Action Gameplay Recording and Streaming: How to change the video save path

How to change the save path of recorded videos, if the button in the File Manager does not work


If you are faced with a similar problem in Mirillis Action and cannot change the save path either through the File Manager, nor through the settings (the window for selecting a folder on the disk does not open), then here's the way, what i recently found.

1. Keyboard shortcut Win+R
2. In the opened line, enter regedit, the registry editor will open
3. Finding the way HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Mirillis/Action
4. Inside we find VideoOutputFolder, double-click and change the value to the desired save path (for example F:\ActionVideo)
5. Further inside we find VideoOutputRootFolder and do the same.

If you need to change the save path for screenshots, audio or something else, then find inside the corresponding file (NameOutputFolder) and do the same.
Unfortunately, if you want to change path again, you have to do this every time. Therefore, I advise you to choose some kind of shared folder, from which you can then sort the recorded videos as you need.

Hopefully, i helped you, all good!

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