Occult Achievements 100%

Occult achievements


Speak for themselves, problems with them should not arise:

Something needs to be done

The whole house is filled with wardrobes and bedside tables, just open everything.

Total in the house 5 locked doors and own 5 keys, you need to open in one game 3 locked doors.

You won't be able to get the achievement at once, around the house in various sideboards or just on the shelves there are necklaces and cups. Collection 10 such will give you an achievement.

The phone is on the right side of the house, in the corridor of the first floor, rings in 100% cases when you approach him.

Spiders are crawling in a room with a mirror, for the skating rink you can collect 4 such, hence for 7 such games you can get an achievement. You can create a single player game, collect spiders, log off, to repeat.

At the very beginning there are a couple of windows, jumped back and forth and that's it.

Snuggle up to the car in which we arrived 5 minutes.

You will need a friend or random, we ask him to climb into the closet and just throw him out of there.

Can only be obtained through a bug or skill, looking for a secret room behind the painting and trying to quickly climb up and jump down.

Speaks for itself )

On the passage
Kind of like a bad station, Need to find 8 bags of coal, which are scattered throughout the house and surroundings, toss them into the oven in the basement and open 5 ventels. The first is near the stove, second under the main staircase, 3-5 in the attic.

Collect 7 shards of glass, which are scattered across the entire area of ​​the map, for some you need to solve riddles. Also collect the skull, which is in the room on the second floor, to the right of the room with the mirror, and collect the spiders, running around in a room with a mirror. Insert shards, put spiders on the peaks and the second ending is passed.

Solo any ending, but remember, that wardrobes are your friends.

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