Monster Girl Club Bifrost: Obtaining all achievements

Here is a guide to getting all the achievements(logically).You may have already seen the manual in English, and then the question is - why am I doing one more?The answer is simple!For those who do not know English, this guide will be useful!


Actually all the achievements

The achievements themselves will be in English, since they are also in English on Steam..
1.3 times the satisfaction or your money back!
Achieve customer satisfaction 300%
(That is, you need to pick a girl for him according to his preferences)
2.My First Million Dollars
Earn 1 million in one race
3.Freshest Club
Improve the room
Here you need to improve one thing to the maximum level(egShowers)
4.Easiest 5 mil of my life
Earn 5 million in one race
5.Owner of Club Bifrost
Complete the game on normal difficulty
6.Yo Dawg,Here`s a Club, In Yo Club
Build everything in one run
7.This isn`t even my final form
Have a girl with all characteristics other than affection for 6 level
(Here you need to improve all its characteristics to 6 stars(have affection 5 maximum stars))
8.Pretty good work if i must say
Achieve customer satisfaction 500%
(Here will help you Angel it can be bought at auction,then raise her Lewd to 3 stars)
9.100 5 Star Reviews
[To transform 100 customers in happy vacationers / i]
(Here you just need to make you spend 100 customers all the energy)
10.Monster Girl Master
Have a girl with all characteristics other than affection for 7 level
(Here is the same as in 7 achievement only instead of 6 stars need 7)
11.Plus Ultra and Beyond
Spend in general 50.000 energy customers
12.Sir,please leave
Use prohibited icon on 3 rude clients
(Here you need to buy from a merchant Banned badge and use it on 3 rude clients(their cards will be red and there will be a red monster icon next to their avatar))
13.Our Club`s Number One
Raise a queen
(Here you need one of your girls to serve 50 customers in one race)
14.Stay away from my girls
Use prohibited icon on 3 hot guys
(Here is the same as in 12 achievement only now they will have green cards)
15.Master of Club Bifrost
Beat the game on Hard Difficulty
16.This,is,Club Bifrost!!
To transform 300 customers to happy vacationers
(Here is the same as 9 achievement only instead of 100 now need 300 clients)
17.Our Beloved Master
Purchase 3 girls with maid knowledge skill
(We just buy everything here Cyclops,further we improve it TEC to 1 stars,after that we can exchange her skill Maid Knowledge other girls in Exchange Room)
18.Pro Service
Fill in 20 escort requests
(Everything is simple here too,go to Escort Agency and execute requests)
19.Thank You For Playing
Complete the game on Expert difficulty
20.What should i buy with all these points…
Here you just need to complete the game on hard difficulty.,without using glasses to simplify the game

More achievements,but already in the game

1.Monster Girl Farm
Collect all eggs and mushrooms
(We do it all in one run!All the eggs and mushrooms you get, don't sell, but keep in your inventory!You will receive eggs when it will be full moon!You will get mushrooms if you choose Leave Alone in Hard Training in Myconid,just choose this workout and that's it,mushrooms will drip on your machine now. If you choose another workout, then mushrooms will no longer be given to you automatically!
The eggs you need are written below.:
1.Harpy’s Egg
2.Albino Harpy’s Egg
3.Dagon’s Egg
4.Mermaid’s Egg
5.Lamia’s Egg
6.Arachne’s Egg
7.Kraken’s Egg
8.Queen Naga’s Egg
9.Slamander’s Egg
The mushrooms you need will be written below.:
1.Medical Mushroom
2.Aphrodisiac Musroom
3.Wilting Mushroom
4.Edible Mushroom
5.Gourmet Mushroom)

2.Wrong Kind of Wet?
Receive 3 girls with status weather
(We do everything in one run!To get a status weather need to spend with a girl 5 Urine Training to conduct them you need to buy from a merchant Diuretic.
Below are the girls you can train:

3.Anal Maniacs
Get three status girls Anal Preference
(We do everything in one run!To get a status Anal Preference need to spend with a girl 10 Anal Training or Double Pen
Below are the girls you can train with:
7.Slime и Jelly Princess

4.Pink Toy Box
Have 3 girls with equipped egg Vibe
(We do everything in one run!Need to buy 3 egg Vibe and put it on 3 girls,everything is simple)
5.Stop using drug on me!!
Use Aphrodisiac20 time
(You don't have to do everything in one run!)
6.The Articles are Pretty good
Use Dirty Magazine 20 time
(You don't have to do everything in one run)

7.Please practice good hygiene
Use Banned Badge on 3 sick STD
(Here everything is the same as in past such achievements. The color of the card for such people is red.,near their avatra a purple virus and an inscription STD)

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