Saiko no sutoka: Best ending guide

This is a small guide to the so-called “Correct ending”.


1 Stage. Diary.
First of all, you need to find a diary, most often it is found on the roof on the left side of the director's room, when we find it, we can start collecting notes.
be careful, after all, Saiko will now always be in yangire mode and will want to take the diary from you.

2 Stage. Notes.
Now we need to find 9 notes, they always hang on the walls in the corridors, or in special rooms(Not in classrooms).
P.S.:be careful, the game also added the ability to enter the restrooms that are located on either side of the main stairs, there may also be a note hanging on the wall in the booths.

3 Stage. Final.
We give Saiko the diary with the Q key and she tells us the code from the box in the director's room, when she takes the key, she takes it from us and runs to the exit, we go there and watch the ending!:3

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  1. Hello!Thanks for the tip, but what should i do if she says 1 figure, and then “DIE!” and s 1 hitting kills?I don't understand my version 2.2.8 Can't tell what the problem is

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