cthulhu is a major problem for new players. It goes through the blocks, and spawns Servants of Cthulhu.

Eater of worlds

The Eater of Worlds appears when you have destroyed 3 shadow spheres. These spheres are corrupted, surrounded by ebonite. Ebonite can only be broken with a high tier pickaxe (Nightmare pickaxe and cast pickaxe), storm, bombs or dynamite. When applied to ebonite cleaning powder, you can turn it to stone. The shadow sphere itself can only be broken with a hammer., motor drill, bomb or dynamite. Also, the boss can be summoned with the food for the worm.. The Eater of Worlds can only be summoned in corruption, if you get out of spoilage, the boss will fly away and disappear.

Eater of worlds can be a problem even for intermediate players, since this is a big worm, which goes through the blocks, and consists of many segments, which attack the player. Moreover, upon destruction “internal” segments of the worm, the boss is divided into 2 shorter parts, each of which will act as a separate boss. To defeat this boss, you need to destroy every section of this boss.

Killing the Eater of Worlds is the only way to get Shadow Scale. Same, it drops a large amount of demonite ore and minor healing potions.

Brain of Cthulhu

Cthulhu's brain spawns when destroyed 3 Crimson hearts. These hearts are in crimson, surrounded by a crimson stone. Crimson Stone can only be broken with a high-tier pickaxe (Nightmare pickaxe and cast pickaxe), storm, bombs or dynamite. When applied to crimson stone, the cleansing powder, you can turn it to stone. Also, the boss can be summoned with the bloody spine.. The brain of Cthulhu can only be summoned in crimson.

The brain of Cthulhu only has 1,000 HP, but it also has two forms: in the first form, the brain does not damage the player (damage to the player is done by creeping), and also the brain will ignore all the damage that the player will inflict on it, until the brain goes into the second stage. In the second stage, the brain will already teleport, and try to ram the player. Unlike other bosses, Cthulhu's brain has no resistance to kickback.

Cthulhu's brain is the only source of tissue samples, also a lot of bagrothane ore drops from the boss.

Bee queen
The queen bee can be summoned, destroying the cocoon, which is in the bee hive, in the underground jungle. It can also be summoned with the help of bee mass., but only in the jungle. Killing the Queen Bee is the only way to get wax.


Skeletron is the boss of the dungeon, which can only be called at night (it is advisable to call the boss at the beginning of the night, because if he is not defeated by the end of the night, then the Skeletron will instantly kill you, dealing a considerable amount of damage). To summon Skeletron, you need to go to the old man (necessarily at night), which stands near the entrance to the dungeon, and talk to him.

After defeating the Skeletron, you will be able to enter the dungeon. Dungeon Guard will no longer kill you.

Wall of flesh
Wall of Flesh can be summoned by throwing the Guide's voodoo doll into the lava (only in hell). The boss has 8000 HP. Wall of Flesh is the toughest boss, after whose murder, your world will go into hard mode. Also, after killing the boss, you will receive the holy hammer, with it you will be able to break Altars.

Slug queen
Slug queen – this is the boss of hard mode, which is a sophisticated version of the King of Slugs. It has 36,720 maximum health. It cannot appear on its own, but it can only be summoned with a gelatin crystal in Consecration. In the first form, the Queen of Slugs will jump on the player (much faster, than the king of slugs) and “spit” crystals in different directions. And in the second form, she will have wings, and the boss will fly over the player, it is at him throwing crystals.


Gemini is a sophisticated version of Cthulhu's eye.. They can be summoned with a mechanical eye.. Both eyes have their own individual life counter. Red - Retinaser, shoots a purple laser from the eye. Green - Spasm, shoots a stream of cursed flame. Also, like the Eye of Cthulhu, after losing half of their health, they change. The retinaser changes when its health level drops to 8,000 HP, a Spasm changes when his health level is lower 9,000 HP.

Both eyes have different fighting styles, Retinaser becomes like a mechanical eye with a laser tower in the pupil, while Spasm becomes a mechanical mouth. After the change, Retinaser will start shooting red lasers more aggressively and deal more damage. It will alternate fast firing at low movement speed with slow firing at high movement speed.. Spasm will start a quick pursuit of the player and constantly spew flames from its mouth, like a flamethrower. Cursed Fire of Spasm can inflict the Cursed Hell debuff on players.

The Annihilator is a stronger version of the Eater of Worlds, the boss has 80,000 HP. Considered a simple boss in Hard Mode despite having a lot of health. Can be summoned with a mechanical worm. It is not split into parts, like the eater of worlds, but if a segment of the body is damaged, the flying drone imprisoned there is released, laser-firing. In addition to the usual ramming attack, The Annihilator still shoots red lasers at the player from each of its segments.. Lasers pass through platforms, but do not pass through blocks.

Skeletron Prime

Skeletron Prime is a much more complex analogue of Skeletron, since it has 28,000 HP. All his limbs are different, he has: laser, saw, vise and cannon, bomb shooter. All of Skeletron Prime's arms have 59,000 HP. But, to kill the boss, it is enough to kill only the head. The boss must be summoned at night and killed before the end of the night. Otherwise, by the morning the characteristics of the boss will be the same, like the dungeon guard, and it will be almost impossible to kill him.

The boss drops Essence of Horror and Holy Ingots, from which you can make good equipment.


Planter is summoned after destroying a Planter bud with a pick or drill. Planter's Bud appears in the underground jungle only after, how all three mechanical bosses were defeated (Up to version 1.2.3 only one mechanical boss needed to be killed).

In the first phase, it looks like a rosebud, which makes it less intimidating. Moves with hooks, that do damage on contact. Attacks with spikes and hooks (when moving). The less health the boss has, the faster its rate of fire. On loss >25 % health releases many large bouncing spikes, which is very dangerous, since they do not disappear for a long time. If you lose more than 50 % Planter's health enters the second phase. In the second phase, Planter loses its bud, transforming into a huge cannibal with many small tentacles, which release spikes and deal damage on contact. During this phase, the boss moves faster and tries to ram the player.


The golem is summoned using the raptor battery (they can be found in chests inside the jungle temple or dropped from raptors) on the altar of the lizards in the jungle temple. To access the temple of the lizards, you must kill Planter and open the lizard temple with the key, which fell from her.

In the first phase, the Golem will shoot fireballs, throw fists at the player and sometimes jump. When the Golem's head has less than half health, she will start shooting lasers. The second stage occurs when you "kill" the head of the Golem. After that the head will come off, will start shooting lasers and will fly over the body itself, ignoring any damage. Besides, The golem will move faster. The boss in this phase can only be destroyed by killing the body.

Empress of light

Empress of light – this is the boss of hard mode, which has 70,000 HP. It can be called, by killing a prismatic lacewing in Consecration after killing Plantera. It is necessary to kill an insect at night., if you kill him during the day, then the boss simply won't be called. The Empress of Light attacks as follows: in the first phase, it flies over the player, shooting at him with multi-colored projectiles, and in the second phase, in addition to shells, it will also use prismatic lines, which are always aimed at the player. Better to kill the boss at night, since during the day she attacks with frantic force, although if you kill her during the day, then Terraprism will fall out of it with 100% chance. It would also be nice to have a UFO Key, which can only be obtained after defeating the Golem.

Pretty good necessities and things drop out of the Empress of Light, which will make it easier and faster to defeat the final boss of the game.

Duke Fishwing

Duke Fishwing – it is a hybrid of a fish and a pig-dragon with 50,000 HP и 50 protection. The boss can only be summoned in the ocean (any time of the day) with truffle worm, hooked up and lowered into the ocean.

Phase one: 1. Makes several quick consecutive attacks on the player, can easily catch up even in flight. Damage ~ 100. 2. Stops away from the player, causes 2 tornado. The tornado stands still and does not chase the player, the tornado itself damages the player (~100). A few seconds later, sharons fly out of the tornado towards the player, dealing damage on touch (damage ~ 100), sharks can be killed by the player. 3. Stops away from the player and shoots exploding bubbles, following the player. Bubbles do ~ 100 damage, can be destroyed by the player. 4. Releases one homing ring. Second phase (at 25000 health): Duke Fishwing's eyes begin to glow, he himself is getting dark. Damage on touch increases to 150 , movement speed increases. 1. Bubble attack intensifies. The Duke circles away from the player and blows exploding bubbles. Bubble damage increases to 150. 2. Tornadoes get taller, do more damage (~150) and last longer. 3. Releases multiple homing water rings. 4. Keeps flying fast. He is one of the hardest bosses in the game., but the fight with him can be made easier, if you put on your wings.

Lunatic sectarian

Lunatic Cultist is summoned on kill 4 sectarians, which appear at the entrance to the Dungeon after defeating the Golem. After defeating him, Lunar events begin.

Even though the Cultist Sleepwalker has only one phase, his attacks get stronger with decreasing health. He can fly, using your attacks: fireballs, creation of the electric sphere, which shoots lightning in a circle, creating a giant snowflake that shoots shards of ice at the player, shadow lights and shot 5 destructible spheres. Also creates copies of itself from time to time in an attempt to summon the Phantom Dragon.. If at the same time damage the real Lunatic, the process will be interrupted and it will continue to attack you, as before. But if you damage one of his clones or not attack at all, then the dragon will appear and begin to inflict additional damage to the player (if the process is repeated one more time before, how do you kill the first dragon, Summoned the Ancient Vision).

Moon Lord

Lunar Lord is the final boss of Terraria in the version, which drops the most powerful items in the game. Defeating him alone can be very difficult even with the best equipment.. He appears after defeating everyone 4 Heavenly towers during Lunar events, or after using the Celestial Seal.

The Moon Lord has 2 hands and head, which follows “kill”, damaging the eyes on them. When all three eyes are destroyed, the core opens - the heart, which also needs to be destroyed. Hands fire homing projectiles and can summon phantom versions of Cthulhu's True Eye, to throw them at the player.

The head will occasionally shoot a very powerful Phantom Death Ray, which will sweep across the screen in the direction of the player, after that, firing homing shells in the same way, like hands. When one of the eyes is defeated, in its place will appear the True Eye of Cthulhu, who will chase the player and summon phantom versions of himself, which will move around him and rush at the player. From time to time, he will summon miniature versions of the True Eye of Cthulhu.. After killing everyone 3 eye, its core will become vulnerable. After the destruction of the core, the Lunar Lord will be defeated.

Flying saucer martians

Flying saucer martians – this is the mini-boss of the Martian Madness event. He will appear, if the event is completed on 30% and more. For, to defeat her, you need to destroy first 4 boss turrets, which in total have 17,000 HP. Then you need to kill the plate itself – she has 10,000 health. In expert and master mode, after destroying four turrets, the boss will deal fatal damage.

To hide from the boss, you can build a small room and attack him with weapons, which passes through the blocks (eg, possessed hatchet or demonic scythe). UFO key may fall from a flying saucer of Martians, with which the player can fly endlessly.

Flying Dutchman
The Flying Dutchman PC Editions, consoles and mobile devices is a mini-boss of the Invasion of Pirates event. He appears, if you kill a certain number of pirates. To defeat the boss, need to be destroyed 4 dutch cannon, each of which has 2,000 HP. These cannons can shoot, inflict 60 ranged damage, and 30 melee damage. If the player destroys all four cannons, then the Flying Dutchman will fall apart. It can drop the following items: money cannon, lucky coin, discount card, pirate staff and boarding saber.

Weeping ancient
Weeping ancient – this is one of the mini bosses, which appears, starting from the 4th wave of the Pumpkin Moon. He appears strange: jumps out of the ground directly at the player. It's easy to kill him, but the boss has 2 type of attacks: 1. Shoots a player with a mixture, which, when it hits a solid block, a few seconds remain with the block; 2. Shoots other projectiles, that fly through the blocks, although they do less damage. It has 12,000 HP и 120 units. damage. Eerie Wood, on the other hand, can fall out of the Weeping Ancient (30-50 PC.), spooky branch, cursed plant, creepy hook, a spike with stakes and a scroll of a necromancer Item drop rate increases with each wave.

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