Picker mod for Outlast Beta v1.2

Hello everyone,today you can download the top mod menu for the Outlast game absolutely free,mod weighs 335 mb (it's just who needs),Well,go
Downloading the mod
To download the Picker mod just click on the link – Picker mod

Installing the mod
Unpack the archive. Further we see it – Select two filesWe go into the folder with the game and transfer these 2 fileNext, go to PickerProject as administrator (right-click on the file and there is “Run as administrator)
We are greeted by this menu,push “Yes” We start the programPush “1” thereafter “Enter” and we are waiting,you should be able to do this

How to open the menu mod in the game?
So that is all,you installed the mod,now about,how to open the mod menu in the game,just create a new game (or go to save,there will be no difference) and press the button “Or”

Here's what you should see
Let's quickly go through the menu

You can turn on and off different effects,and you can also turn off the fps limit,so that you have a maximum of not 60 fps,but 120

Player functions
You can turn on the know clip,God 'mode,ghost,free camera,you can turn on bunkehoop,make endless batteries and boost fow,and you can also change the model of the CHARACTER

Enemy functions
All enemies can be removed,remove their intelligence,change Chris,change the size of enemies and speed of animations

Functions of the world
Doors can be removed,change Miles to Waylon,you can load the entire map and turn on the game speed

Other functions
You can make it harder to play 100000 once there is a randomizer (timer for speedrunners + he works in english,it will probably be fixed soon)

Add and remove
I have not fully learned this menu and commands,I only know in “Pick-up objects” you can give yourself keys and fuses for both the original part and for the DLC with Waylon

Picker settings
Here the mod settings are stupid,nothing to explain)

the end
So that is all,I hope I helped you,goodbye everyone and happy new 2022 2015 year!

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