Company of Heroes 2: Soviet strike tactics

Guide to playing for the USSR with the headquarters of the field troops and accompanying commanders. Provides a guide to aggressive assault and maneuver defense for a faction. Requires additions and criticism.
Commander's Choice, general information
Soviet special field headquarters presents offensive tactics, specializes in offensive.
Defense with this headquarters is difficult – you will have to constantly arrange terror for the enemy, violating his plans, counterattack to the point of exhaustion. Basic plan in the maneuverability of troops, however, there is no support for any machine guns, nor PTO, no mortars. However, this can be compensated for by the successful use of the terrain and troops..

With the help of certain commanders, the Soviet infantry can be strengthened. It will give us an edge on the battlefield..
Commanders preferably used in conjunction with headquarters:

• Soviet reserve army
• Lend-Lease tactics
• Tactics of recruiting recruits
• Tactics of tank strikes
• Tactics of technical superiority
• Armored attack tactics
• Labor front tactics
• Defense tactics in the city
• Breakthrough tactics of the NKVD troops
• Tactics of coordination of guards units.
• Soviet shock troops
• Airborne tactics
• Defensive tactics (community)

I chose the commanders on the principle that the troops would complement. For example, we do not have machine guns in the field headquarters., then it would be nice for us to replenish them, for example, with the tactics of Lend-Lease or the commander of the reserve army. If you see an ability associated for example with the disguise of the VET – there is no point in using a headquarters that does not give ATT.

First phase of the fight
We start by looking in the window against whom we are playing – OKW or the Wehrmacht and on which location the action takes place.
It is advisable to combine the game – some of the people are in defense and some are in the assault. Exhausting the enemy is necessary and useful, disrupt supply lines to key resources (warm and ammunition) more than necessary.

Making a squad of recruits. T131944.186 sandbags – this is the basis of our fortification. We send recruits to the resource point – understand where the front line will be, you need to place your troops in such a way as to skillfully go behind enemy lines on the main line of fire.

purpose – resources. It is important to deprive the Germans of fuel in order to deprive them of their initial technology and produce it ourselves.. Secondary goal – ammunition or stars.

At this time, we send the sappers to make the headquarters closer to the front., T131944.186 squad of penalties or armored car – appear at approximately the same time. First of all, I take the penalty box because they move slower than the car and, in fact, when they reach the front, the car that appears arrives in time to help them.
We make a first-aid post instead of the recruits' grenades.

A little about recruits.
Wretched, but useful infantry – can build sandbags, I usually don’t give them grenades with this headquarters because it’s expensive and I’ll spend better on penalties. Having taken the advantage and if you have a lot of manpower, it makes sense to make recruits and send in droves to certain death, replacing those killed in battle or simply creating additional human mass. It is in the quantity that their advantage, they will help you on the defensive with proper placement.
In the later stages of the game, I usually use recruits as garrisons at key sites., either on the flanks, giving them an extra fighter. The chance of finding an mg-42/34 on the battlefield is low, finding a friendly brand or vickers is a little easier but still not very. I don't like filling the squad with two panzershreks or bazookas, for me the versatility of the troops is better, in the case of a turnaround, I bet on the number of fighters.

A little about penalty boxes.

Infantry is expensive but effective, can be armed with anti-tank rifles, while gaining access to the Velcro blast package.
• However, their main advantage – plain old blast, exhausting the nerves of the Germans. Use it wisely – break through obstacles on the way to the goal, completely destroy buildings where opponents can hide. In particular, these miracle shells in the northern part of the location show themselves well. “Assault on Lorkh”, where you can smash the enemy half of the city under the net in the offensive.
• This is the main combat unit, with the first veteran status, he gets the ability thanks to which the remnants fight more efficiently with each deceased member of the squad.
• in the later stages of the game are replenished faster

A little about the armored car.
• On top of the armored car there is a large-caliber machine gun, helping to deal with enemy infantry. This unit is effective in large locations where you need to quickly transfer troops and provide direct support as soon as possible..
• Can carry a detachment of infantry, protecting against small arms fire.
Combined with the ability “afterburner” you can quickly and effectively get close to the machine gunner by a detachment of penalties and give them an unpleasant surprise.
Although the car has a low ability to survive, but throwing as close to the enemy as possible can.
• Open body allows infantry with weapons to fire directly from the vehicle, ie. in principle, if he lives to the end of the game, you can try to hunt for heavy T-34 tanks and penalty boxes in cars. Try to get as close as possible, but be careful and stick people out of there as soon as you smell fried.
A flamethrower in a car is effective, which will allow you to take out the enemy machine gun without damage to the infantry.
An example of using an armored car to approach the enemy:

We send the engineers themselves to capture the nearest point connecting with the resources.
The second we do penalties or M3A1 is the opposite of what we did first..
It is worth remembering that the OKW later than the Wehrmacht have faust cartridges, therefore, sending an armored car against them is more effective. The primary goal is – assault sappers OKW, which may have panzershrek.
At the same time, the armored car should be kept slightly away from the front., his machine gun effectively supports the infantry. With the first veteran status, the car itself can capture points without a crew.

A little about the sniper.
At the beginning, the sniper may be in a bad position due to the lack of your troops, and if a kübelvagen drives up to him, everything will end badly. Sniper is more effective against the Wehrmacht – together with allies can knock out gun crews on frustrations, which will slowly but surely get rid of the calculations and force the enemy to do Sdkf. armored vehicles.
We make the sniper the third in a row of our production in this headquarters (if you haven't lost your main troops yet, otherwise we renew the penalty box), however, we have it not an assault unit, but a mobile defense – he must cover the main units, keep penalty boxes with an anti-tank next to him. The assault in this case must be carried out by an armored car., the remaining infantry and sappers.
Don't rely too much on a sniper, maybe you need a second squad of penalties more than he.
• With the first veteran status can shoot a signal saber for reconnaissance of the territory or warning about the approach of enemy forces. A very useful thing in the absence of a mortar with a similar skill.
• Great for destroying enemy sniper – when you spot an enemy fighter, give your squad the order to take a position somewhere and sit without firing at anyone. Try to lure the enemy with an infantry squad and eliminate it with a sniper.

Bypassing the use of machine guns, PTO and mortars, we give out a flamethrower to sappers as soon as possible, now they need to be protected, therefore, lead with a detachment of recruits if there is anything to replenish or cover. As opposed to light armored vehicles of the enemy – a detachment of penalties rifles PTRS. Recruit grenades in this tactic need not be learned – it's expensive, grenades are as expensive as Molotov cocktails, better to save for knapsack charges, flamethrowers and PTRS.

I don’t keep more than two units of the same type on the battlefield and I don’t advise you (keep the sniper alone). Combine different troops more efficiently. Replace the dead recruits with new recruits or penalties.

Your main goal at the beginning of the game – prevent enemies from gaining a foothold in key resource areas. You need to get very hot in the area and no one is idle., however, it is necessary to try as best as possible to fortify the area. Use recruits to build sandbags.
Sappers help to mine the area and fence obstacles where the enemy can hide. Mine or line building entrances. An explosion package of sappers is a trump thing – mine buildings that the enemy can occupy, make fake shelters blocking the view of the charge.

It is sometimes effective to place a charge behind a building, where you can't see it and put a mine next to it. Expensive, but broomard takes more than a third of health at once.

A little about interaction with other troops at the start:
Can call a mortar at the beginning of the game, effective for smoke barrage of Wehrmacht machine guns. In addition, points are effective in defense., as they equip firing positions. But the most important thing is that the Americans can give – honey transport, replenishing units. Ask your ally to take transport to the front and guard him at any cost.

The British also conditionally divide their maneuvers into offensive and defensive., very effective in the offensive is a stack of light flamethrower transport with an M4A3 armored car. Much more important are the machine-gun crews of the British to protect the main points. Exhaust the enemy with a constant offensive while the British rebuild the defensive line.

Second phase of the fight
The sappers on the front line usually do not last long, therefore, they will have to be returned to headquarters from time to time after decisive sorties.

Building the third faction headquarters.
We see, what is available to us:
-Armored car M4
-Light tank T-70
-SAU Su-75

First of all, if the resources allow us – do T-70. This little devil – our main battle machine, he is able to quickly deal with enemy infantry and, which is important – it is extremely effective against light tank forces of the OKW and the Wehrmacht.
• “Maybe we are small, but because – fast” (from) unnamed tanker from KoHa,
– maneuverability allows him to quickly leave the anti-tank gunnery sector and enter the rear.
Also ideal for getting rid of machine gun nests., bunkers.
The surviving M4A3 armored car perfectly complements the T70. Hold the tank in front of the armored car, but don't overdo or sacrifice units. This stack is perfectly complemented by sappers in an armored car in case of equipment failure..

CAU SU-75 it is a cheap and effective combat unit. One of our main arguments against the fascists. Alone, he is unlikely to be able to deal with any tank., therefore you need to cover the fighters from the PTRS or other tank. After the appearance of the T-70, the enemy decides to create either a PTO or drive the tank onto the battlefield. This vehicle gives a zvizdyule to the arriving tank, provided it is supported by other troops, and will help to get rid of possible anti-tank weapons with artillery fire..
• Has the same ability as the ZIS-5 gun, ie. can fire a hinged trajectory. Can effectively replace Katyusha, three such devils can cover a certain area, for example, a street along which opponents should move to a point or a line of fortifications. Don't let your SU-75 shoot at the same point. So you get even a tight cover., but a small area from which the enemy can easily escape. Terrorizing him everywhere is much more effective.
• On the first veteran status can disguise himself as an ambush. I advise you to use in the most unexpected opponents. By oneself, yet again, can't do anything, but by correctly placing it on the side, you can launch a couple of shells to the king tiger or storm tiger riding to storm your fortifications in the back / side.

Armored car М4А3
It is worth saying that first, all the actions will have to be performed by the infantry, then by the end the superiority in fuel and enemy vehicles will force you to switch to tanks alone.
I don't see the point of doing it right away at the headquarters, since we already have one armored car, a tank on the front line will help us more. There are times when you can't play normally, spam from all sides by grenadiers and generally do not want to give fuel, it directly passes from hand to hand and there is no American with honey transport or a British with a regrouping point.
It is necessary to somehow replenish the fighters on the go, then we have a car and come in handy, but again, I rarely build it until the next headquarters.


Interaction with allies:
USA – do not hesitate to ask the Americans if the fuel allows, can they give you a steward or an M20 reconnaissance vehicle. These vehicles are quite effective in support against enemy infantry and light armored vehicles.. In addition, M20-partial protection against aviation.

Brit – building a mobile British headquarters will provide you with a long-term base of recruiting units. Removing British defenses is more than necessary in your sector of the front, therefore it is necessary to exhaust the enemy while the British are rebuilding the building.

Phase Three of the Combat
We will build a light equipment headquarters as we have enough fuel. Sometimes you can even do without technology at all in the early stages of the game., but if your opponent adheres to the same tactics, there will be a serious fight.
Yes, this is funny, on the counterbalance to the German pz4 and panthers go su-85 and t-34-76. However, you can still order “Katyusha”.

Main combat unit – T-34-76. Essentially a tank replacement for recruits. Quite effective against infantry and to give nerves to enemy tanks. At a cost of only 90 fuel machine excellent.
• Its main advantage – mobility. Go behind enemy heavy tanks while heavy tanks like KV or ISs distract them in a direct line of fire.
• T-34 hunt enemy tanks like a pack of wolves – make unexpected raids, bypassing the enemy from two sides, attack head-on as I said with heavy tanks. In fact, one such tank is worth nothing., but 2-3 vehicles in support of other troops pose a serious threat.
• Ability “Taran” effective for stopping the counter-attack of axle tanks. When you see a formation of enemy armored vehicles coming towards you, stop it. In addition, the silhouette of the tank can act as a cover for the counter-attacking infantry..
• Can capture points with the first veteran status.

We need to understand, how serious our anti-tank weapons are and remember when the enemy last ordered armored vehicles. Of course, you need to pay attention to the number of resource points that we have., for we have to make a choice – we will call first

In second place on our list – SU-85, as it is designed for long-range combat. This decent unit just keeps enemy tanks at a distance..
• The ability to look at a distance helps the tank to see farther than usual by limiting side vision. Combined with the SU-75, an excellent combination of firepower, capable of stopping an enemy massive tank attack.

Third on our list BM-13 “Katyusha”.
This mobile artillery has good damage and a high firing range.. The downside is that the volley takes a long time.
so, if we have little artillery left on the battlefield, then it would be nice to fill it.
These machines with one poke are broken by panthers, also vulnerable to enemy panzerwerfers. Therefore, immediately after the volley, according to the safety instructions, it is necessary to take the cars away.
Artillery advice.
• No need to direct all your cars to shoot in one sector. For example, you have 3 katyusha, you choose them all and press shoot in one place, the outcome – high coverage density, however the affected area is small.
Do not be lazy to choose each of the machines and try to do so, so that the circles of the firing sector overlap approximately by a third, but with a pretense to neighboring areas. This way you can cover large sectors., it will be more difficult for the enemy to escape from the fire.
• Another tactic is, to track down where the enemy headquarters is replenishing infantry squads. Cover this area when you know someone is there – for example, you have just defeated part of the OKW troops, screaming in terror they flee to the regrouping base. Shoot with Katyushas in advance in that area, and as soon as the Germans reach the headquarters, an unpleasant surprise awaits them.
For example, a large number of enemy infantry is walking at you along a long street., it would be necessary to force them to retreat before it's too late and it's better to inflict more damage on them. Well, everything is simple here – aim with one katyusha at the place where the enemy infantry will be, another where is she now, the last – opponents will retreat to the place where. Combine with a rocket salvo to launch counterattacking infantry or equipment on the enemy.
• Rockets are quite powerful, may well inflict damage on panthers and tigers and royal tigers. Shoot vehicles trying to hide in the fog of war. Remember to aim where the tank will be., and not where he is now.
Katyushas can perfectly play together with the T-34 and SU-75 in stopping the enemy's massive attack of equipment. Force her to slow down or stop altogether and fire rocket fire. Once I had a case that the royal tiger, demolishing everything in its path, drove deep into our territories in support of light equipment. With light technique we disintegrated, but it was difficult with CT, however, distracting him with one T-34 driving in a circle (CT does not have time to turn the tower) I drove him into a trap and, having approached with a Katyusha as close as possible, fired a volley right into the ass. Long volley, because I didn't have time to get the car away, but the tiger suffered serious damage.

Interaction with allies.
USA – do not hesitate to ask your allies for help. American tanks are the same bullshit as Soviet ones, but all the plus in their various weapons. You see that the neighboring American played the whole game on the infantry, and now he orders tanks? Ask for his sherman or light howitzer, maybe even the tank destroyer Jenson or Wunderlin.
The light self-propelled howitzer copes well with enemy infantry and can fire from closed positions.
The advantage of the Sherman is that he can throw smoke grenades and shoot high-explosive shells, in addition, he is armed with a machine gun, which also gives an advantage over enemy infantry. However, his gun and armor of the T-34 level do not give much advantage over the technology..
Sherman Easy Waite modification is more effective against vehicles.
Sherman with 105-mm gear, perhaps, the best, what the americans can provide us. Together with our tanks, this formidable machine will erase enemies to smithereens. However, persuade an ally to give you a tank – it is necessary to try)

Brit –
British defensive positions – most useful in fortifying friendly territories. Actually everything. Joint tank strikes can cause very significant damage to opponents – for example, commanders with the ability to track vehicles can show where an enemy tank is hiding behind cover, after which the Sherman-firefly with the appropriate modification will be able to reach it with rockets.

Soviet reserve army
so, figured out the general information what's what, we can start a detailed analysis of the flights on the commanders.
Let's start with the Soviet reserve army.

This is a commander with a twist so to speak – he does not require us to build the last headquarters, primarily focused on infantry operations.
A wide range of abilities allows us to fortify defenses on the front line by dropping heavy weapons from the air directly to the front line. It is better to equip weapons with sappers or penalties than recruits – the latter are replenished more expensively. If you, for example, take a gun with a detachment of assault infantry, all replenishing fighters at the gun will be assault infantry, armed with PPSh. I remember before there was a trick for recruits with a PPSh could be equipped in a set, I don't know now, but I think it works the same, in addition, fighters with SVT will be slightly stronger than simple. Considering the fact that Soviet calculations have already 6 people need to understand that while two are at the gun, the rest serve as a cover for the crew and also cause damage.

With this commander, it is precisely worth accumulating large concentrations of infantry for attacks and defense., but do it correctly. Best to combine infantry rifle squads + infantry-pto. For example, penalty boxes with anti-tank rifles along with sappers who have a flamethrower. Or a squad of recruits + penalties.
Faster Summoning allows you to summon a squad of recruits for 6 person killed during the duration of the ability. Useful in repelling enemy advances or vice versa, when we go on a massive assault.

The recruits themselves can now be given PPSh, which makes them more effective at close range and gives the ability “lie down”. Great thing in open areas – seeing opponents coming at you, jump to the ground, if opponents are armed for close combat and go for rapprochement – use a molotov cocktail to slow them down. I forgot to say, with this commander, the recruit grenade upgrades come in handy – after all, we do not spend money on tanks and in the early stages of the battle we use the maximum of our capabilities.
Third on our list Third on our list – effective commanding unit, used to reduce the combat power of the enemy and strengthen friendly infantry. He can both give an order to storm a friendly unit, and on defense. In addition, it can send propaganda leaflets to intimidate (suppression) opponents.
What else is useful for this squad – Allied Field Healing Medkit, therefore, for some time we can not order medical care at the base, but let the reserves go to the infantry.
It is not worth replenishing the guns with them, otherwise you will get such a funny-useless sight of guys armed with pistols.

Our main friend with these troops – light technique. Having built the appropriate headquarters, do not forget to use the reserves by improving.
ACS SU-75 our main battle tank in these skirmishes, protected from infantry by an M3 armored car with a modification to an anti-aircraft gun or light T-70 tanks. In case the enemy decides to break through, we have penalties.

Taken together, it provides good mobile defense tactics.. The combined use of art strikes of your anti-tank guns and SU-75s presents you with a much more serious argument against enemy infantry than Katyusha.. This provides us with excellent support at close and medium distances..

ML-20 howitzers help at long distances. Withstand a few of these howitzers to effectively engage large terrain at long range. Unlike Katyushas, ​​they don't know how to ride, therefore it is necessary to build in the rear. Yet again, do not give all howitzers an order to fire at one point, better cover a larger area and let the enemies have nowhere to hide!

Lend-Lease tactics
Lend-Lease strike tactics are great for locations with small spaces.

We act as usual – we order the headquarters, penalties, armored car.
Third on our list machine guns DSHK, a salvo of armor-piercing cartridges into the side-rear armor pz4, Ostwinds and Stugs inflicts damage on them.
Another useful feature is that even without an armor-piercing cartridge, a machine gun inflicts damage to light enemy vehicles.

We don't need a lot of penalties here, we are gradually replacing them with more elite and expensive infantry stormtrooper guards. They can be armed for close combat with Thompsons or for fighting with bazookas.. However, you shouldn't overdo it., since these fighters are expensive to replenish.
Without additional weapons, the guards are armed with SVT rifles, which makes them more heavily armed infantry than other fighters. A squad like the American Rangers – bazooka specialist, therefore, it performs much faster shooting with a bazooka from them than other parts of the red army can.
It makes sense not to waste your resources on penalty boxes to get anti-tank rifles, and give out more efficient bazookas to your guards. Leave room for weapons in the penalty box in case trophy weapons are found on the battlefield.
Chances are high that Ostwind or even broomard will decide to deal with your guards. The squad can compete with the first, it's better to run from the second and try to go to his side. In general, anti-tank rifles, what bazookas – support weapon. In joint use with equipment and other VET means – a formidable force both defensively and offensively. The disadvantage of this weapon is its range, like all hand weapons., therefore, it is advisable to ambush the enemy and shoot missiles right into the ass of enemy tanks.
Thompson Submachine Guns are another useful upgrade., effective at close range. All clear – if the troops walk together, will be able to cover each other from various threats. There will be problems with the Ostwinds and Brumbards, but the average ordinary panzers will go around the side.

At the same time as attack aircraft guards appear, we can order a support unit – machine gun DSHK.

A little bit about DShK.
The machine gun is more advanced than the maxim. In terms of damage done with machine guns, it has no equal, therefore it is effective not only against infantry, but also light armored vehicles of the enemy. Shooting with armor-piercing cartridges allows you to hit the enemy more effectively. We use this machine gun as in an assault, so in defense – he quickly and seriously suppresses the enemy, practically we cut off counter-offensive maneuvers on the troops, leaving the machine gun a little behind until we get to the positions that we decide to hold. The Germans better not leave this comrade, so we push it into the building, otherwise, if you can't escape, instruct the penalties to get rid of the weapon with an explosive package or to the guards with bazookas.

Cars ZIS-6 will allow us to order armored vehicles faster, which is undoubtedly useful with our headquarters and will allow us to replenish the fuel spent on armored vehicles and t-70.

In the last stages we order shame with a new weapon. This tank will form the backbone of our tank forces..
We charge sub-caliber, which are more effective against heavy armored vehicles. The main ammunition is more likely to shoot at the infantry. Do not think that these tanks are a panacea, in fact, this is a simple Sherman with an improved gun. Such a tank is effective against opponents just like other tanks. – in support of other funds.
Use it in conjunction with the T-34 in the later stages., protecting the first from armored vehicles fire, and the second for capturing points.
A big plus is the ability to repair damaged equipment by penalty boxers or recruits, which allows us to knock out sappers in the later stages of the game, at least not keep them close to the front and possibly rebuild fortifications.

Recruitment tactics
The recruiting tactic is why it is called, that a lot in it we will count on recruits.

With this commander, it is useful for recruits to issue PPSh, this is – firepower, which will never be superfluous. Only 3 squad members receive PPSh, which makes them not as powerful fighters as assault infantry.

Nevertheless, we mainly need these fighters in the assault. – replace dead soldiers and send a new squad to help, until he reaches the front he will already have time to get the PPSh.
A large number of infantry in this game – our main strong point.

Appears in the later stages of the game KV-1.
The relics, as always, decided that the tank from the times of the beginning of the war would be good for us in the later stages of the game., because by the end of the game it seems like it is useless. However, it is not, this tank was created to storm the Vrezh fortifications and divert the fire to itself. Thanks to its high armor, it can withstand serious damage., however, the cannon will not allow penetrating the armor of panthers, but the tank can fight the Panzer-4.
• Application in the assault – reconnaissance in force. We leave to the positions and fire at the enemy from afar, we can, so that the enemy is sure of the seriousness of the offensive, send a detachment of recruits. Thus, we can find out about the availability of means of protection of the enemy and inflict even damage on them before being destroyed..
• Option for use in a tank attack – launch the tank into the enemy's forehead, diverting the fire to yourself, SU-85 will help to deal with the enemy from afar. In joint use with the T-34, we use the fact that we can go to a distracted enemy in the ass.
• The tank is very expensive, which forces us to keep only one such monster on the battlefield. Otherwise, give preference to another technique., who could support him.

In overcoming enemy lines and to cut off a possible offensive, we use the ability of shelling the terrain with howitzers. This ability is especially effective for destroying OKW headquarters and fortifications..

Tank strike tactics
The name itself “tactics of tank strikes” speaks for itself.

At first, assault squads come to our aid., because you can save on recruits, giving preference to the squads of penalties.
Now we can conduct an assault with the participation of T-70 / T-34 without the participation of sappers, because we have confidence that, what 6 penalty boxers to cope with the task. To be sure, we can track downed vehicles in the fog of war so that our allies know where to catch up or where to send artillery fire.

Assault planes come to the aid of storming enemy fortifications, it is worth noting that they fly for a rather long time and the enemy can simply leave, therefore we order them rarely but aptly – to knock out the infantry from the calculations of guns or to suppress those advancing on the points.

And now about our most important advantage – SAU ISU-152
Among the tanks, our priority is to have at least one SU-85 on the battlefield to increase the firing range of this monster.. This serious unit can not only smash enemy tanks from a distance, but also to undermine the fortification lines with a large high-explosive shell. In general, playing with this unit is a pleasure., however, it is effective at long distances. In the vicinity, like any self-propelled gun, he physically does not have time to turn after passing tanks. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a detachment of penalties nearby, which at least can distance the enemy tank from the equipment and thereby give it the opportunity to turn.
The technique is as heavy as the IS-2, so it can demolish some hedges., which an ordinary tank cannot cope with.

Technical superiority tactics
In short, I have not played on this commander yet., but I can say that he is suitable for playing with this headquarters.

First in our commanding ability – radio interception. Now we can know about the enemy's plans in advance and keep penalty boxes without anti-tank rifles until the first light vehicles. In addition, we know that, does the enemy have mortars, etc.… In general, the ability is excellent. However, it is blocked by the OKW ability “Radio silence”.

The use of abilities will allow us to strengthen the infantry with methods familiar from the study of past commanders.

The basis of our excellence – tanks T-34-85 with a reinforced gun. They will be our main assault tanks., dominating the battlefield. However, against a few panthers, and even more veterans – they are unlikely to survive. The tactics of the battle are inherited from the past of the T-34 and consists in the fire of the enemy from several sides, you shouldn't lead a column of tanks to certain death.
Support the Katyusha fire attack for cover from the infantry.

The tactics are collected on the joint use of infantry and equipment – delve into enemy areas and disable supply lines.

In the final stages of the game, all our unspent ammunition is spent on attacks by stormtroopers, overwhelming infantry. The edge is effective against the Wehrmacht, suppressing all stationary guns and carrying infantry on them. Perfectly complements tank strikes.
It is worth adding that this ability can have problems against OKW. – frequent anti-aircraft guns on the battlefield that's a problem. Disable them with artillery and tanks.

Armored attack tactics
An enhanced version of technical superiority tactics.
Replacing empowered recruits comes with a more serious argument in the later stages of the game. – heavy tank IS-2.

A distinctive feature is also the ability not just to the infantry to repair equipment, but the technique itself is to repair itself. A very useful buff given the low demand for advice on ammunition.
Our task with this commander – completely displace your infantry units with vehicles.

Perfectly complement our T-34-85 heavy tanks IS-2. Although the game, like all Soviet equipment, the tank is presented very tight, but using it wisely will provide an advantage on the battlefield.
• IS-2 – this is an assault tank. Its size itself creates problems for enemy fortified areas., in fact, it is needed to disable them. Crush the shelters, make passes where they were not – because the tank crushes most of the obstacles on the way. With the first veteran status, he gets the ability to fire high-explosive shells, effective against large enemy clusters and destruction of buildings.
• IS-2 is useful in frontal attack of enemy vehicles, T-34s at this time should drive into the enemy's side to inflict maximum damage.

For additions in the assault, the already familiar assault aircraft is available to us, overwhelming enemy infantry.

Labor front tactics
This is a very special commander, especially useful if the enemy has analogous supply boosters.

Unlike other commanders, here we are offered to use our skills in defense, covering repair shops and supply vehicles.
It is worth noting that repair shops are not very expensive and, at the same time, they are extremely effective. – start building them up in the area where the technician will be pulled together for repair.
Supply vehicles are taking away our manpower, but they give bonuses to basic resources, they can be effectively placed on regular points reinforced with fuel or ammunition somewhere behind the battlefield. However, if you are risky, then do it right on the fuel at the front line., attracting unnecessary attention for the German attack on the area.

Air reconnaissance is effective against the Wehrmacht, if they don't make armored vehicles or ostwinds. Difficulties will arise against the OKW, practically the ability will become useless. However, how is it needed, because it can predict the location of enemy troops.

The most important feature of this commander – heavy tank KV-2.
There is no reason to doubt his fighting skills. – a large weapon destroys everyone and everything that comes across. Effective against technology, and against the infantry.
• Practically shoots at the attachment, sometimes bending around obstacles.
• Displays enemy reinforcements in no time, it is a much more effective assault vehicle than the KV-1.
• Can use the ability “All to the guns!”, useful in defense against enemy troops, as it increases our rate of fire. Don't leave a tank with this ability alone on the battlefield., it will become an excellent target not only for anti-tank equipment but also for artillery.
• Like all large tanks, it can destroy thickets by driving right through them.

City defense tactics
As an alternative to the labor front, we get tactics built on the advantages of urban battles, as the name implies..

The most important thing we can do – occupy key buildings at the location, turning them into a headquarters from which our allies can be replenished. It is worth noting that they can only be replenished on friendly territory., because if the building is half in the enemy sector it will be impossible. However, sappers can build a medical station and just in an open field through the window of defensive structures.
Powerful assault squads come to our aid, very effective in tight street spaces.

Another feature is the edge weak 45mm anti-tank gun.
This cannon is pretty weak, but mobile and rapid-fire. Correct placement will allow you to shoot enemy tanks in the ass, leaving the cannons in ambush.
It is also interesting that these pieces can be loaded with buckshot, effective against infantry. I remembered the gameplay of the Cossacks, because the application is obvious – let the enemy get closer and start shredding with lead. Infantry support taken for granted, otherwise it makes sense to lose your weapon.

Mining of territories will pose an additional threat to the enemy that climbed into our sectors, but it is advisable to mine distant zones where we rarely visit – in this way, we will not only make the enemy think twice about the consequences of the seizure of territory, but also warn us of the enemy offensive. It is also advisable to mine those areas that you can lose during the skirmishes.. Scorched earth tactics have not been canceled.

In the last stages, already familiar assault tanks come to us KV-2.
The screenshot shows a successful application of tactics in the city.. Used katyushas protect against infantry congestion, in case of a tank attack, there are mines and a KV-2.

Breakthrough tactics of the NKVD troops
This tactic is especially effective against enemy infantry..

An NKVD officer gives good advantages, familiar to us from the Soviet reserve army. This unit is effective both offensively and defensively..

Gathering intelligence will allow us, as with other commanders – know ahead of time about enemy forces and prepare for any threat.

Feature is “scorched earth tactics”, effective for mining enemy sectors. As soon as they try to take over such a sector – Katyusha fires a salvo on it immediately, which allows you to effectively place unpleasant surprises behind enemy lines, cutting down the supply of troops.

In the last stages of the game, we will be supported by perhaps one of the most powerful Soviet abilities. – anti-tank artillery control. This is literally one of the few things, saving German heavy and medium tanks in the later stages of the game from the global offensive. The longer the technique is visible, the more effective the shelling, therefore we lead the T-34 behind the enemy or even stop the enemy offensive with battering rams and then order art support. Everything should happen quickly so that the enemy does not understand how his tanks were ambushed. If you manage to bypass the enemy T-34 and take in the ring – it will be a serious argument on the battlefield. Flamethrower tanks KV-8 will appreciate the undeniable advantage over enemy infantry.
Don't underestimate the fact, that even if the artillery misses the tank, it will still damage nearby infantry.

Guards coordination tactics
In addition to technical superiority, another interesting thing is available to us. – PM-38 mortar In the last stages, already familiar assault tanks come to us guards troops.

In the last stages, already familiar assault tanks come to us In the last stages, already familiar assault tanks come to us – extremely effective infantry against any threat. Initially armed with SVT rifles and two PTRS. This allows even in the early stages to fight with both infantry and armored vehicles of the enemy. Worth considering, whether it is necessary to give your penalty box PTRS if you have guardsmen on the battlefield.
• Can be enhanced with PT-28 machine guns for a more fierce opposition to infantry. In addition, with this machine gun, you can slow down enemy vehicles., which will give you a chance to throw knapsack-loaded penalties closer to her.
• With the first veteran status they know how to lie down on the ground, that in a battle without cover, a serious advantage.
• Two guards detachments represent an extremely serious argument to opponents.

In the last stages, already familiar assault tanks come to us PM-38.
Practically it – miniature howitzer, early game. Accumulate two or three of these weapons in the middle of the game. The increased firing range allows them to destroy enemy mortar crews from afar, in addition, they have a good ability to destroy buildings, which will greatly help in the fight against OKW.
• Inflict increased damage to vehicles, a swarm of such weapons will not make the enemy sit still
• Extremely effective in storming enemy fortifications and defending positions
• Vulnerable to mobile artillery such as armored vehicles with mortars or panzerwerfers, which forces us to keep mortars at a distance from each other. Otherwise, our entire battery will be disabled immediately.
• Very durable mortar, can escape from the battlefield or function with just 1 squad member. Don't let the enemy take these guns, otherwise you will have an unpleasant surprise.
• As with other artillery pieces, do not force all mortars on the field to shoot at one point. Our task – cover a large area, not giving the enemy a chance to gain a foothold.

In the later stages, we need to combine the game of technique, infantry and artillery. Technique should form the basis of the assault, infantry is rather needed to guard art positions. Ability “mark the technique” good for targeted destruction of enemy heavy tanks. Priority, sure – assault games, tigers and kt, yagdtigers, brumbard…

Soviet shock troops
Here is our main strike commander.

Soviet shock troops give us strong units to storm – mortars, assault infantry and T-34-85 tanks.

To counterbalance the guardsmen with the coordination of the guards units, assault infantry women come to us, effective in close combat. Mortars will help us get to the enemy positions – use smoke shells for effective assault on positions. Our task with these troops – get close for melee.

Howitzers from outside the map will help us in the assault on highly fortified areas., they should be used when you do not want to let your mortars close to enemy positions, as well as to slow down the arrival of the enemy's advance.

The ability to detect vehicles in the fog of war is effective in maze locations, for example, in cities where a tank can easily hide behind a building on neighboring streets.

Airborne tactics
This is another unusual commander. It focuses on supporting the entire USSR with advanced weapons.

Most of the abilities are available to us already with the second command point – the ability to install amphibious collection points, In the last stages, already familiar assault tanks come to us paratrooper guards In the last stages, already familiar assault tanks come to us.

This is one of the few commanders, which ammunition is very useful. He spends it on weapons – heavy machine guns DShK and weapon boxes.
All infantry women receive SVT rifles from boxes. (except for elite infantry like stormtroopers or guardsmen), penalties – PPS.
It is useful to issue SVT rifles to everyone, including sappers – those increase the firepower and it seems even the rate of fire of the detachment. In general, extra trunks will not interfere with us. What's really useful – so this is the ability to give this weapon to all parts of the red army on the battlefield, ie. you can arm your allies. I don't think it's worth talking about, that, for example, commanders focused directly on the main infantry mass, like reserve troops – just thirsty until you drop them some SVT.

Detachments paratrooper guards contrary to the name, they do not land on the battlefield, and come running on their own two. Can be armed with DP-28 machine guns, there is an opportunity for just giving out PPSh. Prior to that, armed with SVT and hand grenades. In general, this is one of the strongest anti-personnel units of the faction..
Resupply from landing regrouping points, therefore it makes sense to arrange a small surprise for the enemy with a supply disruption.
therefore it makes sense to arrange a small surprise for the enemy with a supply disruption.

To help against enemy armored vehicles, we have an Il-2 missile attack on the terrain… The lines are more accurate. Effectively with these missiles to hit the enemy not in the forehead, but in the back – thus the enemy tank will suffer twice, the more it will be difficult for him to retreat. Rockets inflict very serious damage to armored vehicles, but in addition to destroying tanks it is also suitable for destroying OKW headquarters, German-occupied buildings and positions.
It is worth stopping an enemy heavy tank and it cannot be saved from heavenly punishment..

Defensive tactics (community)
Defensive tactics are called so, which allows us to use the full power of our defenses.
On the one hand, it gives us elite Soviet units – therefore it makes sense to arrange a small surprise for the enemy with a supply disruption DShK, mortars PM-38, 45-mm PTO. However, none of these weapons are effective against enemy medium-heavy armored vehicles..

Our task with this commander – successful development of districts. Don't do this, so that the tank does not drive to the point at all, it is better to make a small maze of traps that allows you to slow down the advance of the technique and approach it to the penalty box. Well, we must hope that the ally will build serious ATTs in abundance..
A sniper can quite effectively protect your engineers..

Infantry can now plant light anti-tank mines, triggered the same way against infantry. A very useful thing when you need to mine a large area. Enemy tanks will be shocked when their every step is accompanied by explosions.

If assault tanks like broomards or assault tiger come to your fortifications – use anti-tank art support.
The big disadvantage is the lack of normal artillery, which will not allow us to counter fire enemy howitzers. However, with this commander, we are gradually accumulating fuel and at the end of the battle we can withdraw SU-85 and T-34 one after another., when the fortifications prove to be too destroyed to effectively protect them – dump the katyusha and act more maneuverable. Move the fortifications further, your task is to slow down enemy movement across the territory as much as possible.

P.s. did not play this commander, do not hit if I speak nonsense, but this is my opinion – the headquarters of the shock units suits them.

thanks for watching
This small guide is designed to help players understand the approximate logic of playing as a faction.. I am not an esportsman, playing for fun, why it may not seem informative enough.

A bit from the author:
In general, what I like about this game – its diversity, this allows you to use a variety of tactics and troops to achieve certain goals. This is what I wanted to show the leadership.
Soviet troops in the region do not have enough normal armored vehicles, Soviet troops in the region do not have enough normal armored vehicles. I hope the developers take this into account in the future..

There are not very many pictures due to the fact that my Steam workshop swears at images, I do not know what to do))

Thank you for watching and hope you enjoy. Leave feedback, comments. I'll be happy to discuss within reason.

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