Slay the Spire: Achievement Guide (46/46)

A quick guide to getting all the achievements in Slay the Spire.


If you try, you can do it in the first battle. [I do not advise]


  • Finish Don with the "Consume" card

A dreary achievement due to the fact that there are roughly two Bosses. The best of all, of course, is the build strength from the achievement. “Pump up”. The hardest thing about this achievement is finding the right card and boss.. Over time you will get.

  • Swallow – Applies 10 damage, if kills an enemy increases max health by 3

  • Complete the game with a deck of 5 or less cards

Achievement out of the ordinary, but doable. There is such a thing in the game as Infinite Decks, built on eternal good, the easiest way to create it on the Latbearer:

  • We use the map Break through, then we use our foot in a jump.
    It is best if there are two Leaping Foot cards..
    The main thing is to get rid of as many cards as possible..
The Silent One and Her Achievements

  • Complete the game as the Silent

Second character, will open anyway, one has only to die on the Latbearer.
Harder to master than the Lattice, but no less interesting.
Achievement is not difficult, you just need to get used to the character.


  • 9 Energy in one turn of the battle

Easy achievement. On Silent, there are many cards that give energy and a lot of cards for additional, making it easier to get the achievement:


  • To win 3 enemies Poison in one battle

One of the main Silent builds is the Poison build.. Achievements will be completed by themselves after several races through Poison. Here are the cards that will be useful.:


  • Superimpose at least 99 Poison on one enemy

Again Poison, we use all the cards that I indicated above, but this time it's all for one sacrifice. One more card will not help with this.:

  • Catalyst – doubles the poison imposed on the enemy

We are waiting for the Boss Battle and throw everything at the Boss and your achievement!


  • Play out 10 Sharpening in one move

The second of the main builds on the Silent is Sharpening. Attacks for 0 what is burned after use. Here are the two main sharpening cards.:

  • Dagger Dance – gives 3(4) sharpening
  • Cloak and Dagger – gives 6 protection and 1(2) sharpening

It remains only to wait for the random


  • Burn 20 cards in one battle

Achievement that flows from the past, since sharpenings are burned, you just need to use 20 sharpening for battle. In any race through sharpening, you will receive


  • Defeat the Transient Before, than he will disappear

<–I think you came across such a bastard in Act III.
His health is symbolic – 999hp, more than the Final Boss.
Mom beats do not cry, but loses power equal to the damage done to it.
But there is one caveat, he will die anyway, after the 5th move, but not by your hand.

  • Catalyst to help!

After improvement, he begins to triple Poison. One has only to find two such cards and build a deck through Poison and your victory!

Defect and its Achievements

  • Complete the game as Defect

Third character, opens also on the occasion of death, but already on the Silent. The most complex character of all, where you have to use all your convolutions. Pass from Run 3.

Fly in

  • Win the fight, not using Attack cards

The easiest task for the Defect is Pacifism.
He doesn't really attack anyone., spheres do it instead!
Nothing complicated, spawned several lightning spheres and go to the defense:

  • Discharge – Charges 1 Orb of Lightning

  • No less 99 Defense in one battle

  • 999 Defense in one battle

Two related achievements, to execute them for other characters or impossible, or at least almost. In addition to the Lightning spheres, the Defect also has Ice spheres, which constantly provide protection at the end of the turn:

In addition, you need an auxiliary card., with whom it will be easier to organize all this:

  • Creative AI – each turn gives a random Talent card.
  • After use, we go into defense with the help of orbs of Ice, and then it's just a matter of time, we use only the Talents that I described below, otherwise you can screw it up and all over again, best done on Act 3:

You should end up with something like this. Here are two achievements.


  • No less 25 Focus in one fight

If you take a good look at my screenshot above, I have there 28 Focus. Creative AI and it gives out. This achievement stems from the past two.


  • No less 10 positive effects in one battle

Yet again, on the screen above, I already have 9 positive effects, just use some other talent and achievement of yours.


  • Play out 25 cards in one turn

Can also be done in the same way as the last four in one battle, if you took this card before:

  • Aggregation – gives energy for every 4(3) cards in the draw pile.

We take into account the fact, that thanks to different talents in battle, you can accumulate several hundred cards, and Echo Skin will double its effect. Then just use 25 kart, your endless supply!


  • To summon 9 Plasma Orbs in One Turn

Another type of Defect spheres is plasma.. When in the slot it will passively give +1 energy every move. It just so happened, that only two cards give Plasma, where using the second is simply not cost-effective:

  • Meteor Strike – inflicts 24 damage, charges 3 Plasma Spheres

Though 3 Spheres are already impressive, you need to find two such cards.
Copy via event or using a relic – Mirror.
Then you just have to wait for the moment when two cards will be in your hand. The first card should be used with Echo Skin or Doubling Potion, then the second. Here is the achievement and yours.

To whom did these relics surrender??

  • Complete the game with one relic

Here Defect comes to the rescue, which has a strong starting relic, and he's just overpowering. Achievement dreary and skill-dependent. The Matter of Your Hands.

The Contemplator and Her Achievements

  • Complete the game as the Contemplative

The fourth and so far the last character in the game. Not as complex as Defect, but not as understandable as the Latbearer. From the 3rd time you will pass.

You are nothing!

  • Defeat the boss on the first turn

Sounds incomprehensible. Previously, you had to go to Act 3 bosses, and here.
Here is a new character – Contemplative, who can do it in Act 1.

  • Anger – stance of the Beholder in which she deals and takes double damage.

The easiest way is to kill the Slug Boss from the first move.. Restart the level until you get it.
Find as many potions as possible, the best thing: Doubling Potion, Hero's Potion, Potion of Attack.
It is also worth relying on additional supplies and relics..

Ideally it will be something like this:


  • Defeat the boss, not taking damage

НУУУУУУ. Killed the Boss on turn 1, you didn’t take any damage. So After?)


  • Defeated Slimeboss

One of the three Act 1 Bosses. Although he has the least health, but this does not make him less dangerous.
Best decks for killing him, this is Deck through Strength and Deck through AOE.


  • Defeated Hexaduch

The boss is not difficult if you have good damage overclocking. Howbeit, already with the first attack, he demolishes you 40hp, after which it will hit 6-14, already accelerating its damage, through 6 moves after the first attack, he will hit again on 40.
This blow you may not take, so it's better to kill him before.


  • Defeated Guard

Final Boss of the 1st Act, after receiving enough damage, switch to defense mode, where does it get thorns. A synergic deck with defense and attack is best.. Otherwise, you will get a lot in the face..


  • Confirmed Collector

Stuffy boss due to minions, which get in the way. As with the Slime, a deck with AOE or Strength is very suitable. The fight should not be delayed, otherwise you will get a bunch of debuffs.


  • Defeated Champion

The fattest Act 2 boss, all the time stacks his strength and protection, but sometimes it will give in to you by missing your turn.
After the loss 50% goes into the second phase, stacking its strength. Live!


  • Defeated Automaton

Most Dangerous Bastard in Act 2. It has 3 In the artifact, because of what vulnerabilities cannot be imposed on him. Spawn two minions who steal cards from you. On the 5th move, this does a one-shot attack on 45+ damage. AOE, your choice!


  • Don and Deka are defeated

Two Brotherly Figures, it is best to kill Rhombus if you have defensive problems, he hits more often. And Donut if you're having damage issues, because she stacks the Force. AOE-AOE-AOE. You shouldn't hesitate.

Time Eater

  • Defeated the Time Lord

The main enemy of the Defect, for every 12th used card, this creature misses your turn. Strength is definitely needed here.
Should only be used 6 cards per turn or 12, if you have a strong complement.
Also when his health is reduced by half, he will heal him, exactly half.


  • Defeated Awakened

Head of all Birds in the Spire. There are two more Cultists in the room with him., you need to kill them first. The boss itself has two phases, but in this case, the transition to the second phase interrupts the move. Strength, Shanks and Orbs of Ice placebos in this fight.

Ruby +

  • Complete Endgame as the Barrier

Endgame, she is the last location in the game. Strength would be a good solution here., but the Heart can only be demolished a certain amount of HP per turn, better using protection. Glass Cannon is not an option.

Emerald +

  • Complete Endgame as Silent

Poison will be effective here, Heart can't get rid of it, and Corpse Explosion is perfect for the Elite before,but sharpening will also help.
Basic relics such as “Shuriken”, “Kunai”,”Zmekko Skull” keep quiet.

Sapphire +

  • Complete Endgame as The Defect

Again Spheres of Ice. The Globes of Darkness will not have time to accelerate, and the Orbs of Lightning are not that strong. Can be cranked as in a recruitment battle 999 protection from Achievements “Barricade”.

the end?

  • Execute 3 Achievements Above

Get it anyway, when you go through Endgame as the Barrier, Silent and Defect.

Amethyst +

  • Complete Endgame as the Contemplative

It is best to create a Build through Divination and Divinity, but I strongly advise against using the Wrath stand, you can screw up. Don't forget about protection.

Elevation 0

  • Open Ascension Mode

Just complete the game for any character. Nothing complicated

Elevation 10

  • Complete Ascension 10

I played the class 50-100 it will not be difficult for you. It will be extremely good to go through all the elevations on the Lattice Bearer.. The most casual is best here.

Elevation 20

  • Complete 20th Ascension

One of the smoothest achievements in the game. It just takes a very long time. I played the class 150-200 you should be able to do it. Again on the Latbearer.


  • Get all Achievements

Just go through everything 45 Achievements, not so difficult, truth?)

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