Suspects Mystery Mansion: Gold Pass

Here I will tell you about the Golden Pass, quests and seasons with:


general information
Gold Pass – this is a subscription to Suspects, which gives you access to exclusive rewards. Purchasing a Gold Pass subscription always includes a free exclusive reward with gold rarity (Gold rarity means, that a player can only receive this reward for a specific season of the Golden Pass and nothing else) When purchasing a pass, all advertisements will be removed for you throughout the season. (For the period of validity of the pass)

Gold Pass cost – 240 diamonds

If you don't buy the Gold Pass, it means, that you will only receive the basic free pass rewards.

Free Pass Rewards:

  • 3 awards
  • new character
  • 75 diamonds

Gold Pass Rewards

  • exclusive character;
  • 2 new random characters;
  • 41 reward (Given that, that certain rewards in the Gold Pass are only available for one exclusive gold rare character);
  • exclusive assignments, allowing you to get more pass points;
  • 100 diamonds.

Season duration:

The seasons usually last around 35 days, but sometimes they can last a few days longer, if fewer players complete the current pass, than expected, or for design reasons, that is, if developers take longer to complete the update.

Awards, which can be obtained per season, are exclusive and cannot be obtained by any other means, excluding awards 1 and 2 season, which can be bought in the store. (The only awards, which are still exclusive in those seasons, – these are golden rare awards)

Special events
To access special events in public games, you must be at least on 5 current season level.

You pass the levels in the pass, performing tasks, which reward the player with points, for completing certain goals in the game. The game has 2 daily tasks, which are replaced every day and give a small amount of points. And there are others – seasonal quests, valid until the end of the season. You can increase the number of seasonal quests, by purchasing the Gold Pass. (Exclusive quests will be available)

Task list:

Win the game ~ 200 glasses

  • Report bodies (…) ~ 200 – 1000 glasses
  • Report bodies as killer: (…) ~ 500 – 1000 glasses

To perform the task: (…) ~ 500 glasses

Play a private game with 10 players ~ 500 glasses

To correct (…) саботажей ~ 500 – 1000 glasses

  • Kill the guest in the room: (…) ~ 500 glasses
  • Kill (…)1 guest(her) ~ 500 – 1000 glasses
  • Kill 2 guest before the first meeting ~ 500 glasses

Sabotage lighting (…) time(but) ~ 500 – 1000 glasses

Vote (…) time(but) right ~ 500 – 1000 glasses

  • Install 14 bombs ~ 1000 glasses
  • Win the match, detonating the bomb ~ 1000 glasses

Tasks to eliminate sabotage are only taken into account if, if you fix sabotage as a Guest, Inspectors, Detective or Vigilante. If you fix the lighting for the killer, you will not be credited with this task.

1 season character: Finn

2 season character: Steve

3 season character: Rita

4 season character: Wanda

5 season character: Melvin

6 season character: Henry

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