Ultimate Custom Night: Tactics against animatronics

Animatronics from the first fnaf
Freddie Fazber: comes from the left side, and also visible on cameras. In him 4 stages: far in the hallway, closer, even closer and at the door

Bonnie: sometimes stands behind the screen instead of Foxy. If you see him, then he will give you a screamer (will blind) tablet on 10 seconds. If you have a Bonnie figurine on your desk, then he came out.

uncle: Chica rattles in the kitchen on the camera with a puppet. If the sounds of the thunder disappear, then change music box music.

Foxy: same as in the first fnafe: it has several stages and it is necessary to close the door. But there is a difference, if parts of it started to appear in the office, then it's time to close the door, otherwise there will be a screamer.

Golden Freddy: with a chance may appear in the office after closing the tablet. If he is in the office – lift your tablet or put on a mask.

Animatronics from the second fnaf
Toy Freddy: in this part of that Freddie is now a gamer and plays his fnaf. His fnaf has everything 1 animatronic – a vacuum cleaner. If you see a vacuum cleaner on Freddy's camera – gotta close the door. If there is an inscription on his monitor “Game Over” – then you can't survive.

He's Bonnie: can come at any time, если вы его заметилиодевайте маску.

Той Чика: тоже самое как той Бонни, но времени на одевание маски даётся меньше

Мангл: ползет по системе вентиляции, закройте заслонку, в месте где она ползет. Если Мангл в вашем офисе, то вы уже не выживите.

BB (Баллун бой): появляется в левой вентиляции, если он там закрывайте её на F. Если вы не успели закрыть, то придётся слушать его смех и играть без фонарика на время.

БГ (Баллун гёрл): по основе тот же ББ, но она уже отбирает возможность закрывать двери и вентиляции на время.

Марионетка: it is necessary to wind the box in her cell. The higher the activity level of the Puppet – the more often you have to wind up the box.

Broken animatronics
Broken Chica: creeps through the ventilation system. Place a shutter in front of her, otherwise she will end up in the office, if it will – loss cannot be avoided

Broken Bonnie: when he appears at the office – put on a mask and he will leave.

Animatronics from the third fnaf
Springtrap: creeps through the ventilation system, but the flap won't stop him. If you see his face in ventilation, then close it to W.

Phantom Mangle: appears on cameras. If you notice her – lower the tablet or change the camera mode to another. for example: switch to ventilation mode for cameras or audio lure (Audio lur). If you do not do this, then she will be in your office and make noise.

Phantom BB: you need to do the same with him, as with Phantom Mangle, but if you do not take action – he will already make a non-fatal screamer.

Phantom Freddy: appears in the office, when you see him – shine a flashlight on him on Z.

Nightmare animatronics
Nightmare Fredbear: appears in the left doorway with a characteristic laughing sound. Gotta close the door on A before knocking.

Nightmare: Same, что и кошмарный Фредбер, но уже приходит с правой стороны. Чтобы закрыть дверьнажмите на D.

Jack-o-Chika: приходит с двух сторон ОДНОВРЕМЕННО. Чтобы она ушлазакройте обе двери, но это не работает при выше 100 degrees.

Кошмарная Мангл: покупайте её игрушку в prize counter. Если она стоит в дверном проёмеона не уйдёт, даже если закрыть дверь.

Кошмарная Марионетка: не наводите на неё курсор. Звучит просто, but it is not so.

Кошмарный ББ: сидит в офисе всегда, не стоит светить на него фонариком просто так. Когда ББ встанет, посветите на него.

Старик рыбак: запускает мини-игру, in which you need to catch a fish in C. If you miss it – you will not have access to your tablet on 10 seconds.

Animatronics from Sister Locations
Baby: buy her toy, if you see, that she is in the right corridor.

Balora: a box appears in one of the doorways. Which side is the sound – that door and close.

Fontime Foxy: standing behind the screen, the time is written on his plate, в которое начнётся шоу. More details: you need to go to the camera at a certain time, which is written on the plate. Example: written “Show time 3 am”, means to go to the camera in 3 o'clock. In the worst situation, if you haven't looked – he will attack you.

Ennard: he crawls through ventilation systems, but it is not visible on the indicator. When you hear the creak of metal – close the ventilation.

Phantom Chika: she blurs the screen.

Molten Freddy: creeps through the ventilation system, but the flap won't stop him. When you hear him laugh – close the central ventilation.

Scrap baby появляется у вас в офисе. If she lifts her head at you and looks at you, shock her at “L Shift”

Afton (scrap trap): only comes 1 once a night. When you see the screen go dark and hear a sound, as if they put nails or something like the same in some bucket and started shaking – close the right ventilation before knocking.

Some kind of chumba
Trash and the Gang: garbage appears under your table and whispers something to you, and his assistant is on camera, in the form of a ball. When you see a ball, you can close the tablet, но при появление мусора вы получите недо-скример. (Not scary, not fatal, can even be called a funny screamer)

Help: appears in the office. Gotta push it, for him to leave. If you leave him – get an under-screamer.

Happy Frog: попытайтесь его удержать на audio lur на месте, с помощью sound bait.

Mr.Hippo: он ползёт по системе audio lur. You can drive it in circles, but don't let it close to the office. If he's close to you – you can use the heater, to scare him away.

Pigpatch: to keep him out of the office, do the same, что и с Mr.Hippo.

Neath Bear: he doesn't always listen to the bait, better to scare away with a heater.

Orville elephant: he doesn't listen to the bait at all. To survive there is 2 option: отпугивать его обогревателем или закрывать вентиляцию в audio lur.

Music Man: he sits behind you and does not like noise. Когда он звенит тарелкамиделайте как можно меньше шума. (Таблица шума под таблицей с энергией)

El Chip: он безобиден, но иногда включает заставку своего заведения. Её можно пропустить на кнопкуSkipили же нажать на “Enter”.

Lefty: появляется в кладовке и дремлет под музыку марионетки, но иногда он просыпается и ходит по зданию. Чтобы его усыпитьвключайте global music on 5.

Phone guy: он звонит вам во время ночи. Чтобы пропустить звонок нажмите на мониторе клавишуSkip call”, чтобы он замолчал.

Рокстар аниматроники
Рокстар Чика: she appears in doorways on cameras. Rockstar Chica is afraid of signs “wet floor”. If Chica is on the right, then put the sign on the right, if Chica is on the left, the sign must also be placed on the left.

Rockstar Foxy: There is a chance, that his parrot will fly in the office, if you click on it, it will be 2 option to continue the event: хороший и плохой. A good option включает в себя диалог о том, that the parrot liked you and you will receive a reward. The types of awards are: addition 1% energy; temperature 60 degrees; Distraction Music Man; 10 coins. Bad option включает в себя: screamer.

W – top ventilation
D – right door
A – left door
F – right ventilation
S – lift the tablet
WITH – turn on the flashlight
Space – off / on. desktop fan
Shift шокер для scrap baby
Ctrl – put on / take off the mask
C – fish for mini-game

1 – power generator (saves energy very well)
2 – silent ventilatilation (delays animatronics in ventilation)
3 – heater (adds temperature)
4 – power A/C (cools the room quickly)
5 – global music box
6 – X-all off (disables all modes)

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