The Forest: How to get Megan Cross out of the Sahara lab

In this guide, I will talk about, how you can get Megan Cross out of the laboratory using a bug in co-op.


Introduction, dupe Megan
To implement this bug, you will need at least one partner, with which you will try to pick Megan at the same time. After a couple of tries, you should be able to do it.

You must dup Megan at least once.. Take one copy with you, put another in the artifact itself.

The path to the second artifact
Further, you with a girl in your hands move further in the story through the caves. In the moment, where you will need to swim underwater – just dive, the rebreather will be put on automatically.

Never climb the ropes, because. Megan will get stuck in your hands. If, nevertheless, for what – that's the reason the girl got stuck in your arms – ask your partner to hit you or blow you up, in this case Megan will fall to the floor.
This way you get to the second artifact.. You gotta put the girl on the floor (required condition, because otherwise the game bugs) and activate the second ending of the game( ie disabling the artifact)

After completing the cutscene, you take Megan in your arms and go to the elevator

Leaving the laboratory, conclusion
Further, after going down the elevator, you gently jump on the wall there, where is it needed ( so as not to receive damage from falling ), Do not let go of Megan.

So, you reach the dead end of the cave, blow up the exit and go free. Congratulations, Megan is in your hands.

Unfortunately, after restarting to save, Megan disappears, but we have not yet found a method to save it on the map. Thanks for attention.

From Kiiwee

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