Hide and Shriek: About the game “Almost all”

This is the player's introduction to the game. Which will be useful for new players more than old ones, but oldies can reconsider their views, correct me and advise something of your own.


The game is on 10 minutes.

You can win by gaining more points than the enemy or scare 3 if he doesn't scare you at the same time.

The map is always the same, it consists of a central corridor and 4 side rooms.

Scream(scream) charges from about 58 sec – 30 sec (with a spell or guidance).

Your main task is to begin to bring the sphere to the altar while the scream is charging (ideally do so 2 times) , prepare stones for spells by etching traps.

Total 7 types of stones in the round to ko 5 species from them we will collect spells.

You can also search for history sheets, things that change howl,howl guide.

All spells from 1 stone :

spells from 2 stones

spells from 3 stones

Where to find things (appear on certain objects but not always)

History sheets appear on tables, chairs, in drawers and cupboards

The scream guide appears on tables and chairs (Total 2 on the map)

1.You can stand at the altar of the enemy and wait for the enemy to scare him while charging the scream with a spell “rest”, but for protection it can come in handy “fearlessness”.For this there is nothing, you do not need to just wait until a sphere flies past you and press the space next to you, So 3 times in a row to win .

2.Also only using trap spells for detection or spell “clairvoyance” while charging the scream with a spell “rest”, but for protection it can come in handy “fearlessness”, So 3 times in a row to win.

3. Carrying spheres like crazy to win on points. A spell can help you with this. “altar”, “treasure” and “jumping gallop”, and for protection may “fearlessness”. In addition, you can hide enemy balls in corners or trash cans..

4. Tactics can always be mixed for more varied gameplay.

1. There are only 5 types.
1.1 On the floor (floor traps)
1.2 To myself (bava on myself)
1.3 Curse (debounces-traps on the enemy on the enemy)
1.4 Interactive objects (door traps)
1.5 Mouse pointer (Shells)
2. Spells like 1 and 4 their creators may come across .
3. Spells like 4 you can burn while aiming at the door and see a small magic effect of different colors

4. Spells from traps, to see them “keen eye”, protection from them “diversion”, to remove them around you “exposure”
5. My opinion
Most useful spells
“jumping gallop”, “runic becoming”, “greedy abyss”, “power line”, “drums”, “black hole”, “discharge”, “diversion”, “rest”, “treasure”, “altar”, “fearlessness” and “clairvoyance” T123854.247.

“owl”, “pocket bogey”, “keen eye”, “flash”, “persuasion”, “hunter”, “fire”, “double” , “storm”, “cover of darkness”, “deceit”, “daemon”, “smoky amulet”, “smoky conscience”.

“security conspiracy”, “ghost flame”, “exposure”.

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