Propnight: Imposter (Abilities + Lifehacks)

Here are the abilities and some counters for “Impostera”


Q – Blow up ALL mechanisms, if they are being repaired, it shows the auras of survivors and the more mechanisms are NOT repaired, the faster you run.
E – You transform into one of the survivors randomly.
PCM – You turn into an object.
passive – The longer you hunt, the faster you are.

Perhaps if someone did not know, can use Q during E, if you turned into a prop then you cannot use Q.
While you turned into a survivor, you can repair the mechanism on F if you are near the mechanism, be treated if you stand still and the coolest thing is you can run, that is, it helps a lot to encrypt it during the chase.
And you can also turn into objects while you turned into a survivor, that is, two abilities to use at the same time, so you can for example: as an object to turn to come up a meter or two after remove the disguise (PCM) and you will come out as a survivor.
And the strongest, you can find out who is the player and who is the subject, just hover over the prop and it flashes, and if this is a player, then he is not displayed.
That's all for now.
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