Crysis 2 Maximum Edition: Unlock FPS

For those, who plays on windows 10 and has a limitation problem 60+ fps (64 fps).
This is also seen in Crysis. 2 Remastered / Crysis 3 Remastered.


1. General information.

FPS limiting issue observed on Windows 10 and does not depend on the manufacturer of the video card (Nvidia or AMD). These freeloaders from Crytek took the console versions of Crysis games a few years ago 2 и Crysis 3 and uploaded them to all game services (Steam, Origin and others). In console versions, the engine is configured to limit the rendering in 64 fps.

Also, it is on Windows 10 the largest drawdowns are observed / FPS drops (less stable FPS), than, eg, on Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1.

2. Reducing drawdowns / FPS drops (Windows only 10).

It is needed in the properties of the exe file (Crysis2.exe / Crysis3.exe) in the tab “Compatibility” to expose “Run in Windows compatibility mode 8 or 7”.
If you have a 60Hz monitor or TV, then this is enough and there is no need to unlock FPS.

3. Creating the autoexec.cfg file

The settings from this file are applied every time the game is started..
for example, for Epic Game Store:

Create a text file in the game folder autoexec.txt and register FPS in it in accordance with the value of the refresh rate of your monitor (and better on 1 above: eg, if 120Hz monitor, then put – 121):

sys_maxfps = 121

Save and replace file extension with .txt on .cfg
Also, optional, you can add the following lines (to skip intro videos, turn off anti-aliasing and mouse acceleration, increase the viewing angle of the overall, when taking action and sprinting):

g_skipIntro = 1
i_mouse_smooth = 0
i_mouse_accel = 0
cl_fov = 80
r_DrawNearFoV = 80
pl_movement.power_sprint_targetFov = 80
sys_maxfps = 121

4. What should be done (Nvidia).

Simple enough in “Nvidia Control Panels” in the Crysis app profile 2 и Crysis 3 put an item “Vertical sync” of importance “Quickly“. It's all))).

But if your graphics card is too old, then there may be no such vertical sync value. Then you will need to do the same, as for AMD.

5. What should be done (AMD).

You need to install the program RivaTuner Statistics Server (or shortly – RTSS). It is usually included with the installation MSI Afterburner.
Or it can be downloaded separately from the developer's website (there is a newer version on the site).

In the program, you need to set the parameter “Framerate limit” by the value of the refresh rate of your monitor (and better on 1 above: eg, if 120Hz monitor, then put – 121).
You can put it either in the Global profile, either in the added profile (via the Add button indicating the exe-file of the game: eg, Crysis2.exe).

My monitor is running on 120 Hz, so I set myself a Framerate limit – 121.

Before starting the game, you will either need to launch RivaTuner each time, or put in the program settings “Start with Windows”. But remember, what if you use tuned Global profile, in some online / multiplayer games, with a small probability of being grabbed ban, as RivaTuner interferes with the rendering of the game / application (i.e changes data).

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