Outer Wilds: Guide to the achievement "Ghosts from the Machine"

A detailed guide to getting the Ghosts from the Machine achievement.


Achievement must be obtained after completing the DLC, otherwise you will not understand many points, but I'm too lazy to explain them. Anyway, it is a spoiler.
The guide will be divided into two sections. Video guide and text guide. The video guide was made a short retelling. If you need detailed video, then a video is attached in the English-speaking author's manual. Just repeat after him.
I would also advise you to watch the video guide, if you do not understand something in the text. Since I did not attach any screenshots or anything like that, based on that, what do you remember what is where.


So. In general, I am not going to describe in detail what and how I am here., because you must know how to get to certain places, since the DLC by the time you complete this achievement you should have already completed.

So what's the point?

The essence of the achievement is to achieve three archives (or how will I call them – repositories) in simulation in one cycle. Accordingly, you will run out of time and you need to do everything more or less quickly..
The guide will be broken down into two steps. Preparation and execution.


We fly to the Stranger from the side of the sun. We fly through the main gateway. We sail on a raft to the temple on the River Lowlands, taking the artifact from home along the way, which is shrouded in ghostly matter. In the temple, we go into the simulation of the Hidden Woods.
Your task is to open the door for yourself, what would then come back here on a raft. Also build a bridge across the river, so that in the future you can get back on it. Leaving.
We wake up in the River Lowland and sail to the Ash Islands

We park the raft on the Ash Islands as close as possible to the right stream. Then we will sail on it to the Hidden Gorge.
We jump to the temple on the Ash Islands and move to the Star Bay simulation. here we, running out of the temple, we go to the bay, and then we go along the left side of the bay, to show the building. After that, how do you show the building, part-time the place to which you will then sail on a raft, you can wake up. (Manifest the building, I mean, with the help of a lantern next to the tower, you should see the house through the statue. As part of the game, I don't know how else to describe this process)
Woke up? I advise you to look at the dam. If by this time the dam has not yet begun to leak, then you have time for everything. We will sail on a pre-prepared raft to the Hidden Gorge.


We immediately run to the last temple and burn ourselves here at the stake with an artifact in our hands. You are now dead and in the Endless Canyon simulation.


Through one of the paintings in the temple (nuzzle them) shorten the path to the secret statue, through which we put out the light throughout the house. The pursuers scream, and you prepare your nerves.
Prepared? Excellent, because we will not make the hard way with a bunch of stealth. Go to the temple entrance and stand with your back to it, turn right and go there, Where are you, in theory, must show the bridge. However, you don't need a bridge. There is an invisible path right up to the elevator., you need her. It is located directly opposite the statue behind the bushes., but I advise you not to risk it, postpone the artifact and go beyond its zone, to see this invisible path. Saw? Excellent. Follow it directly into the house and go down to the first floor straight to the first storage. By the way, there will be one pursuer, however, you can safely run it, since he will not have time to catch up with you and will simply lose you. We go down to the storage and you can go up immediately back. The first vault is counted. The second time, we simply ignore the pursuer by passing by and go upstairs back to the elevator.. Let's go down, call the raft, sailing into the Hidden Woods

We moor and go to the door you previously opened. Now you need to wait until the pursuers disappear after breaking the dam. We go as in the usual passage through the fireplace to the second storage.
We get out from there and return along the bridge, which you should have shown at the beginning, to the raft. We sit on our “ship” and sail to the last point. Straight to the Star Bay.

We swim up to the house, mooring, we rise and run to the mine. Nothing will wake us up, since we are dead, and therefore we calmly go down. The pursuer will be here, who can ruin everything for you. Alas, there are no life hacks here, just your skills. Just go through it somehow and get down to the last vault.
Achievement Received.

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