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Described the main achievements, explanations of their receipt and some bugs.



During the first playthroughs, try to pump the "Memorization of Knowledge" in order to, to get more knowledge from magazines and disks, then resistance to the virus, melee damage, then your melee damage, and then special features in the form of wire cutters, selection of codes to gain access to the cellar, "Redesigned walkie-talkie" is a very useful skill, caches are defined as a sound signal, which increases when you approach the cache. "Collecting ammunition" is advisable to pump with skills to increase the damage of firearms.

In any case, you will quickly pump all useful skills after a couple of sorties., in most cases unsuccessful)))

Craft, resources and locations

You need to find a workbench or fire and create an item from scrap or other parts, popular craft: scrap + electronics (battery), scrap + insulating tape (melee weapon parts), jar + explosives (can bomb), plastic bottle + alcohol (propane gas) etc.
For the achievement "Hold the Tail with a Pistol" popular craft will be a pipe + melee weapon parts (battle ax). In the process of crafting, there will be messages about the progress of the achievement "Handyman" every 5 craft.

Not a very pleasant achievement, since the bags for the entire passage of the sortie may not be caught at all, when completing the achievement "Heavy Cargo" every 5 of the delivered bags informs about the progress of the achievement.

Easy achievement, which you 100% get, since local points on the map with cargo are one of the most profitable in terms of drop.

Don't miss the achievement, on the map, local points with a merchant are displayed by the symbol $, try to visit the merchant at least often, than locations with a lot of cargo. You can sell unnecessary junk to a merchant and buy a battery and cartridges if necessary, or at the first stages to pump skills. Mostly you can sell bricks, dirty water, bottle (throwing), flash grenades, lighting lights, herbs, ranged weapons if duplicated, etc..

One of the main resources to survive is antivirusol, every 5 uses will keep you informed of the progress of the Infection Control achievement, it is easy to get the achievement.

Don't miss this achievement, it seems that for this achievement you need skills in the branch "Boltorez" Technical Improvements, "Skros codes" will also be useful skill.

It's easy to get there - when there is not enough gasoline when driving to a new location, you are thrown into a mini-location with 100% chance there will be a canister, just leave the location and get the achievement "No Man's Land".

Volunteer level and skills

We just get experience for zombies, it is desirable to improve survival skills "Life lessons" (+30% to experience), each 5 Lvl updates the store with supplies at the Frontier, something new appears. It is advisable to pump as quickly as possible, as there is goods for supplies, which can 1 time to purchase, and take it on every sortie.
(save with 99 lvlom attached, if anyone is too lazy to download).

We pump one skill to the maximum and we get this achievement (what order of pumping is difficult to say, "Remembering knowledge" in the survival branch is a useful skill at the very beginning of the game, and pump melee with pistols, then everything else.

A couple of trips successful / unsuccessful and your achievement, Skill "Memorization of Knowledge" greatly accelerates the acquisition of this achievement.

One of the first achievements you get, but at first you will receive more than one mutation, you will even die from an oversupply of the virus. Late game on sorties for Rank (them 5 Total) you won't even get one mutation, you will use antivirusol and keep the character always with the effect of it.


First locations, runs and explodes, and poisons at the same time, must be killed before, how will it explode, then the achievement will be counted.

Tank, hello from Left 4 Dead, first encountered at the end of the Plains map, when to open the Gate, killed by any weapon, will become when accelerates and hits something, you can run up and kill with melee weapons. Dangerous adversary, so it's better to shoot.

Found on the map at locations in the Mountains area (2 area after opening the Gate and activating the Tower), principle like the Hunter in Left 4 Dead, but you can be saved, jumping, you dodge, run up to him and creep. Reaching your.

Left Spit 4 Dead, third area Swampy City, immediately after the camp in the swamp they will meet, do not miss, mostly poison and then stand and wait or run around and wait for their death, do not miss. Upgrade a skill in the "Physical improvements" branch called "Endurance" (50% poison resistance).

The last location is Hell, do not miss, even in the final location they meet. No danger, but pump a skill in the "Physical improvements" branch called "Hardening" (50% fire resistance).

Armored tank, found in the area of ​​Hell and in the final location, do not miss, the problem is how to kill - with a flamethrower (30% flamethrower charge), there is also the M82A1 rifle for passing the rank 5 after the plot, yet 2 charge from a grenade launcher can be launched, 1 RPG shot seems to take it out, well, the cheapest and fastest way to kill him is a rifle with cartridges 7.62, in the description of which it is written that it pierces the armor.

Don't miss this achievement, as it turns out one of the very first, flock - large congestion, which runs at you, kill everyone and your achievement.

Just pump experience and skills, the achievement will drop by itself, inform every 100 kills on the progress of the achievement "No Mercy".

Just die, easily, especially when I didn't want it. Also, the achievement below "One Wrong Move ..." at the beginning of the game will help you get this achievement "For Whom the Bell Tolls" more quickly..

Die by a gun in the locations of the first area, from virus traps, from min, etc., get this achievement quickly.


Don't try to survive learning, die anyway, get it automatically in the game after the first death.

You will find the location according to the plot, where is the antenna, covered in flesh, after completing the task, get the achievement.

Open the gate and go to the following locations.

According to the plot, we go to the radio tower, leave the location and get the achievement.

In the story, we lower the bridge and get into the car, while running away from zombies, it is possible to fail this achievement, since if you get carried away with farming experience on an endless stream of zombies across the bridge, then if you die at this location, the bridge will already be lowered, and when you leave the location, the achievement will not be counted. If you made this mistake, the save file is attached to the manual, work with saves will be below.

In the story, go through the camp in the swamp and get into the car.

According to the plot, get to the last area with the locations "Hell".

Winning according to the plot and ... I will not spoil. You can fail, but restarting the location fixes the error: if you kill the Flamethrower at the code door, that is a bug – loot is in the air above you, and by priority it will be displayed, and the interactive action with the door will simply not appear, ie. won't open it. Kill the Flamethrower a little further from the door itself.. Kill the "villain" with a grenade launcher and RPG more carefully, can climb the ladders and die there, but you won't go up to it.

The rarest achievement (2,1 % received by players), just complete the plot and any subsequent sorties afterwards (4 times), received already on 4 range, you can also farm the first rank, in fact, the main thing is to complete 5 outing.


usually the folder with saves is along the way: C:\Users(your username)\AppDataLocalLowCon Artist GamesThe Last Stand_ Aftermath(folder with numbers)
In a folder with numbers (in fact, this is your profile number) will be 3 file, just copy them there and run the game.

link to save save with bridge – https://disk.yandex.ru/d/rLvbI9eH7g6Vow
link to save save with 99 lvlom – https://disk.yandex.ru/d/mR_8WOtput9sQw
link to save in front of the boss – https://disk.yandex.ru/d/9hhj-UpCJQpVvQ
link to completion of the fifth rank after the storyline – https://disk.yandex.ru/d/1F_1n0yuMFeVKw

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