Hidden Deep Playtest: How to get past an obstacle with ventilation

Step-by-step instructions for the passage of the buggy place on the third level, AKA Day 90.


The developer is already aware of this bug., fix will be coming soon.

Step one

Climb just above the hole. (Can be even higher, than the picture.)

Step two

Start swinging. (as much as possible, as little as possible, did not determine which is better.)

Step three

Press C to cut the rope and hold W + D, but don't spam too much, otherwise you can get stuck in the wall.
Here I am stuck and will die soon.

If you did everything right.. then congratulations! You managed to get through the most difficult moment in the game! You can clap yourself.

The place is very buggy, so it takes practice, even i had a few unsuccessful attempts, but patience and work – grind everything! Thanks for attention!

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