SCARLET NEXUS: Comfortable keyboard layout

Everyone who played the game probably noticed a fairly large number of control buttons and noticed the fact that many of them are not located in the most convenient way… this guide was made to help you customize the controls for a comfortable game without wasting time thinking about which key to assign



I have never dealt with manuals and I really care about the design.… especially since I am doing this guide cleanly “why not” maybe someone will come in handy so do not judge strictly)


Progress – |W|
Moving Back – |S|
Move Left – |A|
Move Right – |D|
Act (Check / Talk) – |J|
Act (Score) – |H|
Dodge / Dash – |SHIFT|
Weapon attack – |LKM|
Special attack – |ALT|
Bounce – |SPACE|
TC attack – |PCM|
Special Object / Brain Crush – |X|
Telekinetic field – |T|
Thoughtfield development / activation of brain acceleration – |G|
Capture targets – |TAB|
Battle vision – |V|
Change SAS – |WITH|
SAS menu activation – |U|
SAS activation [1] – |Q|
SAS activation [2] – |E|
SAS activation [3] – |R|
SAS activation [4] – |F|
Cancel SAS – |B|
Enable combo menu – |N|
Activate combovision [1] – |1|
Activate combovision [2] – |2|
Activate combovision [3] – |3|
Activate combovision [4] – |4|
Using the item – |C|
Area map – |M|
World map / resurrection – |CTRL|
Mindgram window – |L|


So little tips on controls and combat mechanics (no spoilers)
I have watched a lot of passing of this game lately and constantly noticed the stupid mistakes of those who play it and many players complained about these supposedly jambs of the game, which prompted this guide to do so, so I will try to clarify some points…

1} In training, you will be told that in order to activate the SAS you need, you need to hold down “SAS menu” and press the button of one of 4 SAS and many have complained that it is extremely inconvenient… but in fact, it is not at all necessary to do this, you can click on 1 of 4 (eg [Q] [E] [R] [F] SAS activation buttons… the very same mechanic is made for gamepads (the same with combos)
2} Keep in mind that dash or dodge does not work while you are hitting or using telekinesis
3} You can always return to previous locations and replay them in the rest phase an unlimited number of times
4} If you do not understand what exactly SAS does, you can look at its description again while editing SAS while paused on ESC (everything was written right below)
5} The places on the minimap with a triangle icon are the so-called (interesting places) in other words, these are either places that can be reached using various SAS abilities (some places can only be accessed by re-visiting the location) either these are super special objects that cause huge damage and negative effects, they are also applied in a special way
6} The more often you use a certain SAS, the faster you form connections with your partner, thereby the faster the ability itself is pumped
7} Gifts strengthen your connection with your partner and speed up the pumping of your partner's SAS… but gifts marked with special hearts such as small yellow and big red pump your connection faster than usual, they can be given several times and they will all evenly improve your connection with your partner, and in addition, all gifts with hearts pump the squad's connection, but in this case, each gift affects contact the detachment only 1 once giving a bunch of the same gifts to pump the squad's connection does not make sense, unlike pumping communication with a certain ally.

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