The Chronicles of Myrtana Arkholos: Resource mining (gold, ore, wood)

chop down a tree, mine ore


NPC training in the village

You can learn from Dismas in the village to get resources for gold without spending training points. He will train the skill DO 30%. Therefore, it is better to initially raise the skill with him..

More on 5% the mining skill can be raised from the lumberjack peasant near the east gate

Increasing the skill when extracting resources

When obtaining a resource, the skill rises by +2%. Therefore, you can chop down fallen trees and / or visit iron veins, thus raising the skill for another 2%-8%. The ax for chopping wood lies near a fallen tree near the eastern gate of the village..

Arholos Gold Mine

The gold mine can be reached using the services “guild transport” for 10 gold coins.

In the mine itself there is book stand increasing the skill of production by 3 unit. In order to get into the mine you need to go “test” testing skill. Pickaxe will be given free. In case of failure, the test can be repeated immediately. The author managed to pass the test with the skill 40% on the second try.
The entrance to the mine itself will cost 100 gold. The hero will receive for temporary use the miner's pants.

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