SCP Containment Breach Multiplayer: How to complete the campaign

Shizu guide, hysterics, screams, cruelty, despair and just a good person.


Why and why?

Hello friends are psychopaths, who decided to go to see this manual. I completely lost my mind, trying to pass SetSep Multiplayer in campaign mode (coop is broken too, yuhu!). So, I present this guide for those, who dares to go through this case.
And that, take a normal seed (or play with random, lol). Also read everything carefully., or what, I was wrong to compose theories? And that, the game is all bugged, so read even more carefully. Below is a list of seeds, which I will curse because of the absurdity / lack of necessary rooms.

  • 607lc2
Why did I arrange all this?

And for fun, due to achievement, where you need to go through the game without using console commands (curse).
And that, don't try to cheat the game, flew in the noclip, save, and then the type nothing happened.

Fair game
Pass without using gags

Ah yes, this is not much a walkthrough guide, rather help in passing among bugs.

A small theoretical part

So, below is a list of harm, which are damn bad:
SCP-173 (aka Seal or Statue) – finally incomprehensible kent, for while I was walking around the complex, never met him, how did you get to the offices, he was generally taken by MTF, and carried back,DCP-106 (aka grandfather) – a lot insolent, bothersome, but counters on izi, then I will explain how and why.

SCP-049 (aka Doctor Aibolit) – I have no idea, what did GG do to him, but on the ass GG clearly acts as a magnet for the doctor, for he can chase you until he gets tired.
Spavnkillit uu

SCP-966 (aka Insomniacs) – after how visit them, they will run all over the map, and just like the individual above – look for you, but fortunately they are slow.

Useful items, to keep in inventory

SCP-714: Very useful item, debuffs (temporarily) from the doctor, and also removes the debuff from the GG after saving (read below section).

SCP-860: Alternative opportunity to get out of the complex, very important.

SCP-1162: The ability to farm cards.

SCP-1499: Wedge wedge knocks out, helps to get rid of grandfather, that is, send it to hell.

SCP-500-01: useless thing, but important for crafting in hours. I bet on Fine, and we get the medallion(SCP-427) (Then I will explain why you need it).

S-Nav Ultimate: important thing, because it helps not to get lost. We pump through the clock(SCP-917) на Very Fine.

First aid kit: maybe what, better to have in stock, if you are wrapped up.

Severed hand: so the item you need in one place, but useful topics, which saves time. You can find it by the melody(SCP-012) either lizards (between containers).

SCP-1123: In fact, I have to take it to scrap somewhere, so I'll tell you right here – useless, either kills on the spot.

Start of the game and about saving

so, if you really got to this, I'll start with, that I advise you to go to co-op mode (solo or with homies, as you wish), because there are more opportunities, and less anger because of saves.


Now listen carefully. There are two types of respawn (If of course you have chosen coop): Saving and Menu. The thing is, that once again saving is not worth touching and reloading, because it may happen like this, that the save game stalled at the moment, where on boot you just die with no chance, and in the description anything will be written, death from SCP-427 to MTF (who didn't even come lol). Let's analyze these two aspects separately..

I'll start with, that at the beginning of the game it is generally not desirable to die, since when loading from save, there is a chance that a debuff may be imposed on you (Maybe a few, maybe nothing). Therefore, in order not to catch such galyunas, there are two options: Specific and bootable.
Specific implies debuffs from a ring and an amulet. The first one is bad, that you don’t have enough stamina, because of what you can't run far, but you have a buff against the doctor. Boot bad topics, that you can get rid of them only by reloading, because you will constantly be hammered by non-existent problems.
And that, do not save with equipped items, because there is a chance of constipation passing in the form of permanent debuffs when loading.
I remembered, do not save in the center of the room, because there is a chance to screw everything up, because the doctor likes to teleport ( A type, he teleported and disappeared, but it can grab you and then instant death)NS

so, you died, Congratulations, and god forbid, if you followed the steps below (Scattered the cards), and died near the spawn. Press respawn, and here, too, in different ways. Often, you will be spawned at the beginning of the game and without items. But it can happen like this, that with frequent saving, at death's door, you can spawn in the place of the last save (unless of course you play light, on euclid there definitely do not care, because the saves there take place on certain screens). Only useful if, if you are sure, that you can get to your things.
By the way, useful to those, what can you die (or break ties with the world), and respawn without debuffs.

I began, what to do?

Examine and collect any scrapbook, just because you can take a tablet, and throw notes there, then I will explain why you need it. Next, look for the card 1 level, you can find it in the warehouse (where the script dies 2 foreheads of statues) and in a looped tunnel (grab your gas masks, will need). Next, look for a lonely door, and open it, then click on the button. There is a statue (behind the glass), and on the cabinet there is a navigator and on the right on the table there is a second level card.

I also advise you to find a small lizard, which will fly before your eyes until the end of the game, but there is a document with the code, which will save time in a heavy zone.

Now look for the watch (SCP-914) (Or if found, remember how to get there). Next, we pump in two cards to 3 level, and looking for a hole in the wall, and start trading. We trade until then, bye instead of sheets, he won't start giving cards, any:

  • Banking
  • Playing
  • 1, 2, 3 level

Further, how did all the sheets of paper be traded?, we start pumping them in hours, put on Fine to 5 level (swing just up 3, to go to 4 need more time, but transition to 5 level is easier). Also, separately pump in a gas mask and a navigator on Very Fine. A gas mask will allow you to wear around the complex without problems, and the Navigator will purchase a full map, and will not discharge.
And that, do not leave objects in rooms with clocks, can be anywhere or at least outside the gate, but don't leave things, because there is an anomalous zone, where objects have learned to leap from the game and jump, I just got fucked up.
By the way, batteries are not needed at all, straight at all. Further, it would be nice to get night vision goggles., can be stolen in a lizard little box, but if you don't need to go there, means we score.

Next, how did you download the entire inventory of cards? 5 level, we begin to scatter them as a way to a difficult zone, you need this in order not to stall the passage, and having a chance to move on. How the cards were torn, go back for things, and go to pick up the following items.

SCP-714 as a green ring, 1 of 2 items that remove debuffs after saves. Yes, and saves from the doctor once again. Approach the doorway, close the door, move away, take off and run on.

SCP-860 or Blue Key. If the seed is really terrible, then this is the only way to get out of the complex, for once I had a gate outside the door AT ~ T

SCP-1499 is a surprisingly extremely useful object here., where did he reach his peak of utility?. Heard about “Wedge – kicks out like a wedge”, so, if there is absolutely no way to get rid of from grandfather, then here's the salvation, you hope, take off your grandfather too. By the way, there are no inhabitants in the dimension, so this is essentially yours “Pocket Dimension”, CHECKMATE!

Severe zone

I'll start with problems, if some kind of crap starts to happen in your ears, and you start to flow, then it's time to rush around the heavy zone and look for a mask (SCP-035), sorry not that from the old movie. Enter the room to the right and open the code door 5731, grab the pill and bring it back to the clock and twist it into SCP-427's amulet, 2 of 2 items that remove debuffs after saves. Take it into inventory and click on it. So, less problem, and now you have endless healing.

There you run across the zone on a freewheel, but essentially the problem is, what to close SCP-008, look and close. I don’t even know what could be a problem., because from this zone you will definitely get SCP-049, because this shit can teleport (although everyone suffers from this). There, further down the road, go to the offices, what to suffer and do in this zone – Your choice.


YO-HO-HO, so, I'll tell you right away, because of the broken, there is no point in sealing grandfather (or bug, or i don't stick, it must be closed at the time of the dude's death, or at the moment when the screen is completely dark?). Ah yes, there is no point in going to the computer, so that he opens the door to gate B, because everything is broken there too.
Grandfather sailed * roflanface *Rofl is, that they immediately notice you and start shooting at you. If the guard can't do it, then the helicopter will make, first hurts, how will you go to heal, will get it and kill. Here comes the ending.
By the way, to MTF account, waiting for them to dump, for they are definitely going to look for the statue, and then they get stuck in the light zone. But it's better not to deal with them.
So we scramble into gate A, and what about the plot, pass through them. Further on the script, babah babah, here and there, and finale.

Now explain, why did I print all this text?

Achievement received, you can print a certificate for despair. That's all my friends are psychopaths, and I went to drink some water.

And by the way, since the ending was ruined for me, for all items, lying on the floor in the room with the clock (key and ring) gone, then I failed achievement, so HAAAX!
From kolzar

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