Green Hell: Survival Basics for Beginners

How to survive in Green Hell in the first days so that you don't return the game in an hour and get full pleasure from it? Here you will find all the most useful for beginners, the best ways to replenish all indicators, as well as practical tips for survival.

1. Beginning of the game.

You spawn near a small lake, where you can get stones right away, which you really need. First of all, we must make a stone knife from two small stones.. Going a little further, you can find various fruits, mushrooms and so on.
It will be quite useful to collect bananas in the area., of which there are plenty, and also along the way you can find a couple of green coconuts, stabbing them, we can take them with us in our inventory, we'll talk about them later. I.e, first you need to collect items such as:

  • stone knife
  • bananas
  • coconut
  • stones.

Further, the developers made the map like this, so that you absolutely RANDOMLY find an empty tribe village next to the lake, for this you need to go straight along the path, crossing a small canyon on a fallen log. Here I advise you to make the first pass, since there is a river in the area, near which you can look for stones, a bunch of mushrooms nearby, as well as ampularia (snails), which are better not to eat raw. There are also a lot of sticks., lian, which can be used like ropes., in this village, only ash remained from the fire, so we have to do it ourselves. We set up a mock fire and bring all the resources for it, but we are in no hurry to set it on fire, because if it starts to rain, our fire will go out. To do this, we need to make some kind of canopy over the fire.. The best option would be to put a wireframe mockup, and also immediately make a stone ax, whose craft:

  • Frame layout4 logs, 4 long sticks, 4 ropes
  • Stone ax2 stone, stick and rope

Now we need to put a banana leaf roof mock on the frame., as having passed a little further along the path, there are banana seedlings outside the village, we need to chop up these seedlings to get leaves for the roof, and also if you look closely, we can see dry leaves on the same trees, which we can use as a kindler for a fire. Having completed the canopy, you can light the fire, but even though the rain cannot extinguish it now, you still need to periodically throw up sticks of boards, etc..
But as much as we would like, the character will not be full of bananas, so we need to go out on a protein hunt.

2. Your game stats.

First, let's take a look at what stats the character has in general., the first thing we can see, this is various information in the lower left corner. Here is our HP bar, just below it is a bar of energy, and on the left there is a circle that is responsible for the sanity of the character. Let's analyze them first..

  • Health Points:

With HP, everything is simple, as in all games, any damage removes health points, how to raise? Always carry bandages with you, to bandage wounds, for poisoned wounds need bandages with tobacco, for this you need to make a bandage from the molineria leaf as in training and add tobacco to the bandage. With the rest of the wounds, other plants need to be added to the bandage., figure it out yourself, since this is an integral process of the game, study what and how you can cure, but if you are casual, you can see other guides where all the dressings are painted. Also, not only external wounds negatively affect health., but also internal, e.g. parasites, they can be removed by mushrooms, but not all.

  • Common sense:

This indicator is influenced by many factors., for example, if you eat something wrong, affected by various wounds, leeches, rash, etc. It is important to maintain this indicator since upon reaching a certain level, you will get glitches, and a little later, real glitches will appear that will start killing you 🙂 You can raise this indicator like this:

  • To be near the fire
  • Sleep comfortably
  • Eat something tasty
  • Energy:

In general, everything is even simpler here., the more energy, the longer you can perform some kind of power load, for example run, chop something, etc.. Energy is replenished

  • Comfortable sleep.
  • Some mushrooms.

Besides these stats, even in training, you were presented with very useful hours, which show not only the date, time and coordinates, and also your nutritional balance. Let's understand everything 4 indicator.

  • Red indicatorprotein;
  • Yellow indicatorcarbohydrates;
  • Green indicatorfats;
  • Blue indicatorwater.
  • Protein:

Proteins are any meat, so you have to hunt. The easiest, to pick up and fry ampularia with your hands, but they restore a little, also scattered in the jungle are dead parrots and toucans, from them you can also get meat and fry it, as a bonus, you will receive feathers from which you can make arrows, to hunt already for living creatures. Making a bow and a spear, whose craft:

  • Onion long stick, belief.
  • A spearlong stick, belief, stone knife

we can go hunting and here we have a very large selection, since there are really a lot of animals in Green Hell. The easiest way to do water hunting, but you can try to kill a boar for example, the problem is, that after hitting it, he will start to run away and it is very difficult to keep track of him in the overgrown jungle. As an option, you can set traps for animals. By the way, meat can not only be fried, but also cook, but more on that later.

  • Carbohydrates and fats:

Carbohydrates are replenished by any fruit, for example, bananas which we have already talked about, or an unknown orange fruit will also restore your carbohydrates. You can gently knock down a hive with a stone and get a honeycomb, eating which you will also restore carbohydrates. Fat can be restored by finding various nuts on the floor., bumps, etc

  • Water:

There are many ways to replenish this indicator., for example, you can build a catchment with a filter, but I will tell you about the simplest. Firstly, you can drink the contents of the coconut and replenish the indicator a little, but even an empty coconut is still healthy. In fact, at the very beginning, we need to find 2 coconut, one to craft a can (whole coconut and rope), into which we can collect dirty water from the river, which it is advisable not to drink without boiling. And we divide the second by 2 bowls and put on the fire, now we can drag water from the can there, waiting for it to boil, we can either have a drink, or add some mushrooms or meat, to eat a soup that will restore not only water balance, but also other indicators. By the way, boiled, you can even eat a porcini mushroom, who will ruin your life without preparation. Briefly about the methods of water extraction:

  • Build catchments
  • Drink the contents of coconuts
  • Use bowls as water basins, putting them under the open sky
  • Use various cans, for example coconut

3. Practical advice.

  • Always watch out for that, do you have a magnifying glass above the health bar, she means you need to look around.
  • Never eat food with dirty hands, otherwise you will get parasites into the body.
  • Avoid fights, even if you win, without prepared bandages, you can sit back.
  • Don't build a huge base, since you have to move constantly around the map and build many passes.
  • Do not sleep on the ground, otherwise you will have worms, which are quite problematic.
  • If you play as friends, try to die as little as possible, the death of any member of the lobby lowers the sanity of other players by 20 glasses.
  • Prepare bandages in advance, it's very easy to sit back without them.
  • Watch the rest of the indicators above the health bar, there you can see information about the fever, poisoning, lack of sleep, dirty hands, etc..
  • Check your book more often, there is a lot of useful information, especially about wound healing.
  • Experiment wisely, any thoughtless action can ruin you.
  • Do not give up, if the game seems difficult to you, this is only the first few hours.
  • Watch your step 🙂

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