Nuclear Throne: Getting an additional mutation

This guide will focus on, how you can easily get an additional mutation in the game Nuclear Throne. All ways, described here, are built on the Crown of Fate Abuse(Crown of Destiny). The meaning of the abuse is, to avoid limiting the selection of mutations, created by this crown. You will learn more about how all this can be done..



So, let's get started. Usually a character can have a maximum 8 simple mutations and one ultra-mutation *. Thanks to Crown of Fate(Crown of Destiny) you can get one more, but at the same time will lose the choice of subsequent **. Really deprived of choice – this is a very serious flaw, because of which to carry the crown to full pumping = with a high degree of probability to collect unnecessary garbage. But you still want to get a free mutation… And I hasten to please you! There are several relatively stable ways to do this., while not experiencing the effect at all Crowns of Fate. Let's figure it out.

Radioactive starvation

The most common way to get rid of Crown of Destiny is a tactic called “Radioactive starvation”. Very steamy, but it's worth it. Its meaning lies in the following sequence of actions:

  1. Take Crown of Destiny in the repository of 3-2.
  2. Don't raise your level(ignore radiation) to locations 5-2.
  3. Remove the crown from the vault at the location 5-2 and continue to level up.

Doesn't sound very difficult. Basically, the way it is, but a few important tips will definitely not hurt you:

  • Don't take a mutation before taking the crown Plutonium starvation. This is a very good mutation in itself., but in the implementation of this tactic, it will greatly interfere, as it enhances the attraction of radiation.
  • Get into the corners. It is not clear to me how and why it works.(possibly engine features), but if you run into a corner as much as possible, then the radiation will practically cease to be absorbed. This is especially true on bosses..
  • Under no circumstances go to Jungle on the pre-magnifying glass. By visiting them you will miss 5-2, accordingly, you will not be able to enter the vault and remove the crown. “Starve” until the next store on 1-2 L1 you won't do much and you will have to recruit random mutations. And in Jungle you can go on a magnifying glass.

It is also very important to pay attention to the last(before taking the crown) selection of mutations. Crown of Fate always gives the first to the left of it. The exception is mutation Last Wish and the situation when you yourself have chosen the first mutation. In this case Crown of fate will give you the second mutation from the left. It is worth paying attention to this as it may turn out to be useless or even harmful for you.. In this case, it's easier not to take the crown., than to worry about the consequences.

Radioactive starvation for Horror

Horror – the perfect character to implement this method. His passive and especially active abilities greatly facilitate the whole process., reducing it to holding down the right mouse button.

Benefits Horror:

  • Due to active ability Horror – spit out radiation, You don't have to worry about picking it up at all.. Even mutation Plutonium starvation will not complicate your life. The main thing is not to forget to use it as often as possible..
  • Also, the activka guarantees you a visit to Vault of the Crown, because it can be charged proto-statues. Moments, ever had no luck generating, or you have forgotten and it does not come out to charge in the standard way happen all the time, and in the case of “starvation” it can be critical.
  • Passive will give an additional choice of mutation. This greatly increases the chances of getting one., what you need.

Besides these advantages Horror can, in addition to the main one, go in two more ways “starvation” depending on your desire.

“Early fasting”:

  1. Take locked Crown of Destiny from the start and do not raise the level to 3-2.
  2. Get a random mutation after 1-1.
  3. Take off the crown in the vault on 3-2 and continue to level up.

“Late fasting”:

  1. Take Crown of Destiny in the repository of 5-2
  2. Don't level up to 1-2 L1 (either to another location with Vault of the Crown)
  3. Take off the crown wherever you want and continue to level up.

Bloody start

Another way of abuse Crowns of Fate is to take it after getting the ultra-level. It's not that easy to do, however, this will help us Crown of Blood(Crown of Blood). Effect Crowns of Blood – this is a significant increase in the number of enemies at a location and a decrease in radiation fallout per unit. Taking this crown from the start, we will greatly speed up our pumping, even in spite of the reduced drop.

But only Crowns of Blood it won't be enough for us. To locations 5-2(last location with excellent storage) we will most likely only be able to dial 9 level. To get enough radiation for the ultra-level, you have to go to a difficult secret location – Cursed Crystal Caverns. Local enemies drop more radiation, and if you actively collect it, then get the coveted ultra-level up to 5-2 no problem.

However, there is one caveat., which lies in the cursed weapon. You must have it with you in order to, to get into Cursed Crystal Caverns. Cursed weapons come from cursed chests, and with Crown of Blood the chance of their appearance at the location is only 1/7. Also worth considering, that you might come across a bad damn weapon, who will find it difficult to clear locations. In general, this method depends on luck..

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Take locked Crown of Blood from the start.
  2. Find the cursed weapon and visit Cursed Crystal Caverns.
  3. Having gotten ultra-level, change Crown of Blood on Crown of Destiny in the repository of 5-2.

You must also understand, what mutation with Crowns of Fate after taking the ultra-level it will be random. It is important, as it can be harmful in your case, but you cannot refuse it.

Well, a few tips for last:

  • Mutation Plutonium starvation will be extremely useful in this tactic, since in Cursed Crystal Caverns You may find it difficult to collect radiation. And timely collection of radiation in this case is critical..
  • After picking up the cursed weapon, do not visit Vault of the Crown on 3-2 and don't take mutation Last Wish. It will break the curse and you will fail., unless you find another cursed weapon.
  • If you still could not find the cursed weapon / gain ultra-level, then you can take Crown of Destiny and on 9 level. However, with the crown, you will receive a random ultra-mutation.. If this is not critical for you, then you can do this.
  • I'm playing Melting You don't have to visit Cursed Crystal Caverns to get ultra-level. Passivation Meltinga(increases the drop of radiation by one) can compensate for the absence of a visit to this location.

In general, this strategy is not stable enough. Also, to implement it, you need to have some kind of skill.. Pass successfully Cursed Crystal Caverns from Crown of Blood not so easy. Play this at your own risk..

Hateful Chest

And one more way tied to getting ultra-level to storage on 5-2. Here we already need Crown of Hate(Crown of Hatred), which will damage us when opening chests, giving in return radiation. The only chest that can be opened endlessly – proto-chest, found in Vault of the Crown. There are also a couple of Guardians of the Crown, shells that will spawn pickups(including first aid kits).

Traditionally, the sequence of actions:

  1. Take locked Crown of Hate from the start.
  2. Go to the repository on 3-2 and awaken Guardians of the Crown.
  3. Increase your level by opening a proto-chest, replenishing health with first aid kits, that fall from the shells of the guards.
  4. After increasing the level, you need to kill the guards and go to the storage for 5-2, where to get Crown of Destiny.

From my own experience I will say, what was enough for me to raise the level to 8th, rest 2 having arrived already on the way to 5-2. But no one forbids you to play it safe and get at least an ultra-level in this storage.

And here without a few tips nowhere:

  • Mutations Second Stomach and Rabbit Paw can help you a lot, since by increasing the quality and number of first-aid kits you will have less to suffer in obtaining them.
  • It is highly advisable to bring a melee weapon with you(the best thing wrench) for the destruction of shells. Crystal can use a shield for this purpose, but for the rest it will be hard without a mile.
  • You can kill one guard at once, otherwise it will be very difficult for you to dodge the projectiles of both.

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