PVP cards in Back 4 Blood

Cards, which can be used when playing in the "ROY" mode.



One is not enough.

You can place the primary weapon in the secondary weapon slot.

-25% on the speed of changing weapons


+100% to fire damage.

+75% to fire resistance

Killing with fire gives you 3 units. temporary health.

Cocky killer.

If your team or you kill a mutant, it's dyot 2% to damage (maximum up to 100%) before passing the level.


+100% to explosion damage

+35% to explosion resistance

Courage in pills.

Pain relievers, which you apply, also give +25% to damage on 60 seconds.



+25 units. health

Second chance.

+1 extra life

+10 units. health

Local anesthesia.

You get +15% to resistance, as long as you have temporary health.


Murder with over 15 meters gives 5 units. temporary health to all allies, within 10 meters from the target.


-20% on the rate of recovery of stamina

Team Effects

+10 units. to the health of the team

Face your fears.

You get 3 units. temporary health when killing a possessed, which was in 2 meters from you.

The power of the spirit.

When you get hit on 15 or more units. damage, then you are healed on 8 units. health during 5 seconds.


+50 to resistance to injury

+5 units. health


Gets on 1 units. less damage from all possessed.


Auto recharge.

When you put your weapon away, it recharges.

-20% from the capacity of the store

Pouch for grenades.

+1 slot for the inventory of attack items

Ammo cache.

Your secondary weapon has infinite ammo.

Your secondary weapon reloads at 20% slower.


Waist bag.

+1 support slot


Run and shoot.

You can shoot while you run.


Powerful weapon swapping.

Change weapons for 0,75 seconds to low ammo level gives +20% to damage during 5 seconds.

Ultra-sharp sight.

+40% to aiming speed.

Obsessed killer.

+35% to damage to weak points

Recharge Exercises.

+30% to reload speed


Military doctor.

+25% to the speed of use

When you revive allies, heals them on 20 units. extra health.

Medical expert.

+15% to the effectiveness of healing

When using medicines, you get 15% to the speed of movement on 15 seconds.

Miraculous recovery.

When using medications, there is 25% probability of getting boosted by 100% the effect.


Pulling out.

Pulling out: hold E, to free yourself from the grip.

+50% to the speed of recovery of pull-out. (Base value: 60 seconds).


+50% to the speed of use

Shooting gloves.

+50% to the speed of changing weapons


Take shelter!

When you drop attack accessories, You get 20 units. temporary health and 20% to the speed of movement on 10 seconds.

Cardio workout.

+50% to running efficiency

+5 units. health

Marathon runner.

+5% to movement speed

Removes the effect of reducing movement speed when moving to the side and back.


Pain relievers, which you accept, also give +10% to movement speed, +10% to reload speed and +10% to the speed of changing weapons to 30 seconds.

Evasion tactics.

When you get hit on 10 or more units. damage, then you get 20% to the speed of movement on 3 seconds.

Fitness coach.

Team Effects

+10% to team endurance

Universal sneakers.

+40% to endurance

+10 units. health

Energetic gait.

The murders, perfect with great precision, give you +10% to the speed of movement on 5 seconds.


Combat training.

+5% to damage done

+50% to the penetration force of the bullet

Ammunition for everyone.

Team Effects

+10% to the store capacity of the whole team

In shock.

The murders, perfect with great precision, give you +5% to reload speed by 5 seconds (stacks up to 10 time).

Powerful recharge.

Reloading weapons for 0,75 seconds to low ammo increases magazine size by 30% until the next recharge.


+25% to the capacity of the store

At gunpoint.

+30% to accuracy

Patient hunter.

Every second in shoulder firing mode, you get 10% to damage (stacks up to 3 time).


Antibacterial ointment.

+45% to the effectiveness of healing

+5 units. health

Inspirational sacrifice.

Team Effects

If your ally is incapacitated, all allies are healed for 25 units. health during 10 seconds.

Group therapy.

When you use medication, all allies are healed for 10 units. health.

Kind soul.

When healed, you also gain 100% from added health to an ally.


In a sitting position receives 20% to damage resistance and 12,5% to accuracy.

Experienced paramedic.

When using medicines on an ally, he gets +20% to maximum health until the end of the level.


When you heal an ally, he additionally receives 15 units. health during 30 seconds.

Professional medic.

First aid kits and defibrillators also heal 10 units. damage from injuries and give 1 extra life.


Death Mark.

Mutants, which you have marked are highlighted, and your team puts on 10% more damage to highlighted enemies.


Energy bar.

+60% to the speed of stamina recovery

+5 units. health

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