Achievements 100% Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon Achievement Guide 5. This guide contains all the achievements present in the game, as well as explanations and methods of obtaining them.
The table of contents is based on approximate categories., streamlining achievements.
You are welcome, use the combination CTRL + F for a more convenient search for the desired achievement.

Introductory achievements

Welcome to Mexico

Get to the Mexico Horizon Festival Grounds.

First achievement, which the player will receive in Forza Horizon 5. Everything, what do you need to do, to get this achievement – this is to complete the initial race in the game. This achievement cannot be missed..


Complete the On the Wings of Prayer Show Run.

Like the first achievement, almost impossible to miss. This time it is a demonstration race "On the Wings of Prayer". This is the next goal, which the player will perform immediately after the introductory video. You will need to travel to the specified location and take part in a race against an aircraft with an unknown cargo on board. After completing the race, you will receive the achievement, as well as a gift – Hoonigan Ford Escort RS Cosworth WRC 1994 year in which they participated.

Straight to the point

Complete any Horizon Race.

Complete any Race Run. The types of races are varied – road racing, dirt races, autocross, drag racing. To get the achievement, you need to take part and complete the race in any discipline.

Roof over your head

Unlock the player's first home.

Your first home in the game. Once you have earned enough Accolade Points (recognition points) and complete the first chapter of Horizon Adventure. You will be available, is free, new house "Casa Bella".

This is the way

Start a new chapter of Horizon adventure.

The games itself will lead you to this achievement. After previous events (entrance race, demonstration run, the first story of Horizon) you will have a choice in the section “Horizon style adventure”. Cm. chapter “Build an outpost”.

Collection of cars

The first love

Buy your first car at a car dealership.

Just buy a car at a car dealership.

Forza Edition to my collection

Win a Forza Edition vehicle in a bonus game or super game.

Receive “prize games” or “super games”. Spin the wheel and if you're lucky win a Forza Edition tier car. These are improved cars, with installed modifications and more often the characteristics are already adjusted to a certain class. Just keep playing and earn “prize games”, and in the end you will definitely get this achievement.

Loyalty to the manufacturer

Get a bonus from the manufacturer.

We get the bonus in the tab “Cars” chapter “Collection of cars”. Each car maker has its own required number of cars to unlock the bonus. The bonus itself can vary from experience points to a rare car model! Missing cars can be bought locally, just clicking on the cards.

I can be considered a fan

Get a manufacturer bonus for a collection from 25 cars and more.

As with the achievement “Loyalty to the manufacturer”. Get a bonus from a car maker that has 25 and more represented car models in the game.

Golden heart

Send a gift to another player.

One of the innovations in the game Forza Horizon 5, the fact that now we can not only receive cars, but also share your cars with other players. Just go to this section for the first time and follow the instructions.

Campaign, Horizon-style adventures (outpost)


Building an outpost across a variety of racing disciplines is one of the new perspectives on adventure in Forza Horizon 5. They introduce the player to the characteristics of each discipline.. In them you will discover both various demonstration performances and large-scale races of the type from point to point., across the entire extensive road map, as well as off-road, depending on the type

Total in the game 6 outposts, if we count the main scene that we open at the very beginning of the game. Their construction begins with an expedition to certain regions of the extensive map of Mexico. After opening the outpost, you will have access to many races of this type.

To open a new chapter, You need to receive a certain amount “recognition points” (number 1 in the screenshot) they can be seen in the upper right corner of the screen, in menu mode or open map. How to get them can be found in the section “confession”. (number 2 in the screenshot)

After the required achievement of recognition points, you will have access to the choice of the next chapter.

Far from the maddened crowd

Build the Peak Horizon Outpost.

Opening the Apex category “Road race” we pass – “Expedition to Tulum”.

Odyssey off the beaten path

Build a Wilderness Horizon Outpost.

Opening the Wilds category “Race on the ground” we pass – “Jungle expedition”.

You can always make money in Bach

Build a Horizon in Bach Outpost.

Opening the Baja category “Autocross” we pass – “Expedition to Bach”.


Build a Fever Horizon Outpost.

Opening the Rush category “Bold antics” we pass – “Expedition to the canyon”.

Important! After passing “Expedition to the canyon”, Various “Bold antics” – police radar, speed zone, drift zone, jumping.
Ask anyone (the present) racer

Build a Street Spirit Horizon Outpost.

Opening the Street scene category “Street race” we pass – “Guanajuato expedition”.

Look under every stone

Complete your first expedition.

Depending on the choice “Horizon Stories” before the opening of the outpost, we complete our first expedition.

Real show

Win all show races.

Win expeditions and demonstration races, when opening an outpost.

Hello Horizon!

Unlock the Horizon Final Race for the first time.

In chapter “Horizon style adventure” each category has its own final race.

In the hall of fame

Enter the Horizon Hall of Fame.

Research and finds

An incredibly valuable thing

Find and photograph Tlaloc's golden totem.

Easy achievement, can be obtained by completing the achievement “Look under every stone”. Find the golden totem of Tlaloc and take pictures.

Location of Ek Balam

In perfect condition

Rebuild 14 rarities in Mexico.

Barn finds in FH5 can be unlocked in a variety of ways: from exploring the world to completing campaign missions and even with special Horizon Story side missions. You will receive messages from time to time, what's in some approximate place, there is a barn with rare vehicles inside.

An example of a place with an approximate location of a barn

For simplicity, you can buy an extension “Forza Horizon 5: treasure map” to collect all hidden objects or use interactive map[].

Complete collection

Find and shoot down everything 250 prize stands in Mexico.

The game contains the following Prize stands :

  • Experience – 200 stands
  • Fast travel – 50 stands

For an easy finding, see the achievements section “In perfect condition”.

Auto reconnaissance

Take a ride on all the roads of Mexico.

Total roads 578. Use the roads and get directions with your in-game navigator. But all the same, by the end of the already opened roads, you will need to open the map and look out for road sections where you have not passed – gray areas.


Buy everything 7 houses, available to the player.

Buying houses will be available as you progress in the game. For the purchase of some houses, you will receive certain bonuses.

For an easy finding, see the achievements section “In perfect condition”.

Treasure hunter

Find all the treasure chests in one series of festival games.

New wave

Find a Suitable Location for the Horizon Pulse Beacon.

Most likely to get by completing the achievement “An incredibly valuable thing”.


Cover photo

Take a picture of the Mercedes-AMG ONE 2021 years to promote Horizon.

We get, buy Mercedes-AMG ONE 2021 years and take a photo.

Will go to press

Make 50 shots of legendary vehicles to promote Horizon.

Easier to complete the achievement, just taking pictures of the drivers at the start of each race. Use your cars from the category “legendary” for a greater chance of meeting drivers on similar cars.

Tsar's exit

Take a photo of your car outside the Mirador Balderrama Hotel at sunrise, capturing monarch butterflies.

Graphics may not be displayed at low quality settings.

(add soon)

Dust on the lens

Take a picture of the Gran Telescopio during a dust storm.

(add soon)

Stunning shot

Take a photo during a tropical storm.

Possible to complete in a demonstration run: “Expedition to Tulum”. You can wait in the south of the map for the desired weather mode. (add soon)

Racing and online activities

First meeting

Take part in the Horizon Arcade.

Horizon Arcade events appear on the map from time to time. Just go to the event area and take part in a certain type of activity with other players during 10 minutes. Classes can have a different category of tasks (speed, drift, etc.)

Unlimited skill!

Complete Round 3 of the Horizon Arcade in all five themed races.

Complete all five Horizon Arcade views, after completing three rounds.

Tourist magnet

Complete a Horizon Tour for the first time.

show, What can you do!

Take part in any EventLab ride, created by another player.

Go to the creative center in the menu, further to the EVENTLAB section and start any race.

Good karma

Give another player a credit as a token of gratitude.

Rate the work of another player by clicking “I like it”.

Splashes of champagne

Win a Bouncer victory for the first time.

On the map, find and drive up to the game mode icon THE ELIMIINATOR “Bounced”. Or go to it through the menu “Festival Games”, if available in a seasonal quest.
The recipe for the game is simple – find high-level cars, defeat other players. Get to the final round and if luck is with you, You will definitely get this achievement.. Just play the mode and sooner or later you will become “Bouncer”.


Complete Super 7 to the end.

Open the menu, creative center tab, select Horizon Super-7. Complete seven other player challenge cards. Difficult ones or those that you don't like can be replaced.

Veteran of the season

Perform an Action on Festival Games during each of the seasons.

Select route, to conquer, to repeat

Win in 80 different races in Mexico.

Achievement cumulative, just win the races.

The triumph of the invincible

Win in 6 different races, competing with the driver on the "Invincible" difficulty.

How to get through, That's your business. Do you want in demonstration races, or in races you have created.

Living legend

Receive 294 stars for daring antics in Mexico.

Run and get by 3 stars for every daring trick.

I stand above you

Get it 3 victories in the "Rivals" mode in 3 different performance classes on one machine.

With maximum efficiency

Complete all runs in one series of festival games.

The necessary festival games can be found in the menu.

Winged Ford

Receive 3 stars for the sign "Dangerous!"-" Eagle ledge ", driving a Ford Supervan 3.

If there is no car, it can be bought at a car dealership.

Long way

Win the Goliath Race.

Check-in will become available after the opening of the last chapter in “Horizon Adventure” in the APEX category (Road racing). The race itself is located in the very east of the map..

Smash them all

Complete 5 Seasonal Challenges in the Fragile Items category.

The racer's cactus is afraid

Shoot down 500 cactus during the wet season in Mexico.

Autonomous swimming

Receive 3 stars for the paths of the pioneer "Puerta Petrea" and "La Marisma" during 2 minutes.

You are the champion!

Win any Horizon Open Race.

Win any of the discipline modes. Open the menu, tab “ONLINE”.


Finish in 5 Horizon Tour Arrivals, overtaking all the drivers.

Game mode – a team of players versus a team of drivers. You only need to overtake ALL drivers and finish. The players on the team do not count.

Horizon stories

How to overtake friends and influence people

Receive 3 stars for the Tristan chapter of the Horizon story "Born to Speed".


Receive 3 stars for all chapters of one Horizon story.

Complete any Horizon story, after completing all the tasks on 3 stars.

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