Fran Bow: getting all achievements

In this tutorial I will try to explain how to get all 18 achievements


Sleepy Princess
To get an achievement, you need to persistently offer the guard a cake with sleeping pills,to convince him,you only need to choose in a dialogue with him (B) he will eat the cake,will fall asleep,and you will get an achievement.

I found my way out!
To get an achievement at the end 1 chapters completely pass the mini-game without skipping it,it is quite light and will not be difficult to complete.

It tasted fabulous!
At the beginning 2 chapters you find yourself in an unknown house,at the beginning of the chapter, just go to the living room where there is a bunch of sweets on the table,you just have to 3 press the cake and cakes once (cupcakes) and the achievement is in your pocket.

I burn you!
To complete you will need to take duotin to get into the well,there (already having a board) walk to the bottle on a string,and instead of a knife to lower the bottle use matches. The bottle falls and you get an achievement

Hello dolly!
For execution:on the second floor BEFORE the ceremony in the attic we look into the stroller next to the cage where M.R. Midnight sits and see there sewn twins. After the ceremony we look there again and see the doll. achievement received.

Find Mr.Midnight!
Will open automatically after,how do you find the key and release the cat
(The key lies behind the mirror on the shelf)

Toad on board!
In the end 2 chapters we pass the mini-game a game with a frog without skipping it,as well as the last one is quite easy

Faster than a snai!
At the beginning 3 chapters on the coast play tic-tac-toe with the snail and win 5 time.

Dr. Love
To get an achievement, you need to return your wife to Mount Cotram.
In short:for this we speak with Cotram,we find out that his wife is on an island in the middle of the river,we are sailing there,talking to her,we find out the reason for the breakup and agree,what if we bring her a red flower,then she will return to him. on the way to Kotram we are looking for a flower,we rip off with a knife,give it to her,she goes back to Cotram,We follow her to him. Cotram thanks us and gives the hat that is needed for the plot. We get an item for passing and an achievement.

The kind thief
After that,how M.R. Midnight steals a ticket from a sleeping bee in a bar,trying to go to a bar,the guard tells us that he will not let us through because he remembers that he let someone in with such a ticket,and that,that the underline on it is not peculiar to a little girl. Then we take the card of the cockroach disinfectant and the green pencil obtained in the first chapter,and combining them ourselves we draw a pass for ourselves. Going into the bar we give the bee its pass and get reached)

A troll… RUN!

Mini game again. At the end 3 chapters we go through one more mini-game without missing it

Oops! You crashed the game

To receive:on Itward's computer we pass 3 level in the game and the last bonus.. The mini-game seemed a little difficult to me.,but who like)


To get an achievement while connecting things and tubes on the table,adding berries to the left you will see a piece of paper with the inscriptions,each column there is crossed out except for the AFM field,put a cross in the field next to the inscription with a pencil and you're done.

Feeding the robot rabbit

After that,how Itward locks us in a room,take duotin,being in ultra-reality, we feed the robot rabbit one carrot at a time 3 times


In the next chapter, Dr. Dearn will take you to the cemetery.,Once on the grave of Fren and her parents, we use matches to light candles on their grave.

The old story

After talking with the monster, you will enter the medical office where Dr. Dearn is sitting in an electric chair.,how do you close the door to the room,you will see a photo of patients and scientists from the Center for Brain Research on the wall,click on it to see and get an achievement

This is Electroman!

Click on the switch next to the electric chair Dr. Deern is sitting on. 3 times.

The end

The final achievement is given for completing the game.

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