Gas Station Simulator: Achievement Guide

Incomplete Guide to Achievements in Gas Station Simulator


Story achievements
These achievements are gained during the course of the story.. Just follow the assignments.

You found “Rudy”

The Uncle
Meet the Uncle

Party Bus
Had party bus arrive to the station!

Experienced the Sandstorm

The Dust Bowl
Completed the Campaign

These achievements are given for a delivery order.. You will receive them automatically when your business develops.

Fuel Ordered
Ordered fuel to be delivered to the Gas Station

Trash Collection
Ordered a Garbage Truck to collect your trash.

Products Please!
Ordered products!

Need the Car Parts!
Ordered car parts.

These achievements are awarded for completing a certain number of the same actions.. At the moment, it is these achievements that are not working correctly.. You can get the achievement for 10 accomplishments, but not get it in one execution.


So it begins
Fuel your first car.

Growing importance
Fueled 10 cars.

Skills to Pay the Bills
Fueled 50 cars.


Cleaned up one floor stain.

Further Cleaning!
Cleaned up 25 Floor Stains.

Dirt Stains? Not here!
Cleaned up 100 Floor Stains

Garbage collection

Cleaning Up
Picked up a trash item.

Trash B Gone
Cleaned up 50 Trash Items

It has to be clean!
Cleaned up 100 Trash Items

Work at the checkout

First Customer!
Served your first customer in the shop.

It’s just getting started
Served 50 customers in the shop.


Fresh Coat of Paint
Painted something!

On the Roll
Painted 10 Objects.

Looking Smooth
Painted 25 Objects


Bought / Found a decoration

Decorating Better
Bought / Found 10 decorations.

Decorating A Lot
Bought / Found 25 decorations.

Trunk opening

Broke into a car trunk.

So Shady!
Broke into 10 car trunks.

Just Checking!
Broke into 20 car trunks.

Repair of cars

IR Mechanic!
Fixed a car.

Machine Head
Fixed 10 cars.

Fixed 25 cars.


The first tip
Got a tip during a minigame.

Gaining skill
Got a total of 10 tips during minigames.

Tip of the Iceberg
Got a total of 50 tips during minigames.

These achievements are awarded for the opening of new premises at a gas station., as well as for their upgrade.


Station Lvl. 2
Upgraded the Station to Level 2

Station Lvl. 3
Upgraded the Station to Level 3

Station Lvl. 4
Upgraded the Station to Level 4

Station Lvl. 5
Upgraded the Station to Level 5


Warehouse Obtained!
Unlocked the Warehouse

Warehouse Lvl. 2
Upgraded the Warehouse to Level 2

Warehouse Lvl. 3
Upgraded the Warehouse to Level 3

Warehouse Lvl. 4
Upgraded the Warehouse to Level 4

Warehouse Lvl. 5
Upgraded the Warehouse to Level 5


Workshop Obtained!
Unlocked the Workshop

Workshop Lvl. 2
Upgraded the Workshop to Level 2

Workshop Lvl. 3
Upgraded the Workshop to Level 3

Workshop Lvl. 4
Upgraded the Workshop to Level 4

Workshop Lvl. 5
Upgraded the Workshop to Level 5

These achievements are given for increasing the level of popularity of the gas station.. Popularity increases after reaching a certain number of positive reviews about the service.

On the Map
Unlocked Popularity

Heard in Whispers
Reached Popularity Level 2

In the Desert There Is a …
Reached Popularity Level 3

Local Celebrity
Reached Popularity Level 4

Talk of the Town
Reached Popularity Level 5

Getting Famous
Reached Popularity Level 6

Popular Place
Reached Popularity Level 7

In the Brochures
Reached Popularity Level 8

Desert Sensation
Reached Popularity Level 9

Reached Popularity Level 10

These achievements are given for the purchase of places for employees, as well as for the achievements of employees at work.

Hiring new employees

Just buy employee trailers, it is not necessary to hire employees to receive.

Help Wanted!
Bought first caravan.

Raising the Stakes
Bought the third caravan.

Business is Thriving
Bought the fifth caravan.

Employee skills

Working employees improve their skills. The first three achievements are given when an employee reaches a certain level in any skill.

Training the Employees
Employee reached level 2 in one skill

Well Versed
Employee reached level 5 in one skill

Expert in the Field
Employee reached level 10 in one skill

Jack of all Trades
Employee reached level 10 in all skills

These achievements are given for accuracy in mini-games.. There are no special life hacks to get, you just have to try over and over again.


Fueled it good!
Fuel a car within 0.2L of the requested fuel.

Fueled it better!
Fuel a car within 0.1L of the requested fuel

Fueling Superstar!
Fuel a car within 0.01L of the requested fuel.

To get all three achievements, you need to make a mistake when refueling less than, than on 0.01 liters. In fact, this is an achievement for luck and speed of reaction.. Here are some tips, who can help you:

  • Use visual representation (arrow), not numbers
  • Don't use acceleration
  • The first time, most likely it will not work.
Throwing in the trash can

Hit a trash can!

Steady Hand!
Hit trash can with a score of over 25!

Air Supreme!
Hit trash can with a score of over 50!

These achievements can be obtained in one go.. Find the trash you like and start backing away from it. The most convenient way to do this is with a trash can near the toilet.. As soon as the trash can is no longer highlighted, this is approximately 45 meters. We go even further.

A matching trash can in the scope and a pile of sand, with which it is convenient to throw

If you also have a pile of sand in this place, then climb on it. Next, take the package, raise the scope straight up so, so that most of the lanterns are out of sight and throw at 100.00% strength. Due to the fluctuations of the hands (sight) it won't work the first time, but who said, which will be easy?

Chaos achievements
I came up with this name, because achievements are given for causing chaos in the game world, as well as for the elimination of the consequences of chaos.

Seven troubles one reset

It’s a kind of magic
You let it run away from you didn’t you?

Press the reset button near Rudy's parking lot

You’ve been visited.

Click Build Cars and People. The two of them on the cards: near the gas station opening lever and in the warehouse. You can press any.


It’s Raining Cars
A flying car. Who would have thought? Not us.

We take a mop in our hands and instead of washing the floors, we start washing the cars. It is advisable to hook up the machines from below and “toss up” their mop. Sooner or later, the physics of the game will break and the car will soar into the skies. For a high flight, cars give an achievement.

Flies well!

Fly Like an Eagle

You need to go on the flight yourself. We get on the hood of the car and start “clean” mop windshield and hood. The car will be pressed into the ground, after which it will push up. If you're unlucky, then get the first achievement, and if you're lucky, then both.

That's how high I flew.

It is better to do this when the car is moving.. We hop onto the hood of a moving car, and if she stops, jumping on the hood, the car will continue to move. My achievement was credited when I flew super far.


Pranks? Nope!
Scared off Dennis.

Dennis will visit you, just kick him out.

Radio-controlled cars
These achievements are awarded for successes in RC car races.

RC Car Racer!
Complete a race in the RC Car.

Complete a RC Car Race. This achievement can be obtained during the course of the story..

Mining Shaft!
Completed RC Race on the Mining Shaft Track

Purchase of a second slot machine

Go to your computer, buy scenery > outside > RC car races and 1200$ buy a new slot machine. This will unlock a new track.

Very Fast!

Receipt unknown.

Secret achievements
These achievements are awarded for breaking the original plot..


After work on opening a store at a gas station, Uncle will call you and demand from you 5000$ in five minutes. Until you answer the call, the timer will not start and there is an opportunity to earn the required amount. Better save up more (5300$) and only after that answer Uncle's call.

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