Terraria: 3 How to summon a slug event

I'll tell you right away 2 of them are honest and the third is cheating therefore, dude, go down to the bottom and write what a blockhead I am 🙂


Protection and life
you can create a new persian and get 140 mak HP i 8 protection and then there will be a chance that the event can begin and if you have already killed the king of slugs, then you will need to kill 75 slugs and if not killed then 150 slugs

Slug king
after when you killed 75 or 150 slugs that will be the boss king of slugs, and an event can pass during the day, if you want to get this event, then you do not need to switch to hard mode, then the chance will be small and if you did not kill the king of slugs, then the chance will be great

If the event does not work, then just go to the terrarium and there is a function there and you must increase the rain slugs time and go into the world and you're done

To be honest, I got almost all the achievements in terraria, but some of them I used in cheating ways, more than anything else. 2 I will go through achievements in cheating ways, but in the adventure mode

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