Peace Death! 2: guide to Coffeeman

In this guide, I will introduce the character “Coffeeman”


1 Purchase
At the beginning of the game, you will meet a coffee lover. It will become active after 2 whether 3 working day.
he will ask you to buy him coffee, and you can buy it at the Hunger Diner for 25 dollars. The reward will increase 20 or 25 reputation of the trade union.

2 purchase
The second time he will ask you again to buy coffee, but now with syrup. Go to the same diner and buy coffee. Do not forget to bring the purchased coffee!
And again they will give you 20 or 25 reputation of the trade union.

3 Final purchase
The third time he asks you to buy ten cups of coffee.But when you come to the Diner, the seller will suspect something, and will tell you that he will only sell one cup of coffee.

The reward will be 50 dollars, 50 reputation of hunger and professional union.

Congratulations, you got the addict drunk with caffeine!!!

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