Hunt Showdown: Correct graphics settings

Graphics settings for the most comfortable and enjoyable game.


For the lazy

In detail
1. Quality of objects – High
Responsible for the distance of drawing objects (including hunters) therefore, be sure to unscrew it to the maximum.
2. Texture quality – Low
How strange it is, this parameter in the hunt has almost no effect on the picture, set a minimum, there is practically no difference with high.
3. Filtering textures – 16x
4. Smoothing – 1X
1TX and 2TH should be set, only if the resolution of your monitor is from 1440 and more. IN 1080 on these parameters, the picture is noticeably blurred, especially at a distance, yes so, that it is practically impossible to play. I do not recommend playing at all without anti-aliasing., harshness hurts the eye, although the clarity is getting better.
5. Lighting quality, shadows – low
The picture is too dark at high values, restricts visibility in fights indoors and in dark places.
6. Effects quality, post-processing, particles – low
Completely unnecessary, soap effects. Spoil the visibility and take away 25-30% from performance.
7. Depth of field, motion blur – off.
Read paragraph 6.

About advanced parameters.
Specifically on my system ( p 1600+ 1660s) they do not affect anything, left on by default the last ones 2 paragraph.

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