Kraken Academy!!: How to get all achievements

This guide will help you earn all the achievements in Kraken Akademy.!!


Subject achievements

All the achievements listed here you will unlock during the passage of the main plot of the game

Kraken's student – Gain the power to travel back in time

Penguin – get the penguin costume

Skin to bones – Get the skeleton costume.

Vilen – free the spirit of the music club

Sectarian – get the cultist mantle

Rice – save the spirit of the art circle

Everything – free the spirit of the sports club

cool guy – get a drama circle shape

Card collector – collect cards of all clubs

Only – release the spirit of the drama circle

Savior – Save the Kraken Academy from destruction and destruction.

Collection-related achievements

These achievements are accomplished by collecting items or repeating actions

Bully – break 250 of things

Rogue – Smash 1000 of things.

This will happen during the normal course of other achievements.. Just smash the trash cans with your bat, garbage containers, lockers and everything else. You will be given a bat during your first lesson.. Breaking it all down, you earn bottles. so you still need to smash a lot

Bottle collector – to collect 75 bottles for 1 race

Obsessed with bottles – Collect 175 bottles at a time.

For these two, you need to break everything, what is, and then collect 75 or 175 + bottles without resetting the counter to zero. White bottles stand 1, blue bottles are 10, and pink bottles are 40. You, most likely, get an achievement without trying, if you are lucky, but to be sure of this, smash a bunch of dumpsters or a row of lockers and try not to lift things, then turn back and grab everything while you run.

Piggy bank for the holiday – Collect 10 000 шлотинок.

Delec – Collect 75 000 шлотинок.

Shlotinki – this is the game currency. They accumulate throughout the gameplay., so don't worry about wasting money. You turn bottles into slots on many bottle machines. the bum will give you updates, which will increase the exchange rate (from 1:1 to 2:1, to 3:1) in his cave after, how will you make friends with 3, and then with 6 characters, so that, possibly, it's worth holding the bottles until then, until you get these updates, if possible. The only money, which you need to spend in the game, – this is 2000 slots for each of the additional three card passes, total 6000.

House, Sweet home – Place furniture in every crevice in your room.

You can buy furniture from Tadorka's grandmother, get furniture during quests or find furniture. Return to your Music Dorm room anytime, to change furniture in your room. Once all slots are full, the achievement is unlocked (sometimes you need to change the color of the walls).

Interior designer – Collect all the furniture

To get all the furniture, you will need to complete several side quests and find them during spirit missions.

Can buy: Pineapple plant, Poster “Midnight riot”, Geometric Carpet, Photo board, Gothic bed, Rainbow Carpet, Lava Lamp, Stereo receiver 3 in 1, Television. Total 23 950 шлотинок, to buy everything.

From quests: Bed Broccoli-Tian (from the main story), Baby Bottle Machine (cm. Rebel achievement), Bearskin Rug (cm. Friend Dmitry's Assignment), Illuminati poster (cm. Friend Constantine's Assignment), Photo of Vladimir in a frame (cm. Friend Vladimir's Assignment)

Found: Bunk bed (Sports club mission in the box)

Mommy's joy – Call your mom 8 time.

Use phone booths, to pass the time, and this achievement is unlocked. If you are using a phone booth, to fast forward a little, you can get it naturally.

Back to the past – Come back monday 5 time.

Start your cycle over 5 time. You can complete the game and all other achievements, without unblocking it, since you need everything 3 rewind time back, to complete the game.

Side quests (part 1)

These achievements are associated with friendships with classmates and employees of the Kraken Academy..

Working on the side – complete all secondary tasks

Romantic – go to all the dates.

You can only go on three dates, with Simone, Broccoli-chan and Vladimir. Each requires a bus ride to a different location on Wednesday morning.

Anna – Make friends with Anna

Complete the side quest “Boy with poster”.
It can be completed after receiving the key from the Art Club. Talk to Anna in her dorm room after (or before) art classes, and she will give you posters, to hang them around the Art Club. Each of the three buildings of the art club has a blank white panel., interact with each of them and return to Ana, to make friends with her.

Николай – Make friends with Nikolai

Complete the side quest “Cake day”.
Talk to Nikolai on Monday at the coffee shop.
You need to collect 3 ingredient:

Sugar is in the coffee shop next to the mugs

Milk – use the bucket on the goat, which blocks the abandoned path to the hostel on wednesday

Eggs – are located near the upper gong on the territory of the sports club

Once you have all three ingredients , you will need to change into cult clothes and on Monday or Tuesday evening and go to the lake, where are the sectarians from the music club. When you get to that place, where should you throw mushrooms into the cauldron, drop the collected ingredients instead. You call the cake instead. Take this cake and give it to Nikolai on Wednesday morning.

Duck – Make friends with Patience

Complete the side quest “Poultry problems”.
Can be done after, how will you have a card from a sports club. Talk to Patient in her room at the Art Club during the day, and she will ask you to return her lost toy. Go to the Sports Club, find Dmitry and go right (there is a passage behind him) in the forest. This area contains a box of rubber chicken.. Return the toy to Patient.

Jean – make friends with Jean
Get a drama club card, go to Jean's room and agree to meditate with him.

Pierre – make friends with Pierre

Complete the side quest “Wizard's assistant”.
Can be completed after obtaining the key to the Drama Circle.
First, head to the Sports Club building and enter the dark locker room. There is a saw box in the lower left corner. Take her, then go to the Theater Hall (Most likely, do it on Monday or Tuesday morning), and you will see, how Pierre practices focus. Give him a saw, to make friends with him.

Simona – make friends with Simone

Completed side quest “Date at the cinema”.
Can be done in the first time cycle and must be done in one time cycle (considered a date).
Available after the first day of music lessons. Simone asks you to come to the band rehearsal on Tuesday morning, if you come and complete the rehearsal successfully, can meet her at the bus stop on Wednesday morning.

Broccoli-chan – make friends with Broccoli-chan

Complete the side quest “Splash Fortress”.
Can be completed after receiving the Art Club card, should start on monday morning, must be done in one cycle of time (considered a date).
There is a grill on the central island in the art club area, take it and go to the main area, to the right of the ping pong table, meet Broccoli-chan and give her the grill. She will invite you to the water park. Talk to her at the bus stop on Wednesday morning.
After the water park, Broccoli-chan will give you the key to his room. It is not needed for achievement, but especially curious ones will be able to find out with its help, , if they come to her room on Monday night.

Vladimir – make friends with Vladimir

Complete the side quest “Harvest Festival”.
Can be done after receiving the key to the sports club, should start on monday night, must be done in one cycle of time, is awarded with furniture and is considered a date.
In the dormitory of the Sports Club, next to Wendy's room, there is a parcel with stamps of horses. Take them away, then go to Vladimir's room in the Music Club and give him stamps. You will have to answer two fan letters. (the answers don't matter), then he will invite you to go with him to Harvest Festival Wednesday morning. Talk to him at the bus stop,after which you will visit the festival with Vladimir. After the festival you will be given a framed photo of Vladimir, which will be taken into account by the interior.

Constantine – make friends with Konstantin

Complete the side quest “Constantine's love”.
Can be done after receiving a card from the Drama Club, do not need to be done in one cycle of time, rewards furniture.
In any time loop, talk to Konstantin in his dorm room on Monday night and help him write a love letter. He will ask you to put it on the table in the dorm room drama club with a blue door. Go to the Drama Club hostel, open the only blue door and use the love letter on the table . Then return to the music hostel on Wednesday night, to witness the meeting and make friends with Konstantin. He will give you a poster as a reward, which is considered an interior.

Dimitri- make friends with Dimitri

Complete the side quest “Bear hunt”.
Speak with Dimitri at the sports club grounds , he will ask you to bring a book about bear kung fu. Go to the director's office and examine the bookshelf., then go back to Dimitri and give him the book.

Canteen owner – make friends with the owner of the dining room

Complete the side quest “First aid”.
Can be performed at any time loop. Take the bandages in the box in the hallway of the Music Dorm. Go to the infirmary on Wednesday (he is in the dining room). Talk to the canteen host and student, then use the bandage on the student, to make friends with the owner of the dining room.

Side quests (part 2)

Homeless man – make friends with a bum-bum

Complete the side quest “Plush thief”.
It can be done after, how will you have a map from the Drama Club. Can be completed at the same time as the achievement “Treasure hunter”.
Speak to the Bum Chel after purchasing the second bottle machine upgrade, available, as soon as you make friends with 6 others. He will ask for help to return the stolen teddy bear., and for this he needs a sign of protest. He's buried somewhere. IN 5 places all over the academy there are heaps of dirt, interact with any of them, and you will comment, what you can't dig. Find Patient in her room at night (you don't have to make friends with her first), and she will blow you a whistle. Now go to the heap of dirt at the Music Club, use the whistle, to get a sign of protest. Return the sign to the homeless.

Cleaner – make friends with the janitor

Complete the side quest “Junior janitor”.
can be done after, how will you have a map from the Drama Club. Must be done in one cycle time.
You will need four items, to start it:

Wrench – Found in the Secret Bottle Machine room in the Music Dorm;

Small cage – Located on the east side of the auditorium seating area;

Suction cup – Located in the staff room in the cafeteria building, box in the northeast corner;

Torch – Located in the building of an art exhibition, box between two trees.

The cleaner moves between 4 places in 6 hours per day, you need to help him in every place. The easiest way to do this is in one day., so that:
6 in the morning – The janitor in the hallway of the Music Dorm, give him a wrench.
Noon – Art Class Toilet Cleaner, give him a plunger.
6 evenings – The janitor is in the Sport Class locker room., give him a torch.
Midnight – Toilet Cleaner Drama Class, give him a little cage.

You will keep all items, if you do not use all four in one time cycle, however all items will disappear, when you complete the quest. They can be brought in any order..

Miss Markova – make friends with Miss Markova

Complete the side quest “insomnia”
Talk to Markova on Monday night, she will be near the ping pong tables. Go to the infirmary ( he is in the dining room), take the sleeping pills and take it to Miss Markova.

A revolutionary – attract 3 fandom to the side of the revolution during one time loop.

Complete the side quest “Rebel robots”.
Can be completed after completing the quest “Spirit of Vilena”, since you need the Skeleton costume. Must be done in one cycle time.
Go to the Musical Dorm in a skeleton costume and break the crumbling wall. Inside the bottle machine will ask you to install the program on other machines and give you a CD. Just interact with the CD on the other three machines, and then return to the secret room to complete the quest. Note: as soon as you interact with the machine, she will no longer convert bottles for this cycle time.

Third Party Achievements

These achievements can be skipped by the player.

Cat – pet the cat.

Interact with any cat, to unlock the achievement. First cat (or cat) will appear during the quest “Spirit of Vilena” near an abandoned hostel, if you missed it, you will have a chance to pet her during the final quest “Savior”.

Cleaner – wash your hands in 4 different sinks.

This achievement can be completed in multiple time cycles.. You can wash your hands in the sinks, in the restroom. There are latrines in almost every building ( eg, in the exhibition hall on the territory of the art circle or in any educational building)

Bouncy – jump in the bouncy castle.

During the main quest to save Vilen, after receiving the VIP card, go to the VIP area and enter the castle before, how to let friends inside.

Demon Lord – summon her demon.

Come to the playground in the uniform of a cultist on Monday or Tuesday nights. Throw mushrooms into the cauldron (in the right order), add by 1 berry of each color, to make it brown, and summon the demon.

Wrong lever! – pull all the levers in the boss office.

During the main quest to save Vilen, you will find yourself in a boss room with levers. Pull all levers from left to right.

Witness – witness the end of the world.

To get the achievement, you need to call your mom and rewind until Wednesday evening, and then wait a little.

athlete – score a goal in the gym.

To get the achievement, you need to score a ball in the gym into the goal. You can hit him with the bat or just walk on him from the right side, until the ball is in the goal.

Sorvigolova – Complete Yuki and Wendy's Challenge on Hard Difficulty.

To get the achievement, you need to hit the gong and select high difficulty in Yuki and Wendy's Challenges, so what is next to suffer pass the test.

The power of reason – dial at least 20 points in Dimitri's challenge.

Strike the correct gong to get the achievement., choose any challenge difficulty (difficulty affects only the number of points received for 1 round) and pass the test. If you have a bad wrinkle, you can write down the sequence of movements on a piece of paper.

Treasure hunter – Dig up all the piles of dirt in one time loop.

This achievement can be obtained during (or after) completing a task from a bum-chela.
Just look for all the mud heaps and dig them up.

The first pile of dirt will be near the fountain.

The second pile of mud will be by the road to the lake with the kraken

The third pile will be on the territory of the drama club in the lower right part of the map

The fourth pile of dirt is located near the trash cans on the territory of the music club

And the last pile of dirt is located on the territory of the sports club

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