Eastward Walkthrough Tips

This guide has collected a few tips, which can help those, who is going or has just started playing Eastward


Eastward Walkthrough Tips

1. Talk to all residents
2. Go to all shops, buy food
3. T120300.246 treasure radar, he will tell you when there are chests with jokes nearby
4. T120300.246 gear T120300.246 backpack, pistol and cartridges, T120300.246 bombs
5. There are caches on the maps, in the nooks, behind closed doors
6. Beginning with New Dam City T120300.246, each product has a specific buff, it is added as the 4th ingredient to the dish
7. Try to knock out from 2 identical products when cooking in the lottery, they give extra buff time and extra hearts
8. If you talk to all the residents in New Dam City, the quest will open for you, passing which you can get energy shield for Sam
9. Reading dialogue does not greatly affect the plot of the game, only for the atmosphere
10. The inner game of Earth Born is also optional., does not affect the plot in any way, just such an inside meme
11. Heroine-blonde with a square and a flying radio – young woman
12. Each boss has a pattern of behavior, don't be afraid to understand him first, then start the level again so as not to waste precious food on hearts
13. When the opportunity arises, be sure to buy the S.O.S system. in the shop
14. Don't forget to upgrade your backpack
15. Do not forget to return to locations that you could not get to before when you did not have a suitable weapon
16. Gold chests give fruits after collecting which give you an extra life
17. Until the last chapter, I did not understand at all what was happening in the plot.
18. Before the battle with bosses, it is better to cook food with buffs so that you can use it to your advantage later.
19. Miasma is afraid of the energy Sam
20. On Q control character changes, on Tab they can be controlled separately (they stop running together)
21. You can change weapons to 1 2 3
22. On E also the choice of weapons

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