Dead Estate: Room guide

In this guide, I will share my experience room by room.


This is my first adequate guide, I will try to explain as clearly as possible

Ordinary room
This type of room contains a regular room in which there are no enemies (maximum there is a trap) These are most often found on 3 and 4 floor

(I'm sorry I didn't do the screen)

Combat room
Almost no different from an ordinary room, but this type of room contains enemies

(No screen required)

Room with a key
This room contains just a key and nothing else, given boss room key, Available on all floors except for the 5th

Challenge room
I gave the name to this room myself (because I don't know what it is). There will be an object in the air in this room., if you touch a sphere with an object, then the test will begin.

You will have 40 seconds on, then to kill 3 waves of enemies.
(on the screen I still have 6 seconds, but I had time)

If you succeed, then congratulations on your subject

Rooms with chests
In this section, I will talk about two types of rooms at once. (They are alike), they both lie on all floors in a quantity of 1 piece

1. Precious chest

There he is (Sori I have already opened it)
Objects fall from it, as well as weapons, but with much less chance

2. Military? chest

There he is, Fall from it Weapons only

The shops
there is 3 store type: With items, Armory, With pumping
Also in stores it is safe! (if a pumped-up asshole is running after you, then in the store you are in the house)
1. With items – in this store are sold 3 random items at different cost.
But always:
1 the item is worth – 100$
2 the item is worth – 200$
3 the item is worth – 300$

The higher the price, the higher the quality
Also there Cup and card are always sold (on the screen you will see their price)

2. Armory – in this store is sold as not strange weapons.
Different price tags, which is not surprising

3. With pumping (roughly a nurse) – There you can pump – speed, force, health, and also buy a cup

Everything is worth it from the beginning 200$, but later the price tag will increase with each pumping!

Crystal room
A strange room with a crystal in the center, if you destroy it, you will teleport to the starting room, appears sometimes

Boss room
Most likely the very last room you will visit will be the boss room..
To enter it you need to have a key (look for the section about the room where this key is located)
After finding the key, we can enter.

After killing the boss, you will be presented with a transition to the next floor..

Just stand on the platform for this phrase to appear and then you can go to the next floor

Secret room
There is an item / money in this room

to enter it is enough just to go into the wall, but to find it you need to take a closer look

When you enter a room for a second, you will see a passage into it.

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