Rustler: Achievements and walkthrough guide for 100%

Description of all achievements in the game, as well as ways and tips for obtaining them. There is also information on collecting horses for This Neigh Land.


Introductory information

Getting all achievements in Rustler is a moderately difficult task, requiring mostly non-extraordinary skills, but perseverance and patience.

ATTENTION! This guide was written primarily to disclose the passage for all achievements. Among them there is an achievement “We only have one life”, which requires you to complete the game without death or arrest. This must be remembered from the very beginning., so as not to find out later, what's your prospect 100% only the fact of careless death somewhere at the beginning of the game interferes with the passage.

Here is a small list of answers to common questions.:

  • How long will it take to complete the game? Near 30 hours, but you can handle it faster.
  • How many playthroughs it takes to get all the achievements? To receive 100% achievements, one playthrough is enough.
  • Are there achievements in the game, which you can accidentally skip? Yes, one of the achievements involves completing the game in its entirety without ever dying or being arrested. Moreover, all side activities, necessary for passing on 100%, can be completed after the completion of the main plot, so that all other achievements can be obtained at any time.
  • Does Rustler have bugged achievements? Not, there are none, all achievements at the time of writing are available to earn.

Story achievements

These achievements are awarded for completing quests from the main storyline.. They are marked on the in-game card with an orange letter “Q”.

Yellow Brick Road
Complete the first quest.

Blue blood
Collect 5000 gold and complete the quest “Meat Muffins”
The required amount can be collected in any way, but the easiest way to do this is, moving along the side quest givers from the first region: usurer, the priest and the Knights of the Holy Grail.

Glory to the king!
Complete the main storyline.

Achievements for side quests

This group of achievements is awarded to players, completed all tasks from the secondary quest giver. They are marked on the in-game card with a blue letter “Q”.
For some unknown reason, not all quest givers have the corresponding achievement., but let's leave it on the conscience of the developers.

Multilevel management
Complete all loan shark quests.
Upon completion of this quest chain, we will be able to take possession of the former house of the usurer, which is not only, what brings passive income, but it will also be very useful to us when completing the achievement “Call me Conor”

Black Subbotnik
Complete all priest quests.
This quest chain will give us access to activities to attract passers-by to church services to complete the achievement “Son of man”

Last Crusade
Complete all quests of the Holy Grail Knights.

Flat plane
Complete all quests of the Spanish Inquisition. Spanish Inquisition suddenly debuts in the Priest quest line, but he gives out his own tasks to Guy after moving to the second region.

Literally extinguished
Complete all Herbalist and Doctor quests.
Herbalist and Doctor combined into one achievement. Their quests can be obtained in the fishing village on the northern coast of the second region..

13th Century Schizoid Man
Complete all of Salazar's quests.
Salazar is the representative “golden youth”, whom Guy meets, first arriving at a wealthy estate in the northeast of the second region.

Collectible Achievements

This section contains achievements, issued for the collection of various “collectible” items, scattered around the world: horseshoes, weapons, horses. There is no separate achievement for collecting musical notes, but notes are taken into account for passing the game on 100%.

Trash for one person – treasure for another
Collect all the horseshoes.
Steam has >>>Hyde<<< by the author of the user lostnight, which indicates the location of all horseshoes and notes, as well as tips for finding horses. I will dwell on horses in more detail, and in terms of horseshoes and notes, I have nothing to add to this guide. Use it and deliver to the author “Thumbs up”!

Weapon master
Use all weapons, available in the game, at least once.
Most of the weapons you will encounter during the game, but a few may elude you. it:

  • Lute. It can be removed from the body of any bard.
  • Pitchfork. They can be found on some peasants., roaming the world. The pitchfork will be displayed in the hands of their wearer, so it should be easy to find them.

Also, additional weapons are added when purchasing the Murder Madness DLC (onion, mace) и Vinci (arquebus, flamethrower), but, according to the developers, DLC items count only if purchased. More details - in the section about passing the game on 100%.

Catch them all!
Catch all the horses for Neyland.
You will complete this achievement gradually throughout the game.. Capturing horses is not listed as a separate quest, so first you need to get this task. To do this, we need to get to this Neigh Land ranch., which is located near the eastern gate of the city in the first region. There, a person with the habits of a Pokemon trainer will give us oral descriptions of, what horse is he looking for. Horses must be brought in sequence, “jump” through orders will not work.
For, to hand over the found horse, you need to ride it to the NPC closer. If you have found the required copy, dialogue will start automatically, and the trainer will place the horse in his stall and tell you about the next.
In that case, if you forgot, what horse the owner of This Neigh Land is currently looking for, just get to it in any way, and he will repeat his order.
All horses can be found, just traveling the world. Sooner or later you will stumble upon the right horse, which will someone ride. For two horses, I managed to find a place for their constant “parking”, but they, just like the rest, meet and just in the world.
Searched horses:

  • Inventor / Fourhoof. Easy to find, suitable for any color.
  • Fast / guardneigh, guard horse. The same, with flasher. It is convenient to catch the guard by the road just a little south of the entrance to This Neigh Land, pull him off the horse, sit in the saddle, and immediately use the wanted poster, hanging right there on the rock.
  • Red skorostnyak / horspeed. Well, he is really red. By the time it appears, you, most likely, get so used to the look of standard horses, that the gaze will instantly catch on this horse. And no, don't even hope - this is not your ordinary speedboat with a red saddle, this is exactly red speedy. Quite possible, that you will first meet him in the second region, so do not worry ahead of time.
  • Hoofed / warhoof black and white striped. To notice these stripes on it, need to take a closer look. They are visible on the chest, groats and on legs. The place is marked on the map below, in which, in my case, I always found myself “parked” striped warhoof.
  • Slacker / hackney in large white speck. He stands out strongly enough. Most likely, do not miss.
  • Runner / charger poisonous yellow with black spots. Same, like the striped warhoof, stood all the time “parked” in the same place, which is marked on the map below.
  • Blue speedboat / horspeed. To put it mildly, not quite blue. Quicker, its color can be described as “vertical dark gray and light gray stripes”.
  • Rainbow runner / charger. It would be more correct to name it not “rainbow”, but just multi-colored, but what you won’t do for the sake of a word of mouth… This horse has a red head, white chest, blue torso and black croup.

Thing “Horse mask” seems to increase the spawn of rare horses. You can find a mask after a certain plot episode:

Cumulative achievements

This group of achievements implies performing a certain action N times, or something like that. Some of them are related to performing actions, necessary to complete the game on 100%.

Harvest moon
10 plow the fields once.
For the first time, we will have to plow the field according to the plot. In the future, a team with a plow, with which plowing occurs, will be waiting for us at the same place - near Guy's house.

Road star
Come first in 10 racing.
Total in the game 5 places, where you can take part in the race (two in the first region, three in the second), and also one more race will take place during one of the side quests.
To get the achievement, you can at least 10 win the same race once, but in conditions 100% passing the game includes victory in each individual race once. The corresponding counter can be found in the statistics menu in the section “Additional tasks”. The starting points of the races are marked on the map with a checkered flag.
The races themselves are not difficult, just keep an eye on the markers, indicating directions, and don't get too close to your opponents when cornering. They are, making a U-turn, able to push Guy and his horse off course, special, if you are slightly ahead of them, walking the inner trajectory.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Collect 20 bodies during the body collection minigame.
Collecting bodies is one of the side activities. It can be started with a special wagon with a characteristic shape and with a skull on the roof.. You can find her on the roads or near cemeteries..
Activity is divided into 7 levels, at each of which we need to pick up bodies from the indicated points and take them to the cemetery: on the first level - one body, on the second - two, and so on up to seven. Read more about this in the walkthrough section on 100%.
To obtain this achievement, it is enough for us to take to the cemetery in total 20 bodies for any number of repetitions of this activity.

The ecstasy of gold
Collect 20000 gold coins.
Easy to complete during the game, especially if you do not forget to buy real estate and from time to time collect passive income from it.

Call me Conor
Win 10 fights in MMA.
MMA battles become available after one of the story missions in the first region. They take place in a special paddock in the city, slightly north of the cathedral and east of the moneylender's house. During the battles, Guy will face single opponents, and then groups of opponents with increasing difficulty.
Getting used to, it won't be too difficult to defeat them, but remember, what to pass the game on 100% and all achievements we must not die. Defeat in a cage counts as death, therefore, before each fight you need to save. It is very convenient to do it just in the former house of the usurer., located a stone's throw from the arena.
After successful completion 10 battles in the first region, we will be offered to participate in fights in the second. There are still 10 pieces, and they are also needed to achieve 100% passing the game. The arena is located near the knights' stadium and camp. There, too, do not be lazy to save.
When, if you passed the first 10 battles, but access to the second 10 not (there is no marker for the start of the battle near the second arena), try again the first 10 right up to dialogue, in which Guy is invited to fight in the second region. This happened to me due to a random departure while driving around the world shortly after the first group of battles.
Here are some tips directly on the battles.:

  • If several opponents are fighting against you, it makes sense not to spray, and concentrate on them in turn. They don't always have the sense to attack at the same time., and you can also reduce this danger, if you navigate correctly, trying to keep one of the opponents behind the other.
  • Fighting the spearmen, jump back (Space) not to the side, but more or less to meet them, trying to be behind them. If possible, then the opponent's back will be open to your blows for a couple of moments.
  • Against some tough enemies with swords and shields, defensive tactics using a block with a weapon or your own shield can help (right mouse button). It is important to remember that, what if you clamp the block in advance, then the opponent does not hesitate to break through it with a strong attack (an exclamation mark will appear next to it). Therefore, a good tactic against them looks like this: we stand open, waiting for the moment of impact, clamp the block, after which we attack, while the enemy is unbalanced.
  • If there is a crossbowman in the enemy group, it makes sense to quickly run up and deal with him first.
  • The enemy with the torch is quite dangerous, don't underestimate him. He can set Guy on fire, which is bad not only for the received damage, how many pitched for a few seconds.
  • In the arena walkthrough highly pumped combat skills will help: damage, health reserve, stamina, regeneration. Feel free to postpone your MMA progress until you level them up., to save yourself extra nerves.

Son of man
Submit 50 NPC for service in the church.
This additional activity will become available after completing one of the Priest's quests and will be indicated by a cathedral icon next to, actually, cathedral. Several times we drive the required number of passers-by into the temple, and our achievement.

Use Pimp-A-Horse 20 time.
Pimp-A-Horse is a horse repainting to reset the pursuit of the guards. The first time you will need to use this method in one of the first story missions. There are two paint shops on the map, they are indicated by a brush icon.

Achievements for kills and chases

Achievements are collected here, to obtain which Guy will have to kill, kill again, but in some special way, kill a little more, and also avoid pursuit by the guards.

Mad cow disease
Kill the NPC with a cow.
In one of the quests in the first region, we will be taught how to manipulate a cow using a branch, namely: pound her on the bottom, to keep her going, or slap on the sides, for her to turn. With the help of this simple mechanic, we have to solve some poor fellow. Guide the cow to the NPC, until he loses his life. On medium difficulty, a cow and an NPC need three encounters.

Kill 5 NPC за 5 seconds.
Method at your discretion, but, perhaps, the most accessible method is to accelerate on any cart and run over a group of pedestrians at once. truth, finding five in the immediate vicinity is not easy, as it seems. You can use those, who himself strives into our arms, that is, the guard.
This method becomes even easier with the purchased Vinci DLC, opening access to the chariot with blades on the sides. These blades will one-shot anyone, through whom do they pass (albeit in a small radius), so after some time riding along the sidewalks you can earn this achievement, not even particularly aiming.

Kill 500 human.
I think, no one needs to be taught

Set the number of blood particles in the settings to x5 and attack someone.
Well, although it is not necessary to kill here, just enough to attack.

Most wanted
Get and get rid of the maximum wanted rating, without dying or doing any tasks.
Can be completed at the same time as the achievement “An army of one Guy”, I will describe the process there, so see. Further.
In my case, this achievement spontaneously fell out after, as [plot spoiler]

An army of one Guy
To survive 5 minutes at maximum wanted rating.
I will make a reservation in advance, that pumped health will seriously help us in obtaining this achievement, stamina, regeneration, crossbow reload speed and increased ammo amount. AND, of course, it is worth having a whole armor with you.
In my experience, it was relatively easy to get away from the chase 5 minutes, being on foot. From standard guards, swordsmen and shooters can simply run away, periodically accelerating. Whether to engage in battle with heavy swordsmen and arrows, decide for yourself depending on the situation, but, most likely, a few will still have to be laid to increase the level of pursuit. But the riders will have to dodge the blows with the help of a somersault. (Space). Fighting them is not easy, and besides, knocked off a horse can get back into the saddle after a while. Also, if it didn't seem to me, saddle a horse, lost rider, maybe even some other guard.
For Vinci DLC owners, I mention, that the pursuit level set becomes much easier with a tank.
I am pleased to read about your five-minute survival methods with the maximum wanted., share!

Achievements to get 100%

There are two achievements in this section, received for completing the game on 100%.

We only have one life
Go through 100% games, without dying and never [without being arrested].
About the conditions for obtaining 100% I'll tell you in the description of the achievement Crown, here are a few nuances with regards to death and arrests.
so, we need to complete the game with all the side quests, occupations, activities, etc. Never dying or falling into the hands of a guard.
How to do it?

  • Save after every sneeze. Completed the story quest - survived. Passed additional - survived. Were active on the transportation of bodies or any other - survived. Found a horse for This Neigh Land - survived.
  • Before, how to save, take a close look, are you really still walking without deaths and arrests. You can verify this on the statistics screen.
  • Try to always be equipped with armor, especially before quests. It can be found or bought in many places., over time you will remember them well.
  • When leveling, pay attention first of all to combat skills, as well as some, ranged and equestrian. Skills from “social” group, such as cheaper goods and services of bards are almost useless (money and so very soon there will be nowhere to go), and the skill “Uncle at headquarters”, preserving your arsenal upon arrest, in our case it is not needed at all, After all, arrests are contraindicated for us.

Complete 100% games, including all quests and getting all other achievements.
You can track the percentage of completion of the game on the statistics screen.
To receive the cherished 100% necessary:

  • Complete all story quests
  • Complete all side quests *
  • Find all collectibles: 20 horseshoes, 9 not, use all weapons in the game once * (21 copy including DLC), and also collect all 8 horses for This Neigh Land
  • Execute all third party activities: win in 20 MMA fights, pass the 7 body collection levels, 7 levels “stay alive” (essentially the same, that and collecting bodies, only on a white medical carriage with a green cross on the roof), win in 5 different races, pass the 7 levels of cargo transportation (special trolley, cm. screenshot below), 7 levels “Express pony” (Delivery man / posteed - a horse in a green blanket with a white wing), 7 taxi driver levels (Fee / cabronco - horse in a checkered black and yellow blanket)
  • Complete All Carnage *, which in the game 11 pieces: 8 using various types of weapons scattered around the world (look for the scythe death icon, it is not displayed on the map, but appears on minimap when approaching), and one by one are activated with the help of a special red horse (small camp between the fishing village and the Salazar estate), chariots with blades (west of the south gate of the city in the first region) and tank (can be found standing in Vinci's yard after completing his quests). This section is relevant only for DLC owners.

Moreover, you also need to get all other achievements, with the exception of Double, double toil and trouble.

*Important! By developers' assurances, the total percentage of the game completed is adjusted to the player's available DLC. For instance, if you have NOT purchased DLC Vinci, then 100% completing secondary quests you will receive and so, but if you have DLC, then you will have to go through these quests to get 100%.
The same applies to the use of all weapons in the game., some of which is only available with the DLC, and the need to complete challenges “Massacre” / “Murder Madness”.

A little about collecting bodies and “stay alive”: in my opinion, Of all the side activities, these two are the most difficult to complete. Time is always running out, Also, often trying to speed up leads to, that you accidentally crush a pedestrian and attract the attention of the guards. It is very difficult to get away from the pursuit on these rattle cars., and if the mounted guard sat on your tail, then he will either chop you, or a wagon to the victorious. If you find yourself in a similar pursuit, then, possibly, it will be easier to leave the carriage, reset pursuit level and start over.
Wherein, despite the risk of crushing someone, constantly turning on acceleration is the only way to complete these tasks, as time is often too short, and it is given from the calculation of movement to the target in a straight line, not considering insurmountable obstacles like walls.
They will drive you around that region, where you activate the start of the mission. You won't have to cross the bridge. At the same time, the regions are not equally convenient for going through these activities..
Personally, it was more convenient for me to go through the collection of bodies in the second region (more convenient location of the cemetery, more space), but “stay alive” - In the first (more convenient location of the hospital).
If you also decide to go through the collection of bodies in the second region, be very careful when entering and leaving the cemetery, since the AI ​​is very fond of spawning random pedestrians (or even guards) literally at the gate. Try to get around them, to avoid unnecessary problems.

Other achievements

Achievements, not included in the previous categories.

Trout method
Block 10 attack for 60 seconds.
It is convenient to complete this achievement in the MMA arena in some one-on-one battle.. The enemy does not particularly have the ability to pointlessly run in circles, and 10 attack for 60 seconds he will take with a high probability. The main thing is to be able to block them.. The block breaks through with a powerful blow, so it's better to block, when the enemy is already swinging for a normal attack.

Double, double toil and trouble
Complete the Halloween Event successfully.
Rustler's Halloween event took place with 29 October to 12 November 2021 of the year. You can return it to the game, converting the date on the computer to one of the days from this range.
You can take part in the event itself near the cathedral in the city in the first region. All you need is, that in the allotted time to scare a certain number of residents, by pressing the button next to them “Tab”. At the same time, sweets with various unusual properties will fall out of passers-by..

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