Viscera Cleanup Detail: How to clean

Introductory course for greens.


The basics of the basics

1. Dirt
Dirt means blood staining of the surface, slime, fumes, žižu, гoвнo, acid and sperm. Scrubbing everything with a basic mop. You can wash the mop in buckets, which can be taken in such a machine. Don't forget to put two buckets next to each other., one to clean the mop before leaving with a new bucket, the second is empty, where will you fold your body parts, which the machine can periodically issue.

2. Rubbish
Garbage means all items, to which the Sniffer responds: liners, jars, little pieces of paper, chips, paper notes, body, alien eggs. To improve your efficiency, use gut-type containers to carry large amounts of small debris, jars, sleeves, limbs. Don't bother, drag the whole torso straight into the firebox. Do not forget, that dirty containers and buckets are considered rubbish. Do not forget about an additional box at the machine in case of emergency.

Throw out the flares, dynamite, toilet seat, toilet, little tables, chairs, surgical instruments, ceramic cups, clothespins, tablets, office boxes, signs “Wet floor” NOT NECESSARY!

3. Flash drives
Taking such stray, the name of the poor fellow will appear on the screen, who owned it. Take them and paste them into the main terminal.

4. All sorts of holes and blue faults
To solve a number of tasks, you need a laser cannon. Handle it with care and do not overheat it – not more 2-3 seconds per clip, 1 second break between clamps.
Blue faults, bullet holes, as well as the surfaces melted by the cannon we remove with this particular cannon.

Bullet – 1 clamp
Faults – 2 clamping
Patch up the molten surface – careful very short clamps until they disappear

5. Honey blocks
Find a dispenser, we order a honey block.

Installing in the medical station (click on LMB to align the item in hand), close the lid.

6. Graffiti
On some maps, for example on Uprising, can be found graffiti. To clean them off, first we break the can of acid against the wall, intuitively clean with a mop. Acid can be obtained from the dispenser.

7. Doors
To open level code doors in order to save time, just google “viscera cleanup detail (map name in English) code”. All such doors can be opened by brute-force. If the number is guessed correctly when you enter it, then the screen will blink. This is how the doors open in your office., there codes are generated randomly.

8. Sniffer (Sniffer-9000)
By default on 3. LMC turns on dirt detection, RMB garbage detection. Sometimes dirt can be detected on the RMB. Bullet holes through RMB. Follow the map, suddenly missed something.

Place in required zones for extra interest

We store the main boxes in the zone “Crates”

Medical boxes in the green area “Crates”

Barrels in the area “Barrels”

Cylinders with liquid nitrogen in the zone “Nitrogen”

Boxes of toxic waste in “Med-Waste”


12. Plants on Hydroponic Hell
We take seeds in the dispenser, recommended to be worn by 18-21 pieces in 3-4 entry: to the starting room, to the back room and to the second floor. We are looking for empty flower beds, put the seeds on the ground, in a couple of seconds they will be planted (if the process is not in progress, transfer the seed to another corner of the flower bed). One flower bed can go up to 4 seed.

13. Blue Crystals on Core Sample
For disposal we need a brush, container and a little patience. Breaking down all medium and large crystals, we leave only small ones, broken we wipe with a brush, then we take and break them one by one against the edge of the container, so the game will think, that debris falls into a dynamic object, and destroy them.

14. Sandmouths on Unearthly Excavation and Penumbra
We take a shovel, we fill the sand in the mouth until the maximum possible slide is formed.

Unspoken rules in our company:

1. Don't trample too much on dirt and blood.
2. Keep the stove open.
3. Who will burn the flash drives, barrels, boxes, liquid nitrogen or toxic waste, but will not place where necessary – he will sleep with paasha.
4. An exemplary cleaner works for efficiency, and also does not hesitate to use a sniffer.
5. Close honey blocks before completing the task, if they accidentally opened.
6. Choose the second option at the end of the cleaning, which reads “I am very proud of my work and I am confident, that it will meet your expectations”. Don't be rude to your bosses.
7. If you clean up with a team, then to avoid incidents and accidents – keep right-hand traffic or skip each other.
8. Didn't put the password on the server and instantly and for no reason kicked random – got dirty.
9. You deliberately pig – FIRED!!11!!!11

And most importantly for management

1 – Mop
2 – Hands
3 – Sniffer
4 – Brush / Shovel
5 – Tablet

Take item – LKM
Twist an item – hold LMB and twist the mouse
Return the item to its normal position – click LMB


There are three types of throws:
Let go of the item – PCM
Throw forward – E
To throw – use the mouse to aim the trajectory and release the object on a sharp movement of the mouse

For fast filling of the container, stand by him, there must be objects within reach, which you want to fold, take the item, move the mouse a little and the object is aligned at a default distance from you, so you don't have to bother with every single item.

Move overflowing containers, big body clamping SHIFT, and also use your mouse to balance.


If you can't find, what the sniffer reacts to, then feel free to press killnearestmess into the console. This command works to destroy ONE unit of dirt / debris closest to you.

For speedrunning maps through this console command, I came up with the following algorithm:

1) Introduce 5 commands to the console “killnearestmess”, “killnearestmess killnearestmess”, “killnearestmess killnearestmess killnearestmess”, “killnearestmess killnearestmess killnearestmess killnearestmess”, “killnearestmess killnearestmess killnearestmess killnearestmess killnearestmess”. Space-separated commands, surprisingly, work.
2) Now open the console to ~(Or), and hit the up arrow and Enter on the keyboard. Thanks to the point above, we will not accidentally jump on third-party commands.


– Any holes tend to be removed only after a few seconds., so in the cluster of bullets walk back and forth and press the command to clean up the dirt and holes five times, go to another place and again. There is no point in hammering 20 teams for one hole. As a last resort, if you want to, you can delete them manually.

– If you complete achievements, then BEWARE, Bob's notes and different types of heads are considered trash, even being in your personal blue box, they will disappear on command.
For a safe speedrun, clear the dead end path, take the box there, fold your scraps / heads, proceed to the opposite end of the map, this way you will make a buffer zone out of garbage, by the smooth destruction of which you will understand about the speedy cleaning of the map. Do not overdo it, so that your cargo does not suffer.

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