Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair: Hidden events

In this guide, you will learn, what hidden events are in the game and how to activate them.



Post author: Nagito Komaeda

This guide will provide ways to, how to open hidden events in the game.

The bottom line is, what is in. moments of game events (Free time or according to the story), you need to have an item from the car with gifts (Mono machines), to trigger this or that hidden event.

Where to get gifts ?
there is 2 ways to receive gifts.

1. MonoMono machine (Gacha), which is on the beach.
2. Vending machine / Vending machine – located on the first island in the supermarket.

How to see if these events are open for you ?
Post author: Monocuma-chibi

Go to the tab “Extra / Additionally“, then in “Event Gallery / Gallery of events” (Screenshots will be provided below, to make it easier.)

  • Then find the line titled “The three who look back / The three who look back“.
Now there are two options:
  1. If events are not open, then below you will see question marks.
  2. If there are no question marks, it means they are already open.

1. Load the save with the passed game.
2. Choose the chapter for which you want to open the event.
3. Загружаемся с начального этапа. (Before investigation!)
4. We come to the arr. the moment, after which the hidden event starts to be activated. (Conversation with some character)
5. Talking to the character, which will offer us options to choose from and do not refuse.
6. Enjoy watching and reading.
7. After graduation – overwrite the save, or save to a new cell.
8. We go to the main menu.
9. Load save again.
10. Choosing a trail. a chapter in which you need to open a hidden event.

First hidden event.

The first hidden event is called: “Coconut party / Coconut party

  • To activate it, we need an item: №104 – Replica Sword / Replica Sword

Post author: Monocuma-chibi

Прежде чем идти на Central island in Jabberwock Park на разговор с Byakuya Togami, поговорите с Kazuichi Soda и согласитесь о походе на пляж с ним позже. After the end of the conversation in the park, this event is activated.

Second hidden event.

The second hidden event is called: “Preparing for Girls-Only Gathering / Preparing for a bachelorette party

  • To activate it, we need an item: №105 – An An Aan

Post author: Monocuma-chibi

After free time, at night, Monokuma will report, что нужно явиться на Central island in Jabberwock Park для предоставления мотива.. In the morning, on the way to the restaurant, заводим разговор с Mahiru Koizumi. We agree to help her with dessert recipes and then go to a restaurant. После окончания утреннего собраниия активируется это событие. Секретное событие активировано, наслаждайтесь!

Третье скрытое событие.

Скрытое событие называется: “Mahiru and Hiyoko Bathing / Купание Махиру и Хиёко

  • To activate it, we need an item: №106Man’s Nut / Мужской орех

Post author: Monocuma-chibi

В начале 2-ой главы, после окончания собрания в ресторане нужно поговорить с Mahiru Koizumi.

Четвертое скрытое событие.

Скрытое событие называется: “Akane and Nekomaru’s Massage / Массаж Некомару и Акане

  • To activate it, we need an item: №113R/C 4WD Battler Taro

Post author: Monocuma-chibi

После того как откроется 3-ий остров и вы встретитесь с Фуюхико Кузурю в больничной палате, and talk to him, то после разговора нужно be sure to talk first from Kazuichi Soda !

The following hidden events can be opened together at the same time.

После завершения разговора с Fuyuhiko Kaizuri в больничной палате, we will be transported to our hut. We leave the hut and go to the restaurant, но по пути заводим разговор с Ibuki Miodoi, and then with Hiyoko Sayonji (Or vice versa, as you wish.)

Fifth hidden event.

Скрытое событие с Hyoko Sayonji called: “Jam Session / Jam session

  • To activate this hidden event, we need an item: №61 – Toy Camera / Toy camera

Post author: Monocuma-chibi

After the end of the meeting in the restaurant, You will be transferred to your hut, then this event is activated.

Sixth hidden event.

Скрытое событие с Ibuki Miodoi called: “Fireworks with Yukata / Yukata fireworks

  • To activate this hidden event, we need an item: №111 – Summer Festival Tree / Summer Festival tree

Post author: Monocuma-chibi

Данное событие будет активировано после free time.


Post author: Mikan Tsumiki

Above is a screenshot of all open events in the event gallery.

If you have nothing open, then you can do everything in order.

Thank you, that you have visited this guide and I hope it was useful enough. 💗

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