Propnight: Items and Observations

Description of items and some observations on the game itself



I will not teach you how to play, because I myself cannot say that I figured out the game perfectly well. I will only describe the items, what are found in the game and I will share my observations on the gameplay.

Where to get items? Chests and coins!

I counted, although maybe someone will correct me, ten items in the game.
In total, you can carry three of them with you and, moreover,, they are all active, except for one, and, without looking ahead, disposable.

They are all mined from chests., which, in turn, open upon contact and if you have 1000 coins. Moreover, items unused by players drop out after being burned out on the chair, like part of the coins – another way to acquire items.

There are about three such chests per map., I can be wrong. The same chest can be opened multiple times, while there are enough coins. Moreover, his delay is scanty, few seconds. Unlike places where large coins appear – more than three minutes exactly, I didn't wait any longer. The number of these places is also about three., but I could be wrong. One such large coin gives you as much 300 coins. Big coins are not individual, they are common to all – if someone picked up, wait next few minutes. Therefore, it is worth picking them up only when necessary..

Coins are also given as a reward for actions in the game., but in a much smaller volume, from 25 to 50, eg: successful repair checks, stunning maniac, rescuing players from chairs, self-medication.

The items themselves

The same items are of different rarity. I don't remember the names, but the colors seem to be in order of efficiency: white, blue, pink, yellow.

How exactly the objects differ in color I can not say, haven't figured it out yet. I can only guess, that increase their efficiency. However, yellow items do not disappear after use, and go to rollback, for example one and a half minutes.


When activated, they grant you a buff on 15 seconds, which increases your speed of repairing and opening doors.


When activated, fires the flash to the side, where is your character looking. The flash can blind (to stun) maniac for a couple of seconds. The maniac's screen turns white at this moment. However, one should consider, that the effective distance is small, about one and a half blow. In fact, camera as a portable door, that are spread all over the map: you can also be stabbed through them.

A very convenient tool, to save other players, while the maniac carries them. Well, getting the hang of it, you can buy time when facing a maniac.

Energy drink

When activated, it gives you a movement acceleration for a few seconds. A very useful thing in fact, if you get used to hide after it.

First aid kit

Has multiple charges. When activated, one charge is consumed, which restores ten units of health to you, after a couple of seconds of animation. You cannot heal others.


Gives you a buff when activated, which restores part of your health, if not all. A very nice thing, because you can use it on the go, no animation, like a first aid kit.


Passively protects you from one hit from the maniac, after which it breaks. Not sure if, how exactly interacts with props (subjects, which you can turn into).

Yellow jar

When activated, throws itself in the direction of your character's gaze. On contact with the head of a maniac, blinds him. In other cases, it will be bad for you.… Blinding just for a couple of seconds. In theory, it can be a good way to save comrades., who are carried to the chair. In other variations, a dubious subject.

Can of glue

Looks pretty much the same, like the previous bank. When activated, throws itself in the direction of your character's gaze. Unlike the previous version, this can is enough to hit any part of the maniac or even near, to slow it down, since upon a crash, its contents are activated on a small area. Perceptible slowdown, but not so much, to flatter. Will give you a few seconds.


No pictures yet

When activated, it gives you invisibility and acceleration of movement for a few seconds, order 5. However, there is a caveat: entering and exiting invisibility has an animation. In this way, complete invisibility is given to you for seconds 2-3. be careful. Good stuff, to trick the maniac with the direction of your escape, just need to wait a little, considering the mechanics.

Master key

No pictures yet

She came across to me in the game, however did not have time to apply. Personally, I have two options for its possible use.: or she can open a locked door in the presence of broken props, or instant opening of the door after all props are repaired. Experts in the comments will give an explanation, hopefully.

Who starts the game with what object

Characters in the game currently differ not only in skins. Each of them starts the game with their own item..

Mabel (Billie Eilish)

Starts with a book

Chris (Music lover with headphones)

Starts off with an energy drink

Taiga (Pigtailed brunette)

Starts with a first aid kit

Isaac (Blond)

Starts with a camera

Kate (Emma Watson, Hermione)

Starts with a first aid kit

Yes, the idea itself is not bad, pity, there are repetitions.


Here I will state my thoughts and observations, received during the game. The most interesting moments on your part, maybe I will also add here from the comments, if I find time for this.

Playing against Banshee (sister in christ)

You should not hide in plain sight near the cars, this aunt can reveal your presence with her scream. Even behind the walls.

Playing against Imposter (Slender)

You should not hide in plain sight near the cars, this gentleman is capable of assuming the appearance of a prop, so only by looking at your disguise, your nickname will be revealed to him. And that, his nickname is just not displayed to you, if you hover the mouse over it. How, own, and you can save yourself in opposite situations.

Playing against Akasha (Sylvanas, vampire)

You shouldn't go on a rampage to her minion eye, better wait, until he disappears. For, As I know, he is able to highlight you for a while, even after, how will you run and hide.

Props by situation

Some items are small and nimble, but flimsy and crumble. Let me remind you, that the blow of a maniac takes away the order 30 health units. Other items are durable, but large and slow.

Use them wisely, depending on the situation: you need to sneak up to the survivor in a chair? Or stealthily navigate the map? Or maybe quickly break the distance with a double jump or push from the wall? Of course, something small is better..

But if you hide from the manka, what is about to come to the noise of a failed check – a larger object not only attracts less attention in the current meta of little things, but also allows you to survive the extra blow in a collision.

Props and shift

Also, do not forget about the shift button. – aligning you, as prop items. This piece allows you to maintain the most natural look as you move., being in the guise of the interior, and allows you to avoid unnecessary stumbling.

Moreover, with its help you can stick to the walls for a while. And in general, a lot of interesting things can be done with its help.. Someone will call it an abuse, and I will smile at you, and I will say, what a fun feature.

Playing with a health indicator

Depending on the items, what you turn into, your health is changing. This allows you to withstand more blows from the maniac., if you manage to change appearance to something larger on the strike itself. And then either stun the killer with a head jump, or change the view to something nimble.

Don't forget about your health

If health has sagged, then you shouldn't run to fix the prop car. Better to collect big coins, hell try your luck for treatment in the chest.

Moreover, depending on your health, there is a restriction on your ability to transform into objects. Can't Become a Haystack, if health is all 20.
But at the same time, there are items, what will give you an increase to it and among other things, leave stock for self-medication. Yes, Yes, your character gradually restores health, if there is space for this on the health scale. In other words, with small HP in a small item, you will restore less health, than being in a big.

Movement, simple and salvation

Time is ticking, so you shouldn't be idle, only if strategically, to raise HP or to implement a plan. But to go on a rampage to yourself. For me, at the same start of the game, it's best not to rush to fix the prop car right away, but try to carefully scout the situation and find a maniac, to go to that car, which he just ditched.

It is highly inappropriate to rescue a player from a chair, if a maniac is chasing you. The best thing to do in this situation – take him away from a busy chair, giving time to comrades for altruism. Well, you shouldn't rush to get a friend out of the chair., if someone else is caught nearby – make room for a new victim, but could force the maniac to go to another chair, which will give time to a friend for “vigl-vigl”, trying to break out of the grip.

Well, running to the other end of the map for the sake of a friend is also not appropriate.. It would be more logical to finish the prop car nearby. Although situations are different.

Memory is very important

Lastly, this game trains memory well, if you use it. As far as I understand, burned-out chairs cannot be restored, which means that places appear on the map over time, in which it becomes much safer, because even if you get caught, not a fact, what will be conveyed to the remaining chairs.

Well, this also applies to pro cars. As in the same DbD – you need to fix them wisely, so that there are no situations, where three cars are already very close to each other, making their patrol easier to mana.

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