SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris: Detailed guide to achievements

If you like to explore the world and its features by yourself – pass by, because the description of some of the achievements will be very redundant!

If you have questions about achievements or can add something – write in the comments. If you have a question about the game – write to the Russian discussion of the game! Such comments will be deleted here.!

The guide will be supplemented and updated as add-ons are released and I search for information.

Tips of various usefulness
  1. First thing, even if you just started playing, watch and, if possible, complete the tasks of the network game. Yes, some you will not be able to do, but tasks for the usual collection, stunning and so on you will be quite on the shoulder. For completing them you will receive CUBE coupons, which can be spent on cosmetics, and for very useful clothes in the CAO store. You can accept up to three tasks at the same time.
  2. If you are interested in achievements, go over the guide with your eyes, because a lot can help in a normal game and you can easily miss one event.
  3. If you sat down on a chair at the beginning of the game and don't know, as stand up – click “Enter.” I decided to add, because in the Russian discussion several people also encountered this.
  4. At the beginning of the game, you do not have access to quick transition until the corresponding notification.
  5. Before the battle in the tower with the knights of unity and the Administrator, after another “hunting,” you will be notified accordingly, that saving is not expected in the near future. Stock up though 2 for hours to pass this segment.
  6. Click on “F”, to skip the video on the game engine. ( not that, where various keys are available to you from below.)
  7. You can take wanderers at locations with the second squad after completing the game.
  8. Pay attention when moving through towns and villages, that not all provinces have all locations open.
  9. In this location, one of the relics needs to be destroyed “Stone crab.” You have, like me, maybe the label is originally on “Ocean crab.” The stone crab is next to them and is buried in the ground.. As soon as you kill at least one, the mark will be placed correctly.
  10. Do not shy away from using the detailed map through the menu. Least, she will help you when performing relics (will indicate, how much and where). Also by clicking on “wheelchair,” you can then quickly open it.
  11. If you forgot something, feel free to approach the travel stone and choose “education.” All notifications are there, which have already been shown. Also, climb the menu and other sections yourself., because CAO ( normally) is in no hurry to explain to you what and how it works and where what is.
  12. In some locations, NPCs will give tasks to wash the roof. To use the sacred arts in the settlement, change day to night.
  13. In the Rulid location you will have a task to draw a flower. Coming to the label – lift your head.
Story achievements
Capturing the system
End chapter 1

Outland under attack
End chapter 2

End chapter 3

Medina and Kirito
End chapter 4

Do not spill water
End chapter 5

Main renderer
End chapter 6

Achievements with other characters
If you somehow managed to hook up Asuna – write in the comments, because she is the only persian, whom I could not drag into bed and that's it, what will happen next, does not apply to her!

4 Proximity points can be obtained either by completing their additional. tasks and memories, or by talking at special points. Approaching one with a different character, you push “F” ( not “E”), and you have a similar window

To obtain 4 proximity points, enough to bring the heartbeat (3) to 61%. To do this, you need to alternate topics of conversation (1) ( not necessarily all three, two are enough) and get into the rhythm of the heart (3). The heart contracts and expands and to get into the rhythm of the heart and get the maximum points, you need to select one of the dialogue topics at the time of maximum expansion. May be, in the beginning it will be unusual, but then get comfortable. Try not to think for a long time, because if you fumble – dialogue time will start to decrease.

Scales (4) and (5) each character is responsible for the sacred arts ( passive skill, which you don't have to choose, is put automatically and does not replace other skills, i.e +1 passive) and festive outfit. The first thing you do is get your. claim., the outfit will have to be finished.

At the first level of mood (2) you will always end up quickly with a conversation. The better the character's mood – the less time will decrease after selecting topics. You can start a conversation right after the end of the previous one without losing your mood, heartbeat and scales, do not worry. Starting from 2 mood level, you can hold hands with the character before talking, so you get much faster 100% heartbeat.

To 100% drag the girl to bed for an intimate conversation and CG, you need:

  • To achieve 100% palpitations
  • Raise the mood level to 5.
  • Get an inscription “You have a strong relationship.” After the conversation.

After that, run to your tent with the character, make sure that no one is around, take him in your arms ( there is infa from a trusted source, what, if you get noticed, the level of the passion of the passion will drop to 1. I've never had this. maybe, it can happen, if someone walks right past you, because the characters standing by the tents in front of you and Eugeo standing next to his tent do not trigger this moment), go to the tent, carry to the bed and press “sleep together.” You will have this conversation again with theme options. You don't have to wait for it completely, I finished halfway myself and norms. If you do not appear to sleep together – come out, remove from the squad, cheer up again (I repeat, you can end the conversation yourself, holding “Esc”, when the mood rises to 5) and come back again.

  • Almost all characters have “unpleasant topic,” where you will always get fewer proximity points, than others. However, if you want to fill both scales (4) and (5), look, do certain themes give progression. Some of the topics may not add points to one of the scales.
  • If your mood does not rise for a long time, or if your mood is lifted at least up to 2 the conversation ends quickly anyway, change either the point of the conversation, either day for night.
    Someone, eg, generally ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ for everything, like Alice and Eugeo, with whom you can romance right on the training ground, but with Silica I had to leave behind the cathedral, only there she reacted adequately.

    Medina is also only there, but already at night.

  • At different mood levels, the number of intimacy points for topics can vary..
    I.e, if mood changes, may change and “unpleasant topic.”
  • Holding hands, you fill your heartbeat faster, but not the scales around it!
    I tested this moment, and, although, holding hands, I got much more proximity points, approximately, scales (4) and (5) fill up at the same rate.
If you did everything right, then you will get the following achievements:

He raps the unicorn
Receive 4 intimacy points with Asuna

Sword of Osmanthus
Receive 4 intimacy points with Alice

Blade of the Blue Rose
Receive 4 Intimacy Points With Eugeo

Receive 4 intimacy points with Sinon

Wind Spirit Sword
Receive 4 points of intimacy with Lyfa

Ghost blade
Receive 4 intimacy points with Medina

Golden hammer of the forge
Receive 4 intimacy points with Lisbeth

Dagger of the old owl
Receive 4 intimacy points with Silica

Solterina's Favorite Sword
Receive 4 intimacy points with Solterina

Roni's Favorite Sword
Receive 4 intimacy points with Roni

Double-winged blades
Receive 4 intimacy points with Renri

Black Lily Sword
Receive 4 intimacy points with Sheta

Teise's Favorite Sword
Receive 4 intimacy points with Teyza

Poison steel dagger
Receive 4 intimacy points with Linel

Time slice sword
Receive 4 intimacy points with Bercouli

Heaven Crusher
Receive 4 intimacy points with Fanazio

Frostscale Scourge
Receive 4 intimacy points with Eldrie

Poisonous Ruberil Steel Dagger
Receive 4 proximity points with Feasel

Sister apprentice
Receive 4 intimacy points with Selka

Bow of fire
Receive 4 points of intimacy with Dusolbert

My love is limitless
Receive 4 intimacy points with all heroines

No tester, nor NIP
Reach the second level of intimacy with 100 human – the search for this achievement is in progress.

Combat achievements
Sword skills
Defeat the enemy with a secret art – falling into timing, you combine skills without delay, this is what they demand from you.

Sword Skill Guru
To win 100 opponents secret art – Similarly.

Upgrade weapons
Defeat your opponent with the art of perfect weapon handling – having accumulated a scale of arts, after talking with the Cardinal about the plot, it will be available to you “Improving weapons.” Do not try to do it on purpose., sooner or later, with a protracted battle, it will still turn out like this, that the enemy will have a little HP and your scale will be charged.

Weapon Upgrade Guru
To win 30 opponents of the art of perfect weapon possession – Similarly.

Professional hero
Raise Kirito's Level to 50 – see for yourself, how to grind. Personally, I could not defeat the pontiff in the last mission and went to clear the map. For stripping the top, bottom and left I got 7 lvlov, so see for yourself. The only thing, what I advise to download the rank of the bow skill, because there is a passiveness on +10% to experience.

Unleash a memory
Defeat the enemy by freeing up memory – the funniest, that here is a picture of Alice and it was on it that I performed it)) Freeing up memory – 2 level of sacred art after “Upgrade weapons.”

Memory Release Guru
To win 30 memory release opponents – Similarly.

I spit on your "limits"
Get an item of legendary equipment – at some point in time you will have bosses in each region, whose murder will open to the most important. Just kill them all, in each region and unlock all super bosses, killing them will give you legendary gear.

Uprooting evil
To win 10 gorykov-clusters – how did you discover territories, according to the same scheme, fevers are located on the map in ascending order of their level. I.e, the easiest way for you to start is in Rulida, where did you start the game.

As old as the world
To win 10 opponents of the mythical class – access to the quest line with mythical opponents opens after completing the main game.

Find and destroy
To apply 500 Hits on Enemies at Full Charge Bar – Not sure, but most likely we are talking about skills, which can be charged up to 3 level.

To win 100 goryakov – by analogy with cluster-fever.

Other achievements
Receive 1 000 000 Shia

Crossing the limits
Upgrade one piece of equipment to the maximum – some stones from the CAO store can make forging several times for free.

Weapon master
Receive 5000 weapon proficiency points – maximum skill level for one weapon – 1000, so either in total for all you do, or 5 of them up to 1000 raise.

Not so secret arts
Unlock all sword skills in all 9 categories of weapons – everything is simple, swing the skill of each weapon to 500, to unlock the last skill in each category.

Walking encyclopedia
Finish the game, having played more 100 hours

Skill Seeker
Receive 400 skills – the easiest way to get skill points in battles with bosses or mythical creatures, than the usual grind with a map sweep.

Keeper of Records
Unblock 90% galleries – The gallery will be available after completing the game.

In the category “Plot” you may have missed the CG with Kirito and the flower. This quest appears several times during training in Centoria before the battle in Central Cathedral.. Marked in purple. If you missed, then here

In categories “Memories” and “The bond” you will have CG from extra. character assignments, so do, how will! In the category “Rest” you will have CGs from sleeping scenes.

Get all achievements
All achievements unlocked

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