Breathedge: Completion walkthrough “Leia Center”

The supplement is very short, is most likely aimed at those, who likes to survive more in the game. The passage will take about an hour and a half..


Hold out 30 minutes.

The primary goal is to hold out 30 minutes. If you live longer, then when restarting, rewards are given. The maximum time until which it is rational to play it 60 minutes.

Upon repeated passage, if you have lived for a certain time, you will receive the following rewards in your inventory:

1 minute – oxygen candle
3 minutes – first aid kit
5 minutes – club
7 minutes – oxygen candle
9 minutes – secateurs
12 minutes – drill
15 minutes – oxygen candle
18 minutes – first aid kit
24 minutes – dipstick
26 minutes – engineering suit
28 minutes – large accelerator
30 minutes – oxygen candle
40 minutes – oxygen station
50 minutes – military balloon
60 minutes – jet booster

After 30 minutes we will be asked to hold our breath and suffocate. If you follow the instruction, then there will be a small video and we will be thrown into the menu. The add-on description will change slightly and a tooltip will appear, hinting whether we have done everything.

If you do not follow the instructions, then approximately 35 a few minutes will fly up to us (3-4) robots with batons. In case you survived the attack, then approximately every 5 minutes will be attacked by another robot.

Relax and choke.

As I understand, on the first playthrough, this must be done. Because the required craft plasma launcher simply does not open. Therefore, we live up to 30 minutes (or to 60, if you want to get all the awards) and die, no matter what, not only lack of oxygen will do, but also hunger, thirst, as well as death from electricity, overheating, batons robots. The main thing is to die, no matter how. After we watch a short video and we will be thrown into the menu, then immediately launch the add-on a second time. Description will change slightly, a casually drawn black and white avatar of the character should appear. You need to survive approximately 35 minutes until the moment when the first group of robots attacks us.

We deal with robots and loot a magnet from them, craft a magnetic pick and look for a nearby sphere. One of them is located right above the place of our appearance.. With the help of a magnetic pick, open the sphere and at the same time take away the core. It is not necessary to take the core, if you received it earlier. The main thing is to open the sphere, after which we open a craft blaster. We collect the necessary resources, craft a blaster and go to the opposite end of the location (if you launched a corpse from an accelerator and searched the area next to it, they should have found a note, after which a sign opens on the map “?”). So you have to fly to him, if you are poorly oriented.

We need to fly to the border of the zone, where there is a hole in the sphere. To do this, you need to fly around several turrets.. We ignore the warnings and fly up to the distance of the shot. We need to plant some shells in the tanks. After the explosion, we watch the final video and get the achievement.

After completing the supplement more 2-3 times I didn’t notice the difference. The final movie does not change, and the percentage of completion moves only if you get an achievement or find a collectible.


Total present 11 items. They will write you, what could I find. If you found other items, then describe its location in the comments or private messages, I will make additions.


From the starting location, you need to turn around and fly to the left and slightly higher.

Chlodogen bottle

In the freeze zone closer to the launcher.

Note with the corpse

We fly to the launcher and push the lever. After the body hits the wall, we fly up and look for a note nearby. Additionally, we will be given a guide to the hole in the test area., through which you will need to escape.

Fried chicken.

We fly to an asteroid with electric discharges. We find it in the wreckage in the center.

Man wanted poster

We fly towards the hole, before reaching it, we turn to the warehouse with corpses.

Creepy crap crap

From the starting location we fly straight to the wreckage of the greenhouses. In the largest wreck in the center.

Creep portrait

We fly to the launcher and climb up to the farthest wreckage.

Creep doll

We fly to the wreckage with “cardboard” shuttles. Do not forget to pull the lever on the way, it just won't do anything. And also pick up the engineering suit, if you are playing for the first time or have not yet survived enough time, to get it for free.

Severed hand

We fly to the hangar with the Cossacks, approximately in the center from the bottom.

The order

Thank you extrimboy245 for a hint.
In the center of the location behind cardboard dummies of asteroids. Landmark mop and bucket.

I haven’t been able to find another item yet., if you have any information please let me know and I will complete the guide.



We fly towards the launcher. Landmark terminal for crafting to the left of the starting location. Find the lever and launch the body of the previous poor test subject into the wall. We get the achievement. Don't worry, we will be told, that someday we'll be next. Also, do not forget to pick up to pick up a note from the body scraps.


We live to see 35 minutes, waiting for the attack of security robots and defending ourselves. It is enough to kill one, to get the achievement.


You must complete the add-on. Full description in this manual above.

Fast fingers

We go into the settings and look for the assignment of the keys. We need a combination “to the left,to the right,to the left,up,to the right,down”. At standard settings, this is “A,D,A,SPACE,D,Ctrl” , if you changed the key assignment, then bring the settings to their default values. Next, we fly to an asteroid with electrical discharges until we are offered to pass a reaction test. When will they start calling the direction of movement, quickly get through “A,D,A,SPACE,D,Ctrl” and get the achievement.

Hamster dielectric

Finding the corpse of mister hamster. He needs a decent funeral, why we run the corpse into the nearest wiring, similar to the chicken from the main plot. We observe the splitting of the hamster into atoms and get the achievement.


We fly to a sub-location with gravitational islands and land on the one where the birch grows. Don't forget to pick up the imbe ax. We cut down a tree with a club. We get dismoral from the destruction of a single plant and the achievement. Loot useless firewood at will.

Detailed analysis of the level by sublocation

Section in the process of editing and development
Sublocation "Icing zone"

1 – Large wreckage # 1
1.1 – large titanium ball with a scattering of small
1.2 – wreckage with heater, two large titanium balls with a scattering of small

2 – Small debris
Inside the wreck are two spheres with cloth and plastic, club. Five balls of scrap metal around the wreck.

3 – Large wreckage # 2
Inside the debris there are many large balls with metal and titanium with a scattering of small. Three spheres with cloth and plastic. One sphere of refined metal. One sphere with two clubs. Shawarma.

4 – A group of small debris
4.1 – ice, refrigerant bottle collectible
4.2 – titanium balls, metal, dipstick, club, urine bottles.
4.3 – wreckage with heater. Inside and outside the debris of a sphere with thickened duct tape and cloth, large balls with titanium and metal, drill, oxygen candles 4 pieces.

Wreckage Group Sublocation – greenhouses "

Wreckage # 1
Inside – drill, pieces of meat, radio, one oxygen candle, plastic in bulk and mined wire from wires, high capacity flashlight.
Outside – a lot of ice and nutrient slurry, several balls of metal.

Wreckage # 2
Inside – dead mr hamster, two oxygen candles.
There is a lot of scrap metal outside.

Wreckage # 3
Inside – collectible "Something with the century", dipstick, first aid kit, one oxygen candle, a lot of fabric.
There is a lot of scrap metal outside.

Wreckage # 4
Inside – shawarma and oxygen candle.
Outside – a lot of ice and nutrient slurry, several balls of metal.

Sublocation "Electric Asteroid"

On approaching the location, you need to get the achievement "Fast Fingers"

Debris group # 1
Inside – high capacity flashlight, dipstick, one oxygen candle, collectible - "Chicken on a stick"
Outside a little titanium

Debris group # 2


Inside – two oxygen candles
Outside a little titanium

Sublocation "Gravity Islands"

Island number 1 "Birch"
In the location you need to get the achievement "Lumberjack"
Can be found. Unique tool – Ax, first aid kit.

Island number 2 "Pit"

There are several large oxygen candles and first aid kits inside the pit.. At a certain moment, when approaching from the pit, it threw out a large oxygen candle. I watched this event twice, but not constantly. Possibly a script, maybe a model collision bug. An interesting phenomenon anyway, allowing you to get craft without falling into the pit. I haven't figured out how to catch this script / bug yet.
You can get some alkali on the surface. Ice and nutrient abundance all around. Also nearby are two titanium balls.

Island number 3 "Desert"

On the surface of alkali and aluminum deposits, and also the probe.

Sublocation "Zaporozhtsev Test Zone"

1 – Receiving board number 1
Spheres containing plastic, refined metal, thickened electrical tape. Alkali deposits. First aid kit. Dead Mister Hamster.
2 – Receiving board number 2
Two oxygen candles. Spheres containing wire, refined metal, plastic and thick electrical tape.
3 – Receiving board №3
An abundance of ice and nutrient slurry, some metal. When destroying a container through the launch of a Zaporozhets with a manipulator, you can get a club, two oxygen candles and a gandon. Alkali deposits. Scrap balls.
4 – Manipulator
It is necessary to find the control panel and run the wreckage of Zaporozhets into the receiving panel. There is also a spherical generator from which it will be possible to use a magnetic pick to get the energy core to advance through the plot.
5 – Hangar
Inside – collectible – "Wrist watch", secateurs, dipstick, flashlight for spacesuit, oxygen candle. Outside and inside an abundance of ice, nutrient slurry, titanium, scrap metal. Near the "entrance" is a sphere with plastic and wire.

Sublocation "Wreckage with ditties"

1 – oxygen candle, radio, flashlight for spacesuit
2 – first aid kit
3 – nutrient slurry, ice, scrap metal

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  1. The last item is in the remains of the ship, next to fried chicken, need to fly into other wreckage, in the location where lightning strikes.
    “False jaw”.
    She is small and easy to miss.

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