The Chronicles of Myrtana Arkholos: Detailed guide to obtaining 100% achievements

With this guide you will be able to unlock all the achievements in the Chronicle of Myrtana 🙂
Described everything in as much detail as possible. If you have any questions, then write in the comments, I will be happy to answer them


1. It’s just the beginning (This is just the beginning)
Complete all side activities on the ship. Received in the prologue on a pirate ship.

  • We talk with Rupert. He invites us to cook a barbecue. Reading the recipe, getting rid of nearby rats, we take their meat and cook barbecue on the stove, then we give it to Rupert.
  • Talk to Urs, we get a scroll of unlocking locks.
  • Talk to Vazka. He asks us to look for a box in the warehouse., let's take it by searching the boards, and open the box with the resulting scroll. We give the box to her. (Do not worry, take her back to the beach at Bernard's farm, she will lie dead on the shore)
  • We talk with Asuke. We give him the grog, which we found earlier in the chest.
  • I'm talking about Fabio. Fight him or give him a beer, which we found earlier in the chest.
  • We speak with the smuggler at the grate.
2. Wanderer (Wanderer)
Use all forms of fast travel.
Among the available means of fast transportation, we have:

  • Runes of teleportation. First available teleportation option – this is a cave, near the shore of which we arrived at Arholos <-> Silbach (in the chapel, which we access (the key to the magician, passing his tests), to defeat the "powerful enemy" in her).
  • Using the ship (Boatmen). Available in many locations, where there is access to the sea. The easiest way to do it – get to the port in the city and talk to the Carrier.
  • Use the Araxos carrier
3. Self-sufficient (Self-sufficient)
Turn heavy branches into 50 arrows or bolts.
From one branch you can make 2 arrows or 2 bolts. Therefore we need 25 branches. We can get branches from opponents (like goblins) or from chopping wood
Arrows / bolts are made sitting down to the workshop with a knife in inventory.

4. Best friend (Best friend)
Pet the dog We can complete the quest we will face with the old dog in the area of ​​artisans, at the forge of Odgar. The dog needs to bring different types of meat. After you select the desired view, the dog can be stroked.
Another solution – buy a house in the Old Town and get a dog, which will appear in front of our door.

5. How will it be in Khorinis? (How to say in Khorinis?)
Create something, what was supposed to be a little joke.
To obtain the achievement, you must complete the quest "Pearls of water»From Kobus to the Adanos chapel in the city.
The magician will ask us 8 pearls, because of, that you interrupted his experiment. You shouldn't buy them. Collecting seashells, you clean houses. To about 4 chapter you will have the required number of pearls
Having received them, talk to Kobus and drop the pearls into the nearby water tank.
As a reward we get edible "water" and this achievement.

6. Arena master (Arena Master)
Prove, that there is no greater warrior from you, even when everyone is watching.
We will get the achievement after winning all battles during the Rascal Hideout Arena Tournament.
List of fights:
First round

  • Larry – simple adversary
  • Otis – he will cast a slow spell on us. If we have the same scroll, we can throw it over it, this will unlock the achievement “37. Fair fight (Fair fight)»
    Round two

Saul will offer a potion. If we accept this, it will make the first fight easier and prevent the second, if we don't accept "help", then the battles will go on normally.

  • Eileen – simple adversary
  • Saul – it's hard to fight, if we took a potion

Third round

  • Orc – simple adversary
  • Sea serpent, more strong, than swamp snakes

Last round
Big Ben has its own health bar. Easier to win, if before that you pumped your acrobatics (roll away from him and drink the potion)
After defeating the champion, we will receive the achievement.

7. Valley Of Mines (Valley of mines)
Get iron, gold, silver and magic ore.

You need a pickaxe, to extract resources. Found in the game (a sufficient amount is lying around in different places) or from blacksmiths for 45 gold. (if you are planning a trip to the mine, buy a lot of picks – they break there)

  • Iron ore can be found in the cave, where we spend our first night on the island
  • Gold Ore can be found in the Merchants Guild Mine.
  • Silver Ore can be found near the road to Wolf's Lair, where crawlers roam.
  • Magic ore can be found in a cave near the Monastery of the Water Mages.
8. Bounty hunter (Head hunter)
Execute 6 contracts with wanted posters.
Contracts can be obtained on message boards in the city and in the village of Silbach
New orders appear every chapter.

Below is a map of orders (location of required animals / people) and a list of all orders.

1. eater (available from the third chapter)
Blood eater, that is, the bat, can be found in the sewers of the cave in their northern part.

2. Angry boar (available from the second chapter)
The Angry Boar can be found on the road between Valerio Vineyard and the Misty Marshes.

3. Mytnik (available from the third chapter)
Mytnik – guard, which is at the pointer, which we will find, following the road to the right after exiting the South Gate of Silbach.

4. Cool guy (available from the third chapter)
Cool guy – crab, which can be found near the city moat.
Just walk from one gate to another.

5. Dragons (available from the fifth chapter)
Dragons can be found behind burned-out huts near the burned-out mill.

6. Anxious beast (available from the fourth chapter)
We meet a disturbing forest beast in the fields north of Silbach.

7. Tax collector (available from the fourth chapter)
Stands over the waterfall to the right of that place, where we drank our meeting with Jorn.

8. Crystal golem (available from 5 chapters)
The Crystal Golem can be found in a cave on the cliffs behind the Monastery of the Water Mages.

9. Havdan (available from the fifth chapter)
Khavdan is located in a cave above the entrance to the city canals on the Amber Coast.

10. Hyena (available from the fourth chapter)
We can find “Hyena”, digging graves in the cemetery in Silbach.

11. Ice wolves (available from the third chapter)
We find wolves on the way to the stone circle at the Amber Coast.

12. Wet (available from the second chapter)
Mokre is located at the waterfalls on the route to the volcano from the Silbach side.
Just follow the river and see him near burnt houses (carefully, he with a crossbow)

13. Axeman (available from the second chapter)
The Axeman can be found in an abandoned hut near the Descent to the Misty Marshes..

14. Fatty (available from the second chapter)
We will find Fat in a tunnel next to a sign on the road between the city and Valerio's vineyard (there is a half-cave with mole rats, he is their leader)

15. Rebellious newbie (available from the third chapter)
The newbie can be found by the road towards the city. Turn left behind an abandoned cart, and right, behind the bushes, you will find caves with novice (through the bushes you may not see the passage (carefully, knows magic well).

16. Prophet (available from the fifth chapter)
We will find the Prophet and his followers by the tree, if we go from the chapel of Adanos to the port.

17. Puma (available from the fifth chapter)
"Puma" is on a boat at the right end of the Amber Coast.

18. Sick rats (available from the fourth chapter)
We'll find sick rats in the sewers in front of the stairs with the door closed..

19. Scattered carcass (available from the second chapter)
The overgrown carcass is in a hut in the woods opposite the western gate of the city..

20. Kanalartse (available from the third chapter)
The sewers can be found in the sewers in the room with the elevator to their right..

21. Sleeping Shadow Beast (available from the fourth chapter)
The sleeping shadow beast sleeps at the sign under the signal tower

22. Slippery (available from the second chapter)
Slippery roams the slums, not far from the arena site

23. Mountain trolls (available from 5 chapters)
Mountain trolls to the left, in the grove between the city and the Araxos mine.

24. Albino bear (available from the fourth chapter)
The bear is found in the valley opposite the Arholos mine.

25. Widow (available from the fourth chapter)
The "Widow" can be found in the Old Town, in the astrologer's house.

9. Fight club (Fight club)
Who needs a sword, if fists – deadliest weapon?

Must complete all slum night battles. An entry fee is required, but if we win fights one after another, the entry fee plus the prize will be enough for the next entry fee.

List of battles:
1. Fist fight with the "port guy".
2. Fist fight with a farmer.
3. Fight with a gun with a sailor.
4. Fight with weapons with a member of the Merchants Guild.
5. Fist fight with guard.
6. Fist fight with southerner.
7. Fight with weapons with a mercenary.
8. Fist fight with two opponents.
9. Fist fight with the Wolf Son.
10. Weapon fights with the Nordmard (very strong opponent)

Get a lot of gold as a reward
I also recommend to come to the arena after a while., see an interesting picture)

10. Forsaken Gods (Forsaken Gods)
Interact with each god's shrine.

One should pray at the statue of every God: Innosa, Adanosa and Beliara.

  • The statue of Innos is in the chapel in Silbach.
  • The statue of Adanos is located near Silbach, where we help Riordan extract resources to heal his brother.
  • There is a statue of Beliar between Silbach and Rita's vineyard in a cave, full of skeletons and with a circle of teleportation.

This is not the only location of the statues of the gods, if you find elsewhere, you will also get the achievement

11. Our house, in the middle of our street (Our house in the middle of the street)
Our own home

In chapter 4 we get home auction information in the old town. Along with this, we receive a quest associated with him. (we go straight to the house, there will be a judge and a worker, nailing doors)
We will be asked to make copies of the auction leaflets. We go to the writing store (opposite the Guild of Merchants). Making copies. Come to the bulletin board, notice, that the date on the leaflets is wrong.
We will not report an error (I have not found a way to communicate), therefore we participate in an incognito auction. We will meet Kazim's former comrade near the notice board in the port., which will help us, if we give him a rich man's clothes (can be bought in the market square) and 1000 gold.
Through 2 of the day go home and buy a key for 1000 gold (you can reward Kazim and give him 2000). We go to a furniture store (Unfortunately, not IKEA) in the old town (located behind the house) and buy any bed. We put it at home and go to bed.
After which you get achievement

12. Old friends (Old friends)
Meet friends from past adventures.

In the Chronicles of Myrtana, we can meet characters from the future (chronologically) or the past (game release date) parts.
Here are the characters, which you must meet, to get this achievement:

  • Riordian (Meet him in the story)
  • Stone (blacksmith in the village of Silbach)
  • Nek (keeper of Rita's vineyard, located in a cave by the lake, surrounded by monsters)
  • Bladwin ("Guard" in the Merchants Guild mine, in the mine requires gold to enter part of the mine, if we are part of a guild)
  • Kyle (farmer at Bermara farm, the quest is associated with him “Reluctant apprentice”)
  • Homer (a slave in the Outlaws' Refuge near the arena)

Moreover, we can also meet people, whose namesakes appear in other parts of the Gothic, but due to the greater similarity, it may only be a coincidence:

  • Rupert (refugee, he is with us on the ship on Archolos in the prologue)
13. I’ve changed my mind (I changed my mind)
Get ready to join one guild and join another.

In the city you must complete all missions, which will prepare you to join the two available guilds – DIldia Traders and City guards. (I.e, we go through all the quests from the first and from the second and only then we join this or the guild)

14. Trial of the Grasses (Herb Test)
Be under the influence of three temporary potions at the same time.

Easy achievement.
You need a drink 3 potions, which give you a temporary effect. You can choose a potion of strength, dexterity, of magic, protection and speed.
Drinking three at once guarantees achievement.

15. The Beast (Beast)
Defeat the beast

Complete the quest "Beast of the Archolos". We get it from Ramsey in Wolf's Lair after completing quests for Ulric.. The whole quest is, to hunt in a group, which will go wrong, as planned.
The achievement will be unlocked after killing the beast, but we can continue to search for information about him … to unlock the achievement " 35. Hidden truth (Hidden truth)».

16. Just right for pay off a debt (Just right to pay off your debt)
You must have at least 10 000 gold.

Easy to earn while playing, special after becoming an apprentice to one of the masters in the city

17. Work, work and after work… (Work, work and after work …)
Complete the training with one of the masters.
We will get the achievement in the chapter 4 given that, that we completed all the tasks for our master. It is also possible to get this achievement in the chapter 5.
Among the available masters, we have:

  • Odgar the blacksmith in the area of ​​the craftsmen,
    we have to complete the quest "Work at the blacksmith" (to become an apprentice) and "The Legendary Recipe"
  • Davis in the artisan district,
    we must do the "Carpenter's Job" (to become an apprentice) and "For a few master keys"
  • The butcher in the artisan district,
    we have to do "Work for the butcher" (to become an apprentice) and "Bear Snack"
  • archer Frida in the market square,
    we have to complete the quests "Working for an archer" (to become an apprentice) and "War of the Merchants"
  • alchemist Gershlick at the market square,
    we have to do "Work for the alchemist" (to become an apprentice) and "Indigestible Experiment"
18. Magician’s path (The path of the wizard)
Write your first 5 magic scrolls.

It consists in rewriting the scrolls. Can be learned in a book, which we get from Riordian in Silbach after completing the quest "The Art of Writing" in the first chapter.

19. Workaholic (Hard worker)
Make two trades.
Available after unlocking the achievement “Work, work and after work …”. After completing tasks with our master, we will get a certificate, confirming the completion of training in this field. This will allow us to become a disciple of other masters..
After entering the second master, we do not lose access to the first master. We can continue to sell him the goods he needs..

20. Dethronement (Rejection)
Some should really know, when to leave the stage ... undefeated.

We will get this achievement in Chapter 5 after, how are you, together with the guards and the guild, destroy the lair of the villains

21. Snatch the time (Rip out the time)
Stop cooperation, which did not bring the expected benefits.
We can be kicked out of the organization, if we are bad at quests.
If we do it right, then we talk to Kessler (in chapter 5), he will tell us about joining the Circle of Water. Then we can leave the Merchants Guild (I'm sure, which is the same with the city guards).

22. Wares under counter (Goods under the counter)
Eliminate the Merchant Guild Competition.
You must fulfill all quests, Lorenzo's data.
It is worth visiting every chapter..
Necessary tasks:

  • “The night Watch”
  • “Unfair competition”
  • “Who is who”
  • "Closing the business"
23. On His Majesty’s Service (In the service of His Majesty)
Complete all Royal Emissary missions..
Achievement requires you to complete the following quests:

  • "In extreme conditions"
  • "The ship in the port is safe"
  • “Orcish plague”

After completing the tasks, we will receive the armor of the royal guard, offering a comfortable travel to the continent and this is an achievement.

24. Old school (Old school)
Defeat a huge enemy, bringing him to his weight class.You get this achievement after casting the Shrink Monster spell on a troll and then killing it.
The type of troll does not matter.
Scroll of spells can be bought from Dima of the Merchants Guild.

25. Father’s will (Paternal will)
Reconcile the Valerio brothers.
Achievement on the quest for dividing Valerio's farm. It is necessary to reach a peaceful solution to the issue. To reach such a solution, you have to talk, ask opinion 6 staff and ask Liam “How are you”, until another conversational line appears.
The next day we receive a sample of the will and go with it to the city scribe Wenzel.
Having received the will, we go with him to Matei (his office is next to the Venzel building, there is a long queue for him).
Finally, we go back to Old Liam and hand over the will. After that, you will receive the achievement

26. Rainy day stash (Rainy day's cache)
Hearty food and good equipment – this is what is needed for every expedition.

During the preparation for the trip to the Vardhal dungeon, we will be informed about, that we should seek help from people, whom we helped.
We can reach out to people, for which tasks were performed. They will give us packages, which we can use, when we get them out of the chest in the basement.
We must collect as much as possible.
Here are the people, who can help us:

  • Bastian – innkeeper in the village of Silbach.
  • Ezekiel – trader from the village of Silbach, if he is alive and we helped him bury his daughter and become a merchant.
  • Victor – shepherd from the village of Silbakh, guards the warehouse, we can't tell him about the orcs
    • Rupert – friend from the ship in the prologue, if we helped him with the quest "Nobody was left behind"
  • Helga – innkeeper in the city at the port
  • Rita – vineyard owner, if we completed her task of finding Nek and getting rid of the monsters around the vineyard.
  • Tengral – fire mage at Innos Chapel in town, if you successfully helped the paladin Runar during the quest “Will of Heaven”
  • Sladger – butcher in the city in the area of ​​the craftsmen, if we are his students, we will receive a large parcel, if not, let's mention Volcker, we will receive a small parcel
  • Davis – carpenter in a town in the craftsmen's quarter, if you are his student
  • Frieda – archer in the city on the market square, if you are her student
  • Hershlik – alchemist in the city by the market square, if you are his student
  • Odgar – blacksmith in the city in the artisan district, if you are his student
  • Bevin – beekeeper, if you helped kill the bear
  • Dima – merchant in the Guild of Merchants, if the quest "Dima's Messenger" was completed.
  • Tomasz – brewer in the city near the market square, if we have completed the quest "Connoisseurs".
  • Zechariah – fisherman at the sailors' hideout, if we have completed the quest "Behind closed doors"
  • Helmud – coal miner at coal miners' camp, if the quest was completed “Razor blade”.
  • Whip – lumberjack in the woods / port manager, in the forest, if we helped chop wood, or in the port, if we have completed the quest "The ship in the port is safe".
  • Valerio vineyard owner – regardless of whether, who became the owner or did we reconcile the brothers, we will get the key from the warehouse. In a crate in the warehouse, you will find a supply bag.
  • Pablo – merchant in the Guild of Merchants, if we spare his life and if we help sabotage the smugglers in the sewers
  • Ernesto – inn in the old town

it, probably, Not all, but these characters, under fulfilled conditions, give packages.

27. Gear up! (Get ready!)
Get a complete set of equipment.Easy achievement. Need to dress 2 rings and amulet from any set (for example 2 rings and amulet of Pirates)

28. Trojan horse (Trojan horse)
Find a truly unconventional way to get into the city.
The picture from this achievement speaks for itself.- you need to get into the city in a barrel.
Heading to town, to the west gate and to the Bermara farm. We meet Salzer there, whom we help to find a wheel for a cart (we go a little further along the path, will lie in a ravine) We return the found wheel and climb into the barrel).

29. Dances with Wolves (Dances with wolves)
Earn the trust of the island's most distrustful inhabitants.

In the fourth chapter, you must complete ALL main and side quests in Wolf's Lair.

The main:

  • “They deserve”
  • “The only way to John” at the direction of Baes
  • "A journey into the depths of the mine"


  • "Decision time"
  • "Breakthrough discovery"
  • "Silver and Steel"
  • “Night guard”
  • “Wolf skins”, Gives Baes, so it's worth completing the quest from him first, after already make decisions in other quests, concerning it.
30. Part-time thief (Part-time thief)
Each chest can be opened with a limited number of lockpicks ... or spell scrolls. Make sure, what do you spend more, what do you need

You must have lockpicks, the ability to open locks and a scroll, to open the locks.
Trying to open the chest with a master key, we break it, retreat, use the scroll, open the chest. Achivka is yours.

31. Tomb raider (Tomb Raider)
Find a place, that was never to be found

You will receive the achievement after entering the Temple in the South Swamp.
To get to the temple, you need to swim to a hidden bay in the swamp.
We can open it with a sword, which we will receive in exchange for 45 old coins, which we exchange at the museum in the city. Coins can be found in the game world or bought in bags of 10 pieces (each by 100 gold).
Sword, which we get from the owner of the museum (gives as a gift after, how will you give it to him 45 old coins). It is called “Old sword”.
Find is here:

32. Suicide squad (Suicide squad)
We won't save everyone, but it's worth a try!

We get it after completing the quest "Underground Vardhal".
It is necessary, to survive all possible (Except for those, who died immediately on the bridge, one worker, with which Duster dug the entrance, Marcus (he will stay in the treasury anyway), Kessler (He will stay at the altar anyway) and Duster (it will be eaten by royal crawlers anyway)

33. Cast away
Get to the farthest corner of the world.

To unlock this achievement, you need to travel to the island south of the main island. Its location is shown in the screenshot below..

34. Traitors to the Crown (Traitors to the crown)
Solve the problem with the City Guard.

You must fulfill ALL quests, data by Roderich.
It is worth visiting every new chapter.
Necessary tasks:

  • Lost Patrol
  • “Vengard's Dresses”
  • "Several nuggets"
  • “Blood for wine”
35. Friendly fire (Friendly fire)
If fire is best fought with fire, then with a wolf it is best to fight ... a wolf?
You must defeat the animal, turning into such an animal. The scroll can be bought from Dima in the Merchants Guild.
Recommend the wolf scroll, proven!

36. Hidden truth (Hidden truth)
Immerse yourself in the most disturbing mysteries of human nature.

During the quest "The Beast of Arkholos" you must carefully examine the forest, in which the hunt takes place. Any hint will be recognized, when will we notice her, and this will be signaled by a message from Marvin "Mmmmmm" (there will be just a dialog line, meaning reflection).
Hints, which we must meet in the forest:

  • Quiver with arrows – in the grass near the left wall of the forest (from the village of Silbakh)
    Killed animals – by the road in the forest
  • Scrolls of transformation – located in front of the cave entrance, where will you find other hunters (dead Rudy, wounded Gerke), near the fire.
  • Mana potions – scattered in the forest
  • Allan's Horn – at the entrance to the lair “Of the beast” it should be examined first, before examining the body.

After completing the task and receiving the reward, we go to the Old Town to the house with wolf trophies at the entrance and talk to the hunter, who gave up hunting the Beast. (Before that, it is advisable to inspect the empty cage on the beach between Wardhal and Bermara farm)
Start a conversation, pointing out his guilt, after which he will attack you.

37. Disarmed (Disarmed)
It's not easy to pick it up without a magic potion., truth?
We need an elixir, which temporarily increases strength, dexterity or magic, and weapons, for which we lack skill points.
We have 70 strength, drink the potion, which adds 25 power points, put on weapons, which requires more 70 power points, ie. then, which we cannot wear without a potion.
It is necessary to keep the weapon in “combat readiness” until, until the potion wears off (the weapon will fall out of hand), after which you will receive the achievement

38. Fair fight (Fair fight)
Everything comes back.
During the Tournament in the Lair of the Scoundrels, you will fight with Otis. At the beginning of the battle, he will cast a "Slow" spell on us. To get this achievement, you must cast the same spell on him.

39. Death looks good on you (You like death)
Help someone leave this world, without getting your hands dirty.

In the Misty Marshes we will meet the skeleton of Fein, lying in the grave. Received a mission to collect warriors for an expedition to the underworld of Vardhala, invite him to join us.
He will not be considered the fifth member of the expedition..
Riordian will kill him near the fortress.

40. Royal escort (Royal escort)
Guide four warriors in the service of the king on an adventure.

The achievement will be unlocked after, how do you take people in the service of the king on an expedition to the Vardhal dungeon. (ACHIEVEMENT OPEN ONLY FOR THOSE, Who joined the guards!)
We can take four people on a trip:

  • Lutz. He will join us, if we have completed the quests "In a quiet fog" and "Queen of thorns".
  • How. He will join us, if we have completed the tasks "Golden Innos" and "Warrior Innos". (Found in the monastery of the water mages)
  • Berto. He will join us, if he survives the missions "The Lost Squad" and "On the Trail of the Guilty Kidnappers". (Found in the barracks)
  • Arvid. He will join us, if we have completed the tasks to get rid of the traitor in the City Guard.

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