Far Cry 5: Fishing Guide

Hello! In this guide, I'll cover the basics of fishing.. Reward and value the leadership, if you liked it!


Fishing in Far Cry 5 Is not just a five-minute session. This is a complete mini-game, which includes its own unlocks and secrets. However, you will not be able to catch fish at any moment you like on any body of water..

To start fishing in Far Cry 5, you first need to go through the entire starting section of the game, then liberate the island of Datca. When the whole map is revealed to you, you can start the fun. However, these are not all the preparatory steps..

Where can you fish?
You cannot fish anywhere - you will need to find a special place on the map (by the river) and get a fishing rod. The easiest way is to take a boat from the west coast of Datca Island and head north to Jacob's territory.. Follow the main river, crossing the island, and on the starboard side you will see a fishing merchant, marked with a green pistol overhead.

Jump off the boat - here you can fish for salmon. Just pick up your fishing rod, which sticks out of the ground. Get it out of inventory, face the water and you can start.

It takes a little practice to catch fish - the main thing is not to rush or twitch.. Wait, when the fish bites the bait and start pulling - quickly, to grab fish. Try to exhaust the fish, directing the rod in the opposite direction from the movement of the fish. Then pull it to the shore and take it for yourself. Everything is like a real fishing.

The fish can be sold or given to the bear Cheeseburger.

You can't make a lot of money this way, but if you like to contemplate nature and enjoy the movement of the river, then extra money will not hurt.

The easiest places to fish
Nerka - next to the merchant directly northwest of Datca Island, north of Clagette Bay and Moose Jaw Lodge

Salmon-taimen - the location is described above

Chavycha - the place can be found as part of the Cheeseburger quest or by moving west and slightly south of the center of F.A.N.G. on the Mokkassin river

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