Nuclear Throne: Y.V character and that's it, what you need to know

Y.V, gun god, god of guns or just a cool triangle. This is a guide in which you will learn everything about this character, what you need to know to play comfortably on it, let's start.

Passive and Active ability and minor trait

Y.V passive is very simple, its rate of fire is increased by 20%. One of the best passive abilities in the game., simple and does not require any conditions or restrictions from you. Just pee-pee. And of course edged weapons, this is the strong point of this character, consider him immortal with him, you can just brush off all the bullets that fly at you, due to its fast recharge (Which can also be improved through ultra-mutation, but more on that later)

Active is already more difficult, double shot (With double charge after and double consumption of the cartridge) it would seem why should I shoot just a beam of cartridges? But, however, the ability is incredibly imbued, because at the entrance to the floor you can immediately give out to all the dangerous guys. The active with bolt and plasma weapons is also very good., after all, you don't always want to put yourself in danger by leaving the shelter. Of the cons, unfortunately, the activka ignores automatic weapons and you will not be able to shoot like a maniac, also she is all exactly on edged weapons (But if you try to use a melee weapon then Y.V will start to beatbox)

Well, and a tangible bonus is the special Y.V rest room where you can get a lot of ammunition and weapons., you go there when you get ultra mutation (About which later). There are many cars waiting for you there (Through which you can then exit) and 2 Y.V chest (And with the Open mind mutation, even 3) and your little brother who plays consoles on a big TV (And you can destroy it, then brother will start crying, you are a monster, congratulations). Also warn, if you go there with the crown of love (Which replaces absolutely all chests with ammo chests, gifts and chests I.D.P.D.) then you will have ULTRA-MEGA CHEST WITH Y.V CARTRIDGES. or just disappointment. And the cars are being restored there like this, that you can't get stuck there.

And a nice bonus is his golden pistol from the start, which is a little faster than the usual one..

Ultra mutations and just mutations that fit the character well

The first ultra-mutation is “I – god of guns” or in english “Ima Gun God”. Adds more 40% to your rate of fire, which is very good if you are unlucky with Stress or Trigger Fingers mutations. Very good if you want to play with melee weapons as the rate of fire is increased by 60%. Also works with your active abilities and leaves 80% initial recharge (With an ass 120%, but I ran further).

The second ultra-mutation is “Back to business” or “Back 2 Business”. It increases the number of cartridges from the asset in 1,5 times (That is, you will have 3 patron) recharge does not change in any way, and cartridges are spent as for 2 patron. With an ass you will have whole 6 cartridge of killers and two of them are taken out of nowhere and do not affect reloading and the number of cartridges in any way.

Well, asshole (Throne Butt) which I was talking about. She adds to your asset 2 additional cartridges that all increase the reload rate and are spent like regular cartridges. Some guns even need the Back Muscle mutation, to shoot from the asset.

Let's start mutating which are good for the character:
Back Muscle – increases the maximum ammunition that a character can carry. A good mutation because in the heat of battle you can spend all your ammo and be left with a bare bottom.
Rabbit paw – you will get more ammo and first aid kits. In general, this mutation is good for everyone., but Y.V is easy to waste ammo so, that she is especially good on it.
Stress – even more rate of fire when less hp. It is especially good when you have a cold weapon.

Well, mutations that are good for everyone and always seem to be:
Strong Spirit – the ability to die once per level, at the next level, they are restored if the hp are full. Well, it's clear here, survival
Trigger Fingers – the more you kill, the faster you recharge. The main thing here is not to spend all the ammo
Scarier Face – reduces all mobs and bosses HP by 20%. Just always good.

Interesting Facts

* Y.V lives on Venus
* Y.V went to the wasteland just out of boredom
* Somewhere on Venus, he has a giant mansion with its own sewers and prison.
* Originally Y.V is the main villain of the game GUN GODZ
* If you press the B button in the game, there will be a cool sound
* Y.V. loves money and he has a lot of them.
* Developer's answer to the question “Where Y.V takes money” was “None of your business”.
* Y.V never dies, he just freaks out and teleports home to Venus.
* Y.V god of money
* After 10 level Y.V. will replace the boot text with “Generating…” on “Verifying…”
* The Y.V design is based on the Illuminati.
* Brother Y.V responds to cool sound.
* Y.V. owns Cool Big Mony Bizniz Inc., and at the end of the credits of the game, the developers thank this company for providing his image.

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