Kathy Rain Director’s Cut: Achievements (40/40)

Description of all achievements and how to get them.



  • The manual is being actively updated and will be ready in full as soon as possible..
  • The walkthrough itself and the puzzles are not much different from the original.
  • The share of new achievements falls on the discovery of unique skins. Completing the game and unlocking other achievements guarantees their receipt one way or another.
  • It is recommended to save more often, because. autosave takes only one slot.
  • Information in the manual contains no critical spoilers, all achievements and conditions are described by day as available (some of them can be activated later).
  • Official Russian localization is promised to be added with patches.

Day 1

Do your best, to skip the funeral

In the first scene (before leaving) we begin to examine objects in the room. Ten is enough to reach:

Torched teddy, thoughts?
Prepare bear kebab

In the room, combine a lighter and a pink bear.

Enjoying the scenery
Lose track of time on the road

Stay longer on the location selection screen. A minute will be enough:

Electrifying introduction
Use a shocker as soon as possible

At the cemetery, immediately after the ceremony, try to use a stun gun on one of the available characters.

Hooked on Barretts
Become a big fan of these sweets, addictive…

Go back to the cemetery or any other suitable place on the street and have a smoke 5 time (combination lighter + cigarettes). You don't have to wait for the animation to end:

It took a while, to remember everything

After the first conversation with grandmother, we inspect all interior items in the house..

There was no need to gently deny Lenny

At the police station, Lenny will stop us at the exit. Roughly refuse an offer [Actually, I’d rather eat of foot]:

Nobody needs that damn coffee

At the police station, take the coffee machine from the counter and use on people indoors:

Torment the prisoner

Use the TV next to the camera twice. The prisoner must object:

Reveal yourself in the night

After fixing the light in the attic, press the switch again and plunge into darkness:

Mr. Bear, reporting for duty!
Reunite with a furry friend

In the same place, in the attic, inspect the old teddy bear.

Ask grandma about the envelope

IMPORTANT before opening the envelope, found in the suitcase, show it to grandma.

Get on the Katmobile
End of the first day

(Subject) Complete the first day successfully / chapter.

During the passage of this episode, we will also unlock:

Shocker bike design

Day 2

How YOU doing?
Flirt with the computer

While solving a puzzle with audio decoding (on the second screen) compose HELLO BABY from available words and export:

Resting scowly face
Find out the harsh truth about your face

Take a look in the mirror right after Eileen returns., even if you've done it before:

Wow, they’re hypnotic…
End of the second day

(Subject) Complete the second day successfully / chapter.

Day 3

Go for everything, to reunite with grandpa

We visit a clearing with an unusual plant and pick up a shovel there. Used on the grandfather's grave covered with flowers:

Passive smoking
Provoke Huber's Lung Cancer

Light a cigarette outside the clinic, as soon as the opportunity arises:

Penny pincher
Try to bribe

Ask Huber about the topics in your notebook and immediately offer to look at the coin..

Film buff
Listen to all of Huber's monologues

At some point, you will be asked to choose one of four scenes, which the actor will play live (first just ask about the pictures). You must listen to all of them BEFORE moving on the plot further.:

Get busy burning good old books…

Try using a Bible lighter while in church:

Repeat performance
In fact it was for Huber

In the moment, when Huber returns to church, in the conversation, point to the shocker in the inventory.

Just rolled into the shop
Make the crime bikers jealous

It is necessary to come to the bar "Black Hats" on a bike, using the fifth skin on the list “Rat” (you can really get it before the first visit). The skins themselves are permanently unlocked.

We’ve met before, haven’t we?
End of the third day

(Subject) Complete the third day successfully / chapter.

During the passage of this episode, we will also unlock:

Fiery bike design

Outlaw bike design

Bum friend
Rat bike design

Day 4

Double Zap
And stay down!

Disarming priest in the crypt, reuse the shocker on the body.

Clifftop cleaner
Get rid of graffiti

By completely cleaning out the vault, heading to a new location. In the first area, we use a paint cleaner on graffiti.:

Smoke signal
Light a cigarette at Parowan Peak

We go up the slope and light a cigarette.

Custody closure

We learn important information and be sure to tell grandmother about what happened, choosing the first option:

Cabin fever
Mom took good care of you

After entering the lake house, you need to quarrel with the mistress and make her shoot at you. One of the possible outcomes:

  • No one. I just found out.
  • That’s not my style, Sue…
  • I would never let that happen to him.

All lawn and no brains
Feel the sudden urge to mow the lawn

Before the boat is repaired, as soon as the canister appears and the opportunity to drain the gasoline, fill and go to the storage, to try to start the lawn mower:

Not that memento
Try to fulfill Jimmy's prediction

The prediction itself was announced in the morning.. Lose your last memory of your grandfather to earn this achievement., dropping a lighter into the abyss:

Down the rabbit hole
End of the fourth day

(Subject) Complete the fourth day successfully / chapter.

During the passage of this episode, we will also unlock:

Joseph’s girl
Veteran bike design

Decked up
All of the Katmobile designs

Day 5

Ultimate Fiery
Make a fiery escape

IMPORTANT hit the road at the end of day 4, using fiery bike paint. In the final we will get the achievement.

Been there, done that
Completed the game

(Subject) Complete the fifth day successfully / chapter.

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