The Riftbreaker: Problems and errors, their decisions

Several nasty bugs were encountered during the game, which interfere with the passage, completely changing the mechanics or making it impossible to complete. In this short list of errors, I will try to help fix some of them.. Information was taken from open sources by collecting information from Reddit and the Steam Community.


Currently known (22.10.2021) bugs:
1. Permanent invisibility from the movement module “Alien disguise”

One of the most common bugs at the moment. The character becomes invisible forever, even if the masking module is disabled. This makes him partially invulnerable. – enemies and fauna do not react to it, even if he starts attacking them. At most they start to move towards the base. This bug makes the game overly easy and boring..

Main manifestation: being in disguise mode for a long time. Potential appearance of a bug during autosave.
Avoid: turn on disguise for no more than 1-2 minutes, turn off periodically. The game is saved every 5 minutes, calculate the time not to be in disguise at the time of saving.
Treatment: remove the cloaking module and replace it with any other, such as jumping or dashing, and make the transition between locations through the planetary scanner. Sometimes it may take multiple movements between different outposts. This is due to the fact, that the bug is often tied to a specific location. Moving back to that location is usually sufficient., in which this bug appeared. ATTENTION! If you did not build an outpost and moved from the location without the possibility of returning – this bug may remain.

2. Saves do not display images and are not loaded – endless loading of saves

The error looks like this, as if the game broke all available saves and does not even show their previews.

Main manifestation: the game started with an error. A rare manifestation, but possible.
Avoid: unknown
Treatment: restart the game, press Alt + F4 to close the game if the save does not load for a long time. Or end the game through the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete).

3. “Supply energy” in a mission with Khazenith loot / Tanzanite

When building a Nursery for growing trees with a specified resource and supplying water to it, you cannot complete the story mission because, that for the purpose of the mission, both points are fulfilled, The nursery is tuned to the cultivation of a specific plant species, but the job items indicate Supply energy, which is impossible to execute.

Main manifestation: the game contains a condition for the construction of a first level nursery, therefore, the bug most often appears when they build immediately pumped to 2 or 3 level nursery.
Avoid: only build a tree nursery on the first level
Treatment: if you have already built the Nursery and fulfilled two conditions of the task with the appearance of the item “Supply energy”, then just sell the building and rebuild, but 1 level. You can even in the same place.

4. A piece of the edge of the wall near an impassable section of the rock is not built

Sometimes, when building a wall, 1 the piece is not built end-to-end in the rock, although there is a place to build. When trying to build a piece of the wall, the cursor just clicks this place and nothing happens.

Main manifestation: flaw in the game, manifests itself at certain points near indestructible objects such as “rock”. Often appears, if the wall is built in two rows at close range.
Avoid: unknown
Treatment: try to build a section of the wall of the first shooting range, building not 1 slice, and leading to the side. Sell ​​the excess and you will close the wall.

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  1. There is one more bug- after an earthquake or meteor shower, buildings are small (up to 50%) damage, but there is no electricity supply to them. No matter how communications are shifted or whatever whole, they do not work. You have to demolish everything and put it all over again

  2. Completed an acid mushroom research mission. So I killed him somehow (from it there was only a red sign on the map), but did not manage to build the station. And that's it, dead end.

  3. I have a bug on the volcanic area where it is necessary to scan the cryogenic crystals, I destroyed them all now there is nothing to scan when leaving the location does not give anything

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