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Endless mode guide in free play


What exactly is it about?…

Endless mode – this is one of the pretty fun modifiers “Free play”, which allows, after completing the third act, to return to the first with all your cards / relics / potions in your hands. In contrast, along with your power, the power of the spire creatures grows., which become more tenacious and attack stronger.

The game in this mode has its own characteristics, which I would like to tell you about.


The passage of the endless mode is based on the awareness of two key factors. Your defense and attack should grow in proportion to the increase in the power of the creatures, whom you meet. Until a while, it really happens in sync, when, by collecting more artifacts and bringing the deck to perfection, it is possible to take a hit. But the preponderance of the scales is not in your favor already on the 3rd - 4th lap, it becomes almost impossible to go beyond the 6th-8th circle.
Even with combinations of cards and artifacts, which allow you to gain maximum protection in the first round by simply scrolling through the deck, you will lose sooner or later, because:

  • Damn relic “Time maze” won't let you play anymore 15 card per round.
  • Even if you can for 15 cards to collect maximum armor ( 999 ) sooner or later you will encounter creatures, which do damage more than this value

………………………………………………The first turn of the battle seems to hint………………………………………………

The only option to stay alive and unharmed is intangibility.. We will use it.

Intangibility in the game is given only by two cards - "Form of a Ghost" from the Silent card pool and "Ghost" – ether cards, obtained in the event of the second act. They completely extinguish any damage that passes through you., reducing it to one. The only problem is, that you may simply not have enough time under intangibility to kill the creature. For this reason, intangibility must be endlessly maintained in some way..

A card from the pool of the Latbearer comes to our rescue - a dual weapon, which allows us to copy our key talent. By copying the "Ghost Look" card, you can stand even under the most terrible blows and flip through social networks with a bored look on your phone. They won't do anything to us anyway.


Having dealt with the protection, we proceed to the attacks. Generally, if you have a bundle of spirit shape and paired blades, you don't need to worry about an attack at all, since you can pick even bosses with several thousand hp with a standard strike card, but it will be long and insanely boring. So we are looking for other options. In fact, there are not so many of them., and the most effective is only one.

  1. Poison with the skills "Catalyst" and "Surge of Energy" is the longest and most ineffective combination of the presented. First of all, due to the need to score a deck with a deck of at least three or four cards. Secondly, due to the ability of some bosses to throw off poison, as well as combustion of the catalyst itself. But it is generally possible to pass in this style..

  2. Increase Strength with Surpass Yourself. Optionally, you can have cards like "Demon Form" in the deck, Ignite talent or Weak Point skill. Due to the fact, that the improved version of "Surpass yourself" is not burned - you can wind up the maximum possible strength in a relatively short time.

  3. Ritual Dagger - Dropped in Act 2 Cultist Event. Of course, in this case, the emphasis of the passage is based on the destruction of the evil spire with this particular dagger. With a stable killing in this way, the dagger's damage grows faster than the health of almost all spire creatures, excluding bosses. However, even the bosses of the second act flew to the underworld with one hit during prolonged pumping. Works well with twin blades, allowing you to copy this excellent dagger, and also with cards for strength.
    Keep in mind, that when using twin blades, the dagger does not increase damage after execution. Not if played with copies, not if you use the original.

  4. Burning is the best map for "passing" infinity. Tactics are based on constant pumping of this card everywhere, wherever possible. Of the cons – rather meager damage in the early stages of the game. Of the pluses – highest damage rate, which can be achieved in the future. In addition, this card is much easier to find., how to get the "Ritual Dagger".

"Ritual Dagger" and "Burning" are two cards, which, with a certain buildup, can annihilate even the most tenacious bosses from the first hit. If you have a small deck and scroll cards or if you have a Dual Weapon card, you can completely remove all intangible cards from the pool, because. the game in your case will end in one move.

Other cards

A certain number of cards are required for drawing. There is already taste and color, and also for the luck of the player. I will only note separately, except for the "Search" card, allowing in an improved form to pull out two necessary cards at once (usually paired weapons and spirit form).
After the first round of passing, defense cards are slowly removed to zero due to their uselessness.


I will list the most important artifacts for playing in infinity.

Runic pyramid
Archive card, which easily lets you wait, until both "dual weapon" and "spirit guise" are in hand
Peace pipe
It is very difficult to overestimate the ability to remove cards at bonfires.. A very important card, since from a certain point you will need to remove three curse cards from the deck after each round. And the cost of removing the card from the merchant after the circle is not reset, because of what it becomes to do more and more costly
Smiling mask
Removing cards costs a fixed amount of 50 coins. As an analogue of the pipe of peace
Game piece
A very important artifact, able to replace any cards in hand at the start of the game. Especially needed after about 4th lap, when curse cards are poured into the starting hand. Let me remind you, that the data of the curse card is initial - i.e.. they always come first without giving the opportunity to get the right cards
First aid kit
Allows to play non-playable status cards. Artifact of fighting the spam of our deck from the opponent. Rescued more than once
Petrified shell
Prevents the first HP loss in battle. Works especially well in the beginning, before you have collected all the artifacts and adjusted the deck. Saves from a frequent situation, when "spirit form" and "dual weapon" do not come to hand
Dolly's mirror
Copies the map. Usually, either a swinging "ritual dagger" is copied, or "spirit guise"
Readiness bag
Plus two cards at the start will never be superfluous
Tungsten Rod
Reduces damage to you by 1. Works just perfect with a combination of intangibility
Reel of thread analog. Gives 6 protection, if she's not there. Protects against impacts by force per unit
Needle with thread
4 shells completely protect our character from almost all damage. Orichalcum analog and rod
Philosopher's Stone
Gives 1 strength to enemies, it provides us with energy. Since we play through intangibility, additional power does not play any role for creatures at all. Accordingly - the best card, giving energy
Plugged Flame / Plugged Lightning / Plugged Tornado
Allows you to select attack / skill / talent, which will come into hand at the beginning of the game. Accordingly, these artifacts are ideal for Spirit Form cards., "Burning", "Ritual dagger", "Dual Weapon". Important!!! In no case should you take them for other cards - in this case, you will not be able to remove the card., which is associated with this type of relic
Prismatic Shard
Mandatory artifact, to build a deck of cards of various characters
Gremlin's horn
Great scrolling artifact with an ultralight deck and Burn. When this card is swinging to the state of total annihilation of any creature, it is enough just to have a horn to scroll this card. In this case, you can completely remove the copy and add cards from the deck.


Useful Tips

Reduce the deck after the second round as much as possible. You don't need protection anymore, and in some cases – intangibility


You should not take relics that give additional cards, eg a relic "Toolbox". For many circles of an endless spire, you will surely be able to assemble the most compact and efficient assembly. Also, it will just shorten the round time.. Artifacts that give or preserve cards when burned fall into the same category. ("Dry branch", "Strange Spoon"), as well as relics of the bosses "Mark of Pain", Calling Bell


When playing through the "Burning" card, in no case should you take the "Hammer of Fusion" relic that prohibits forging. Dropped by bosses.


Starting from the fourth circle, it is necessary to actively search for artifacts, allowing relatively painlessly each circle to remove three curse cards, which the malicious artifact "Pride" gives us. There are only two such artifacts. – "Smiling Mask" and "Peace Pipe". It is better to build your route through merchants and have a supply of money in case these cards appear in the store. If you don't find one of these artifacts – go broke removing curses in just a couple of laps


In the third act there is a very unpleasant event "Fall". With a small, compact deck, this event can rob you of one of your key cards.. Try to avoid Act 3 questions and use the Plugged Flame / Lightning / Tornado artifacts. When using them, the card cannot be removed.

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