theHunter Call of the Wild™ Гайд (answers to some questions)

You can see an earlier version of this manual in one of the groups in vk. Know, that it was me who wrote it, but did not steal from there. But that version is updated, most likely, will not, and this guide can grow.
I do not claim to be complete and do not endorse, that this is an absolute guide, here I just collected SOME tips and subtleties, which at the beginning were incomprehensible to me, but I figured it out and decided to systematize information for everyone. If you see any inaccuracies, report them, and I will add and correct.


What DLCs to buy?

DLC can be divided into several categories:

Reserves (game cards):

Medved Taiga – Siberia, only winter card
Recommended for our player, for the soul responds.
Vurhonga Savanna – South Africa
Here you can hunt a lion.
Fernando Park – South America
Let's go to the puma and the large deer. At the moment with discounts the cheapest card.
Yukon Valley – Alaska
Second cheapest card. Nice, it's worth taking.
Four Hills Game Reserve – Iberian Peninsula
This is Spain and Portugal, if anyone doesn't know.

Further maps, for which there are no big discounts yet:
Silver Ridge Peaks – Rocky Mountains, America
Perhaps, the best mountain view in the game.
Te Awaroa National Park – New Zealand
For those, who wants to be as far from a friend as possible.
Arroyo Ranch – America, California
Wild West stylistics, for those who like it
Mississippi Acres Preserve – America
You can walk on an alligator. They say, the map is very buggy, and unkillable crocodile.

In general, you are unlikely to need all of this.. In Game 2 initial cards, which are enough for a long time. Don't grab all the cards at once, choose 2-3, to which the soul lies. And then you yourself will understand, do you need more.


Weapon Pack 1 – small rifle, onion, crossbow
The rifle is generally useless, you have to go for a trifle with a fraction.
The bow is a near-silent weapon, he does not scare the beast.
The crossbow has a monstrous destructive power, but works at a very short distance. Players ask “where does such power of ancient weapons come from?” – yes from there, that an arrow weighs many times more than a bullet, she has a huge impulse, so everything is correct.
Weapon Pack 2 – pistol, rifle and gun, whose characteristics are WORSE, than the default. True, the pistol has a fraction available, but the pistol is buggy and does not fire from aiming mode. The gun does not change cartridges. Weapons give points for killing not to their type, so the gun is not pumped. Unclear, how could such a thing be released.
Weapon Pack 3 – they say, this pack is good, but i have not tested.
Wild Goose Chase Gear – gun and goose bait. DO NOT TAKE. Reviews are extremely negative, dlc broken, the weapon has a free analogue.
Duck and Cover Pack – weapon, duck bait and shelter. DO NOT TAKE. Likewise, dlc non-working, ducks do not spawn and do not react to decoys. You can hunt ducks without it.
Smoking Barrels Weapon Pack – weapon from 19 century. Take only if you are interested in this style itself.. Nothing fancy for gameplay.

Hunting houses:

Trophy Lodge Spring Creek Manor – classic European style hunting estate.
Saseka Safari Trophy Lodge – hotel in african style, he is physically bigger, although I would not say, what's better.

This content is far from mandatory, and there are questions for him. Houses cannot be rebuilt somehow, they are the same for all players. Yes, in them you can place your trophies, but to be honest, few people will go to you in the same house to look at your merits. You cannot leave the houses in the courtyard, there are no activities. Like content and necessary in your idea, the hunter must have a trophy house. But the authors forgot to fill it with meaning.
Saseka is bigger, but our player is closer and more understandable. One of the two will suffice.


Tents & Ground Blinds – tents, fast travel providers, essentially deployable bases for comfort. It is not right, that they are sold separately, but yes, need to take.
ATV Saber 4X4 – ATV. It is required to purchase, it will be just bitter to play without him. Maintenance free, they can be replaced endlessly.
tree stand & Tripod Pack – portable towers. Questionable content for those, who will find it interesting.
High-Tech Hunting Pack – visor for night hunting and sight for bow. Few will need.
Bloodhound – hunting dog, which will find the shot game. They say, there are bugs. But the dog can be pumped, give her a name, hand feed. She fills in some emptiness in the game.

You don't need to take all the content, he is not always a worker, sometimes redundant or redundant.
You need to take a couple of cards, to which you have a soul, ATV, tents and one pack of weapons.
Can (but not at all) take a house and a dog.
You don't need to take trifles and hunting for a bird. In general, a lot of problems with birds have been noticed in the game..

Tips and tricks

● All these sanctuaries are real or not?
These are fictional locations. Perhaps that is why their names are so stupid even for their own languages..
Hirschfelden, Yukon and Mississippi exist, but such territories are not there. ● Opening the map, base, replenishment of ammunition
At the beginning of the game, you need to open at least one hunting base. Open the map, find an observation deck (binoculars icon), climb it. Part of the map will open. Find the house sign on the map. Visit him, touch the flag. You now have your resting point with a shop, there you can also call ATVs and pick up tents (if bought by dlc).
The Ranger Starter Rifle has free Ammo, but their penetrating power – 15, ie. very low. It is better to buy good cartridges with a breakthrough for in-game money 30.
To the base (as well as pitched tents) you can teleport, but this only applies to visited houses, their icon is white. Green house icon – you haven't been there yet.

● How to make money?
There are some hot spots in the game. Choose Hirschfelden and head west to the lakes. There is a bison, they almost always walk in herds and are rather slow. With good weapons, you can overwhelm the whole herd and get hold of.
Money is given not only for the captured animals, but also for completing plot tasks. Tasks are reduced mainly to visiting places, detecting traces, killing and photographing certain game. And more money is given for tasks.

● About donated weapons
In this game, donated cannons do not give a particularly big advantage., all weapons in the game are more or less realistic, so there is no imba. Donated trunks have default counterparts, however, they are unlocked after many hours of play and cost in-game currency. The player receives a donated weapon almost immediately – not at the start of the game, but it can be picked up at the very first hunting base.

● Why are some weapons unavailable?
Weapons are unlocked as you level up. In addition, you need possession points for a certain type of weapon. – they are issued for murders of this type.
Some trunks are locked behind the plot, for example, one shotgun requires completing Medved Taiga map missions.

● How to choose weapons and ammo?
Beasts and weapons are ranked by level from 1 to 9. Beasts 9 level – these are the largest and strongest, they are almost indestructible for most weapons.
You need to carry with you 3-4 weapons, but they should all be on a different occasion, not duplicating each other.
▪ Shotgun or pistol with shot. This is for small brisk prey: rabbits, birds. The advantage is, that you don't need to aim exactly, scatter decides. But such a weapon will not kill anyone else..
▪ Rifle – this is a weapon for medium loot: boar, Lynx, Fox, puts. There is little or no choice of ammo for starter rifles.
▪ Shotgun – for medium and large production. That is the main weapon. Do not forget, that you can put a sniper scope on the gun too.
It is very important to load the gun correctly.. You don't need to understand cartridges and calibers in real life, just buy the cartridges compatible with this gun (there is a button in the store when entering your weapon “compatible”). Shotgun cartridges are divided into those, which have high penetrating power, and they, which are highly expansive, ie. they expand in the victim's body. Expansive can throw small deer into the lung. But on a really big beast, you just have “did not strike”. On the moose, bear and bison need cartridges with a breakdown index of at least 40.
You don't even have to try to shoot a large rifle with a rifle..
▪ Crossbow – finishing off large prey in the frontal

● Where to shoot the beast?
Forget about headshots. These are not people, they have brains like a nut, there is almost solid bone. Moreover, the head is small, you will not fall into it. Aim for the heart, lungs. Kill the beast for a point – Also an option. By the way, on the forum of real hunters, this issue was discussed and yes, really – bullet, in the ass, collects a bunch of organs on the way.
Shoot the bison at the scruff of the neck, he needs to break the spine. Or again, a heart, lungs.

● Is it possible to hunt at night?
Can, but rather unpleasant. For night hunting, you need to turn on the flashlight on your head – L. He does not frighten animals, this is a game convention. Night visibility is good enough on Medved Taiga., because white snow. It's better not to climb on other maps, unless on assignment.

● What is the arrow on the compass?
This direction, where the wind blows your scent. If towards the beast, then you will be noticed.

● Some subtleties
You can click on the mouse wheel and it instantly removes and puts on the sniper scope. You need to remove it, if the beast is close.
Long press R means switch ammo type. To do this, their, of course, you need to buy in advance, pick up from the warehouse and also load into the cannon in the menu. But some guns are buggy, there the change of cartridges takes place on an empty space.
The beast can whistle – it will slow him down for a couple of seconds, then scare. That is, it will give one fleeting chance for a successful shot..
There is also a button for a short breath hold – this will reduce the shaking of the sight for a few seconds.

● Is it possible to crush the beast with an ATV?
It is forbidden. I personally checked, the physics of the game works like this, that any impact with the beast is considered damage, ie. you will die yourself.

● Where are the deferred trophies, of which I did not make a stuffed animal right away?
To see them, you need to have a dlc about the house (mansion or african). Inside the house, you can call a submenu with postponed animals and either make stuffed animals out of them, either destroy. This menu is pretty small, it will overflow quickly, therefore, it is worth rewriting more successful trophies over old ones, production level is indicated in figures.
If you don't have a home, you just don't need this mechanic.

● How to pump?
Experience is given not only for killing animals, but also for completing the dispatcher's tasks. And also for visiting places of interest, which are marked on the map. Therefore, it makes sense to go around the points on a typewriter., collecting stats.
Leveling up in the game is extremely slow and is designed for hundreds of hours of play. For each level is given 1 score, alternately in Skills and Skills. note, that both categories have subcategories. Invest points in that type of weapon, which you use more often. Between developing into a beater and an ambush, I advise you to choose the first, although for the slug, for example, the second skill is an increase in pay by 5%.
Upgrading the weapon tree is pretty weird – given a choice as if between pumping pistols, rifles, etc., but in reality the skills of one often extend to all. So reloading the pistol on the run gives this property to all weapons..
Very few points, so think, what to spend them on. There are obviously unnecessary abilities like predicting rain., you shouldn't spend money on this.


    • In the center of Speerberg around the lake. I recommend to take a pistol with cartridges 9 class, run and shoot from the hip, steps from the side, Aim for the lungs.

  1. Why do I shoot a duck in the air and it falls into the water and falls through this water,and i cant pick it up?Only those who were sitting, I shot them, the only way I can pick them up!

    • Because they are not detected by binoculars. There are birds, for which hunting is provided, but there is just a flying decor, which can be knocked down)

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