FOREWARNED: Types of Medjai

Types and strengths of Medjai's evidence

Dekan the Lost (Dean)

  • Runs faster than players. When the Dean haunts you, you can hardly run away from him.
  • Hears the smartwatch radio at a very long distance and immediately searches for, where does the sound come from. But does not hear received messages.
  • Can hear your local voice.
  • Dean must be within touch distance, to see you, and does not see your flashlight.
  • Squatting doesn't make you very quiet., but running makes a lot of noise
Necreph the Shadow (Nekr)

  • Nekref does not walk. Instead, he teleports to random locations inside the tomb..
  • Nekref can sense light sources at a very great distance.
  • Makes the sounds of chains, listening to them, you can determine the location of Nekref. If you can't hear the chains, means, he teleported far away from you.
  • You can look at Nekref from a good distance, but if you get too close or stare at him for a very long time, he will quickly close the gap. A sudden glance to the side can save you.
  • If you're unlucky, sometimes Nekref will teleport to you and immediately kill.
  • Nekref does not see a lighted lighter on your belt.
  • The safest way to deal with Nekref – wait, until he teleports away from you.
  • If you look at the ground, you won't be able to accidentally look at it.
Ouphris the Forgotten (Ophris)

  • Oufris imitates other players, except you. Each player sees in it one of the models of other players.
  • You can easily identify Oufris, since he never holds an object in his hand.
  • Moreover, when you see another player, flashing flashlights – good tactics, to show, that you are friendly.
  • If Oufries sees someone, it will immediately approach it within touching distance, but won't kill him right away. If you manage to break the line of sight, he will continue to wander.
  • After following you from 30 to 60 seconds. Oufris will start whistling within a few seconds.. When the whistling stops, if you are still in his field of vision, he will start running very fast and kill you. At this moment, others can see his true form.. After a couple of seconds, it will change shape again..
  • You can hide in an empty sarcophagus. It seems, he cannot find you there.
Rathos the Damned (Ratos)

  • Ratos is really very quiet. More often than not, you come face to face with him., when you turn the corner.
  • If you have a torch in your hand, Rathos will scream at you, before attacking. Use this time, to run away and try to get out of line of sight.
  • He can sense the owner of the relic, but I'm not sure, how it works
  • After a certain time or killing at least one player, he turns into a Royal Mummy. This form is faster, and combined with its silent approach, you, most likely, overtaken from behind. So be careful.
  • Ratos, seem to be, can't walk past lit torches in narrow corridors, e.g. in corridors with ax traps.
Talgor the Perilous (Talgor)

  • He is invisible, but it can be seen through a tablet?
  • Apparently he hears well, so it's better to be silent
  • Night vision I don't know what it is, but it's very interesting
  • Most likely often extinguishes the flame
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