The best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Learn about the very best guns in Minecraft Dungeons!


distant battle

Bow guard

Guardian bow has good base damage and powerful perks.


– Long Range Damage 85 to 256

– Perk “Powerful Charged Attacks”

– Perk “Powerful Charged Arrows”

Red Serpent Bow

The bow of the red serpent is a good weapon for fighting a crowd of enemies.


– Long Range Damage 65 to 194

– Perk “Exploding arrow”

– Perk “Powerful Charged Attacks”

Elite Power Bow

Elite Power Bow has good damage and is capable of hitting multiple enemies with one shot.


– Long Range Damage 107 to 213

– High damage

– Perk “Powerful Charged Attacks”

Close combat

Shadow katana

Shadow katana is a sword, which is able to inflict additional. damage to the undead.


– Melee Damage from 121 to 178

– Additional damage against the undead

Frosty scythe

Frosty scythe – strong weapon, which deals devastating damage to enemies and slows them down.


– Melee Damage 78

– +2 units for collecting souls

– Perk “Deceleration”

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